Purple color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Color plays an important role in a person’s life. Psychologists perfectly recognize temperament and character traits by asking only one question: “What color is your favorite?” Some shades did not appear immediately, but through long experiments, some were obtained accidentally when mixing some basic tones.

Today we will talk about an unusual color – purple. What is its uniqueness? This color always causes a lot of emotions, questions and disputes. It is associated with mysticism, the other world, and on the other hand with luxury and chic. This is a very complex shade, which appeared due to the mixing of red and blue colors. You need to use it very carefully. Relying on the advice of psychologists and designers, we will give several options that will not spoil your interior, but, on the contrary, will make it attractive and very refined.

Interiors in lilac colors.

The combination of purple with other colors

The palette of purple is very wide and has more than a dozen shades, for example, such as amethyst, violet, eggplant, lavender, lilac, lilac, amaranth, indigo and many others. Purple is not friends with all tones. How best to combine it in the interior and what effect it will produce, we will tell you here.

  • Purple and white are suitable for creating a peaceful atmosphere. The neutral white color balances the aggressiveness of purple, and as a result, a very calm, stylish and spectacular atmosphere is obtained.
  • Purple and yellow. Not everyone can withstand such a range. Most likely, this combination will be chosen by people who are very energetic, who do not know how to sit around, who prefer active recreation.
  • If you dream of the most romantic interior, then choose purple and pale pink. It is best if the shade of purple is not very dark, one that smoothly flows into pink.
  • Bold and dynamic people may well decide to use eggplant or violet tones with azure and turquoise.
  • Refinement and refinement will be given by combining a light purple shade with pearl. Ladies who are used to creating an aura of mystery around themselves will be able to love this combination.
  • Juicy purple and burgundy will help men demonstrate their external coldness, seriousness and nobility.
  • When combining purple and gray, be very careful. In this case, you need to choose the right gray color so that the interior does not seem dirty, unkempt.

In addition to all of the above, orange, red, brown, green and blue are quite suitable in the neighborhood.

Purple color in the interior of the nursery.

Using purple in different styles

  • Provence: and immediately before my eyes are the lavender fields of provincial France. Of course, this shade is the fundamental color in the Provence style. Light purple, with a light haze is perfect for any room. Lavender walls will become a background for a white soft corner in the living room. Indoor plants and air curtains will create a unique effect. When creating a Provencal interior, it is not necessary to use only lavender everywhere. You can make several accents, add bright spots in the form of textiles in a deeper color, pillows, a table lamp with an appropriate shade. All the colors familiar to this style direction are perfectly combined with light purple.
  • Modern styles, such as pop art, welcome the use of deeper and juicier shades of purple. A bright, rich palette is the main feature of pop art. He plays on contrasts. And here combinations of purple with red, yellow, blue, green will be appropriate. To emphasize the contrast, the walls are painted in calm neutral tones, but the filling of the room will be enchanting. Purple furniture, curtains with a colorful print representing multicolored stripes, geometric shapes, pillows repeating the pattern and colors of curtains – all this will make an impression. At the same time, the carpet on the floor, for example, is better to choose a light brown or beige color to somewhat balance the “fireworks”. Such a room design is perfect for young people.
  • An exquisite and slightly pretentious Baroque style can be advised in the bedroom. It will resemble the boudoirs of high-ranking ladies, where the mystery of seduction takes place. It should be borne in mind that the Baroque will require a large room. Its features are quite massive furniture, plaster stucco, a lot of decor and decorations. It is no coincidence that purple is also called “royal”. It is most often combined with gold, bronze and noble white. Undoubtedly, these shades are the basis of the Baroque style. A large bed with a high headboard “dressed” in deep purple velvet, heavy curtains with drapery of the same color scheme, a light–colored chest of drawers trimmed with gilding, poufs in the bedside area, a soft natural carpet of amaranth shade – everything will breathe real luxury.
  • Another style that promotes chic and glitter, Art Deco. The use of very expensive materials – ivory, marble, leather, rare types of wood, silver, bronze – does not make the interior cheap. The favorite color scheme of the style is a combination of white with purple-black, gold with wine, purple with emerald. These are the colors of precious stones and metals. Perhaps this design will not work for the kitchen, but the living room or bedroom will look stunning. In such an interior, a purple-black ceiling with a contrasting beige floor or a golden-brown sofa against a background of purple walls will not surprise at all.
  • Ethnic style already presupposes exoticism. And adding an equally interesting purple color to it will further entice you into mysterious distances. The palette of ethnic style is heterogeneous and depends on the theme of which country you choose. Most of all, the shades of the color we need will suit the Indian style. Carved partitions with inserted mosaic elements of different tones of purple are very popular when zoning space in the Indian style. The direction itself is quite bright, multicolored, based just on complex and unusual shades for the interior. Low furniture, colorful carpet, lots of pillows and accessories will create a fabulous atmosphere.

Purple bedroom in the interior.

Recommendations for the use of purple

So that the shade does not repel and frighten, you need to follow a few rules when finishing:

  • Do not “dress” the floor and ceiling in purple at the same time, this will reduce the height of the room and will press.
  • Remember that the color is divided into warm and cold shades.
  • You can not use only the palette of this color, it is necessary to dilute it.
  • It is better to use in rooms where there is enough natural light, there are large windows.
  • Do not mix a lot of tones, you can do with two or three shades.
  • Purple color for very small rooms is appropriate only in details, but a volumetric room can be filled with it as much as possible.
  • Deep shades greatly narrow the space, so you should think about painting some one wall.

Purple curtains for the bedroom spectacular decor.

How to use in different rooms

We repeat that the purple color should be used carefully and competently. This rule also applies to each room separately. Consider the options.


A room where you have to rest a little, but being there should not be very tiring. Purple walls of a pale shade will go well with a darker apron, you can opt for almost black. In a small room, it is better to use the color partially. These can be the facades of a kitchen set, the upholstery of a corner sofa in the dining area, light curtains on the windows, an apron and kitchen trifles. There are colors that improve appetite. These include plum, eggplant, grape. Dilute the light kitchen with dark elements in the form of small household appliances, textiles. The combination of white and lilac looks very nice in kitchen furniture.

Living room

A bulky sofa in lilac or dark purple color will be a good option, the armrests and back can be inlaid with gold or silver veins. In the company of him to pick up lamps with lilac shades, a carpet on the floor to match and curtains. If the choice fell on such furniture, lighting and accessories, then it is better to make the walls and floor contrasting. Do not forget that everything should be stylish and appropriate.

Children’s room

Most often, pale lilac, closer to pink, is chosen for a girl’s room. Little princesses can really feel like in a fairy tale if they decorate the room that way. Manufacturers offer a huge amount of children’s furniture made in thematic variants. For example, wardrobes in the shape of a castle, painted in violet color, with arches and all kinds of decorations will be a real gift for the baby.

It must also be said that such shades awaken imagination, make you engage in creativity and will definitely not let you get bored.


Using at least elements of palace styles, you can organize a truly royal bedchamber. Lavender combined with turquoise will give luxury at the same time with relaxation. Textiles become a popular accent in such paints: curtains, pillows, bedspreads, blankets. The feeling of an oriental fairy tale will create a canopy of transparent fabric of delicate lilac color over the bed. Gold in furniture decoration will perfectly match the same lilac walls and will only emphasize elegance and nobility.


Since purple and white are classics in a combination of colors, it is difficult to come up with a better solution for a stylish bathroom. Snow-white plumbing, chrome details on the background of different shades of violet will bring true pleasure. With the help of ceramic tiles, the desired contrast is easily created. For example, one wall is blueberry, the rest are amethyst, including warm and pleasant pink tones. In such a bathroom you can soak up, dream.

Sometimes a small rug on a snow-white floor and several accessories are enough to create a relaxing atmosphere: curtains, holders, towels, all of the same lavender color.


This is just the room where you can not be shy. All shades of purple will be appropriate. However, it should be borne in mind that there is practically no natural color in the hallway, so a light wardrobe with mirrored facades and well-thought-out lighting is necessary.

Lavender color in the bedroom interior.

Green and purple in the bedroom interior.

Some features of the purple color that you need to know

You can never overdo it in anything. Everything should be harmonious. It is better to soften cold shades, and dilute warm ones a little with coolness. For such purposes, there is a different surface texture:

  • The lightest color will appear on glossy surfaces, the glare reflected on them will make the shade even more attractive and unusual.
  • The matte structure, on the contrary, will darken, become deeper.
  • Silk, satin and satin will add coolness to the “hot” notes, and velvety textures, on the contrary, will literally envelop with warmth.
  • On a purple background, any shiny elements behave perfectly: a crystal chandelier, mirrors with gilded frames, candlesticks made of brass or silver.
  • For an interior with a predominance of violet color, choose exotic indoor plants, and it is blooming with bright and large flowers (orchid, fuchsia, violet).
  • Glass-topped tables and mirrored facades will perfectly complement the palette with reflections.
  • Jewelry and decor created from natural semi-precious stones are perfect.

If you decide on an interior in purple shades, you can be sure that at some point you can simply escape from reality and problems, immerse yourself in the world of dreams and fantasies. In the morning you will get up in a great mood, and after a hard day’s work you will be able to relax and unwind. Let your imagination and taste tell you what is most suitable for you and your home.

Purple walls in the bedroom interior.

Bright living room with purple accents.

Decoration of the living room in lilac tones.

Lilac color in the interiors of large living room.

Design of a purple kitchen with a dining area.

Modern kitchen with purple accents.

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