Beige color in interior design and rules of combination with other shades

By | November 17, 2022

Light shades in the interior design always add warmth and light. Beige color is so versatile that it is used in different styles and goes well with many shades. A well-chosen palette can become a masterpiece of design art and the embodiment of a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Sophisticated classic living room in beige and gold color scheme.

Additional color accents in the form of furniture, decor and textiles will add warmth to the interior style, and the richness of the beige color palette will allow you to bring notes of romanticism and wealth into the room.

The popularity of beige shades in the interior

Beige is popular because by playing with different tones and combining it with contrasting elements, you can decorate the rooms of an apartment in the same palette, but in different stylistic directions. The possibilities of using combinations are limitless. Beige shades can act as a whole in the design of the room or play the role of a foundation, which is shaded by bright contrasts.

The popularity of beige in design:

  • A large selection of shades and textures, of which there are more than a thousand.
  • Good compatibility with cold and warm colors, which is widely used by designers in zoning the room and creating accents.
  • Versatility in application. Beige shades will look harmoniously both in the bedroom and in the hallway and bathroom.
  • Beige is simultaneously able to bring to life a noble design and a minimalist style.
  • Light tones visually expand the room and make it brighter.
  • Beige will look equally beautiful in the room from the north and south sides.

Beige living room with blue curtains.

With beige, it is impossible to overdo it if it is dominant in the design. Versatility and unobtrusiveness, creates a calming atmosphere and has a calming effect on the human nervous system.

Advantages and disadvantages of beige tones in the interior

The color is harmonious and natural for perception. If you look at the natural landscapes, you can see excellent combinations of all shades of beige with green, blue and brown. The main advantage over other light tones is to create a balance between a warm atmosphere and bright contrasts in the interior.

Advantages of color in the design of the house:

  • Ideal for finishing any room, beige walls are well combined with bright accents in the form of upholstered furniture and green plants.
  • Adds light and visually expands the room.
  • Unobtrusive and does not give fatigue to the eyes.
  • It is applicable in any decor in the form of a base.
  • It is well compatible with metal decorating elements and mirrors.
  • You can create a beautiful design from different shades of the same color.

Disadvantages of beige in the interior:

  • Requires careful selection of contrast.
  • It will become boring if you don’t accentuate it with bright elements.

The color perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding interior details, but there should not be many of them. To create a contrast in the room, you can hang bright curtains and buy bedspreads to match them on the sofa or bed. This will be quite enough to transform an unobtrusive shade.

Rules of use in the beige interior

Knowing the tricks of designers, you can create the interior of your dreams without difficulty. Beige color is created for novice decorators of their home and it is difficult to make mistakes with it, which then have to be corrected.

What you need to know about:

  • It is necessary to use beige as a background not in one shade, but in a combination of several. The main thing is to choose colors that are close and in harmony with each other.
  • When decorating a room with one beige, try using several different textures in decoration, furniture and textiles. Even one tone in different materials looks different.
  • When merging two similar shades, they should be separated. Moldings, drawings or zoning decorative elements in the form of a large vase or mirror on the wall will help.
  • Combinations of matte and glossy surfaces will create a sense of a variety of finishes in the room. Such combinations look especially harmonious on a multi-level ceiling.
  • Do not oversaturate the interior with an abundance of contrasts, beige color harmonizes well with only one bright shade. To create variety, you can use different tones.
  • When choosing beige furniture, it is worth giving preference to relief textures so that it does not merge with the walls. And lay a bright plaid on the sofa or bed and put pillows in the color of curtains.

Beige-brown interior of the living room.

There can’t be a lot of beige tones, but it needs to be accentuated with contrasts, then it will transform any room. When choosing one color in the interior, you need to play with reliefs on surfaces, textures of materials and tones of different saturation.

In which styles is beige used

The possibilities of this natural shade are endless, but first of all it is associated with ageless classics, which are complemented by gold drawings and expensive furniture on high legs.

Beige color is the embodiment of minimalism, but it can also be made saturated with the addition of black furniture and decorating elements to the interior. White tone is also welcome in this style and is widely used, which will make light beige more expressive.

The decoration of rooms in the Gothic style is impossible without this color, it is he who emphasizes the natural ornaments made in stone and marble and decorated with gold.

The traditional base in the Scandinavian and Provencal styles is beige, which becomes their decoration and the basis of the entire design.

The use of beige color in the interiors of different rooms

The palette of shades is used not only in apartments, but also widely used in country houses. Beige color is universal and can be used in the design of any room.

Living room

The room where family and friends gather, the color beige, will give off heat, which will affect the mood and well-being. Usually, living rooms are decorated with a little pomp, which will successfully emphasize such colors as lilac, green, burgundy, brown and gold.

Delicate coffee color in the interior of the living room.

These accents will emphasize the depth and unobtrusiveness of the light tone.


The kitchen will shine with cleanliness and attract the whole family if you decorate it in beige tones that go well with brown, green and orange.

Kitchen design with a bar counter.

The main thing is to observe the rule that bright contrasts should be in the lower part of the kitchen, and the top should be light. This arrangement will help expand the boundaries of a small space and make it lighter.


Beige color is indispensable in the design of the bedroom, it has a good effect on the nervous system and creates all the conditions for a good rest. A good addition to the beige color in the bedroom will be light brown tones and gold trim. Bright contrasts are undesirable here.



The hallway will welcome guests with warmth and comfort, it will become lighter and more voluminous if you decorate it on a beige background. The light lampshade is complemented by natural wood furniture and a beautiful mirror on the wall.

Entrance hall in the apartment.

Children’s room

Beige is versatile and suitable for room design for both girls and boys. Next, the child will decide for himself how to complement the bright interior: with his drawings or photos of idols.

The interior of the nursery.


Decorated in beige color will seem warmer, and if you combine it with a white shade, it will be more spacious and light. For small rooms, these are the most successful combinations that give a sense of security and comfort.


Combinations of beige with other colors in the interior

Design solutions can be different, it can become the main tone in chic classic apartments and add warmth to the style of minimalism. For fans of the avant-garde, beige color will be the base for bright accents, and for supporters of naturalness it will create additional comfort.

1. Grey and beige

It will be an excellent solution for people who appreciate peace and quiet. Two natural shades can visually make the room cleaner and more airy, which is often used in Scandinavian style and minimalism. This design will be appropriate in the kitchen and living room or in a small studio apartment where you need to expand the space.

Apartment design in gray beige tones modern style.

Indoor plants will help in creating comfort, and mirror surfaces will push the boundaries of a small room. In such interiors, you need to think through every detail: curtains on windows, doors and furniture. Everything should look harmonious, otherwise such a design will get bored in a month.

2. Brown and beige

A combination for a noble design in the spirit of aristocracy. People feel comfortable in apartments of cream and chocolate colors. This range will look great in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

When decorating rooms, brown color is used as an accent, so there should not be much of it, beige tones should be dominant.

Bedroom in brown and beige tones.

A bright spot in the design of the kitchen will be countertops and facades of the headset. In the bedroom, it should be curtains, a carpet under your feet and a cozy blanket on the bed. The living room will be transformed by dark chocolate furniture and small decorative elements in this range.

3. All shades of blue with beige

Such a tandem does not need additional accessories. Beige color will act as a soothing background, and blue will create a bright contrast that will transform any room. Blue, sea wave, rich blue shade will refresh the nursery, bedroom and living room. Almost all people who love nature and harmony like these colors.


This combination can be used in wall decoration and as a bright accent in the interior. But so that the room does not seem cold from the abundance of blue, you need to properly distribute the lighting fixtures. To complement the chandelier with a cute floor lamp, sconces and spot lighting of individual zones.

4. Purple with beige

The combination of a rich color with a light shade will give a boost of energy to people engaged in mental work and creativity. The tones that shade and complement each other perfectly interact and push people to take action.

Such a design will have a positive effect on a person in the hallway, office and living room, in the bedroom it is better to refuse such a combination.

The combination of beige and lilac in the interior of the kitchen living room.

Purple can dominate, but it is better to use it as an active ally of all shades of beige. This can be expressed in furniture, a reading area in the office, curtains on the windows and accessories on the shelves.

5. Pink with beige

A harmonious combination for romantic natures. Pink color in the interior can have a bright shade, but be present in a minimal amount or be gentle and prevail in the design. Which option to choose depends on personal preferences, but experts do not recommend getting carried away with strong contrasts.

Children’s room.

This design will look great in the girl’s nursery and the parents’ bedroom, where it will create a romantic atmosphere. In the living room, the duo will provide a cozy atmosphere when using light combinations and a creative design if you apply a bright pink color.

6. Green and beige

The most harmonious combination of natural shades. In such an interior, one feels calm and unity with nature. When decorating rooms, you can combine dark emerald and light green colors. This combination is especially relevant for oriental and eco-styles. The design in such a union will be appropriate in any residential premises in decoration, in the kitchen in the form of a headset and in the hallway.


Beige and green go well with brown shades in furniture and floor decoration. Such an interior will not leave indifferent people who appreciate natural colors.

7. White and beige

A tandem for classic interiors with a note of chic and opulence. In combination with a metallized gold or silver finish, you can decorate the entire apartment. White color symbolizes purity and peace, and beige will be a soft addition to the design.

White hallway in a modern style.

This combination is often used in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and in the kitchen, in the hallway or a long narrow corridor will add light and visually expand the room.

Many people consider these colors expensive and short-lived, but thanks to them you can make your home a masterpiece of design art.

In the design of the premises, combinations of light backgrounds with olive, red and black contrasts are also used, which successfully complement and transform each other.

Choosing beige as the basis for the design of your home, it is difficult to make a mistake. It is this shade that is used as a base when creating different styles in the interior, and the possibility of combining will transform any room and bring to life unique projects.

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