Provence Style Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The bathroom in Provence style is a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, warmth, comfort. Even in a miniature apartment, you can organize the perfect place to relax. For example, to design a bathroom in the style of a French village.

Classic bathroom in Provence style.

A unique cozy and comfortable atmosphere is created with the help of eye-pleasing colors and shades, natural safe materials, accessories selected for the general mood of the room. In such an environment, it is easy to relax, tune in to a positive mood.

Pale blue bathroom.

What is the Provence style

The popular design style originates in France. It is characterized by the use of light, discreet shades that are pleasant to the eye. Most often – natural, relaxing and soothing.

Artificial flowers in the bathroom.

Provence combines home warmth, coziness and comfort. And also elements of rural life and French antiquity are necessarily present in this style. It is great for any room in the house or apartment. Including for the bathroom.

Bath behind the curtain.

But experienced designers recommend choosing large, spacious rooms to embody the Provence style. And preferably with high–quality natural lighting. Such bathrooms are more common today in country houses.

Choice of materials for bathroom decoration

In the Provence style, there are no strict prohibitions on the use of any particular materials. But the following are preferred for it:

  • wood of different breeds and shades (necessarily natural);
  • marble;
  • paint and plaster;
  • wallpaper;
  • tile.

Original floor tiles.

If it is not planned to invest large sums of money in repairs, then tile is chosen for areas that often come into contact with water. These are the walls in the area of the sink, as well as the bathroom bowl and/or shower. For a room in the style under discussion, matte tile is more often chosen than glossy.

Wooden bathroom floor.

If there is no need to save on materials, then you can finish these areas with marble. It looks especially attractive, elegant, expensive.

Original floral print on the walls.

The material for wall decoration is chosen light. For example, white or beige tiles. It can imitate brickwork, be square or hexagonal in shape.

Olive color.

If most of the surface of the walls turned out to be light, monotonous, then individual zones can be made to stand out contrasting. For example, mark the part above the sink with a tile with a floral pattern or made in the majolica technique (with unusual color transitions and a relief surface).

Floral print wallpaper.

Parts of the walls that are not exposed to water can be wallpapered, covered with plaster or painted. But it is important to choose the right materials for such a finish. All of them should be characterized by increased moisture resistance. These important points are indicated on the packaging materials.

Solid wooden bathroom furniture in Provence style.

The paint or wallpaper for the walls are also chosen light. For example:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • lavender;
  • ivory;
  • purple;
  • mint;
  • pale pink;
  • gray (the lightest shade);
  • lilac.

Elegant bathroom in Provence style.

Wallpaper can be either plain, or with a geometric or floral pattern.

Several material options are suitable for the floor. Tiles made of porcelain stoneware are most often used. But it can also be the same material made of terracotta or boards made of natural wood.

Natural light.

If the bathroom is organized in a house made of natural wood, then there will be no problems with finishing at all. You can leave them in their original form without any additional coatings. If desired, it is allowed to process the wood with a special rigid brush, revealing the natural pattern of hard fibers. This process is called “branching”.

And it is best suited for soft woods. Processing will allow you to quickly age the tree. And then it will remain to cover it with a special translucent paint.

Bathroom furniture in Provence style

For a design solution, it is worth choosing massive, strong and reliable furnishings. They can be artificially aged or, conversely, updated, restored furniture that previously served the family for more than a dozen years. A great option is to purchase real antiques, if there is such an opportunity. But it will not be difficult to age the furniture yourself.

Floral wallpaper.

To add “air” to the room, lockers should be replaced with open shelves. Or make them glass. Today, there are many variants of similar cabinets on sale. They can be carved, with the effect of a cracked pattern. Or aged in another way that the owner of the house liked.

What to choose bathroom fixtures in Provence style

The sink becomes the center of the bathroom. A very popular option among modern buyers is a sink with a pedestal. It fits perfectly into any bathroom interior, Such a sink is always strong, reliable, durable and stable. She is suitable even for a miniature bathroom and is easy to install.

Light colors.

Sinks with a pedestal for a bathroom in Provence style are made of: porcelain, copper, earthenware, glass, bronze, stone. The last two variants are less common. Because of its high cost. Especially if the stone is natural.

Hand-painted furniture.

Hanging models of sinks are rarely chosen for the bathroom in the style under discussion. But with their help, it is easy to add the spirit of antiquity to the room. Hanging sinks are complemented by antique jugs in which you can store cosmetics or bath accessories on long handles.

The bath itself is better to choose a traditional form. It can be cast iron or steel. If you want to add sophistication to the interior, you should look at the models on unusual elegant legs. For example, in the form of tree branches or animal paws.

If the size of the room allows, the bath can not be pushed to the wall, but placed in the center of the room. If desired, she “hides” behind a curtain made of natural fabric. For example, linen or cotton. It is important to make sure that the curtain is combined with the rest of the fabric elements in the room – with carpet and curtains on the windows.

Floral print on the walls.

Having chosen a suitable sink for the bathroom, it will only be necessary to pick up spectacular faucets and showers that fit into the overall style. For example, retro variants imitating bronze or silver. For a Provence-style bathroom, it is most preferable to use a classic tub on legs. But if desired, you can also install a shower cabin.

If a modern shower cabin is very different from the overall design of the room, it can be hidden behind a thick curtain or in a specially prepared niche in the wall. Another option for “masking” is to use a shower stall with completely transparent walls.


You can safely go to antique shops for accessories. Often suitable parts can be found in an old grandmother’s chest. Vintage soap dishes, holders and baskets for towels, boxes for cosmetics or vintage bottles for shampoo and liquid soap, vases for flowers and napkin holders from the past will fit here.

“Brick” design of walls.

If no such accessories are found in the bins, you can search for them in specialized stores. Or even make it with your own hands. There can be a lot of interesting details in a Provence-style bathroom. They will not overload the interior, but only make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Linen, towels and any bath accessories can be hidden in large wicker baskets. And the robe should be hung on a massive forged hanger. Put a warm and pleasant rug made of natural material on the floor.

You can’t do in a bathroom of any style and without mirrors. For Provence, they are chosen large. Best of all – in full growth. Modest narrow mirrors will not do well. It is worth giving preference to options in spectacular massive frames. For example, made of wood or metal.

Bathroom lighting in Provence style

For any French style, soft natural lighting is relevant. If there are no windows in the room, then in its very center it is worth hanging a classic chandelier. It will be important to supplement it with several small lamps at once. They can be placed on the walls, ceiling, even on the floor and furniture.

Bathroom with windows.

For example, place additional light sources on the washbasin, directly above the mirrors or the bathroom bowl. Paired identical sconces on the wall look interesting. Most often they are located on both sides of the mirror.

Snow-white bathroom.

Halogen and fluorescent lamps do not fit well into the old French style. If it was not possible to find a replacement for them, then it is worth trying to at least make such light sources as inconspicuous as possible.

Provence style in a small bathroom

Provence style is best suited for spacious large rooms. But it is not worth giving it up to the owner of a miniature bath. In such circumstances, it is not necessary to adhere to all the basic rules of style. It will be enough to use only a few of them.

Corner bathroom in Provence style.

For example, start with the design of the walls, floor and ceiling in light soft colors. And then add some suitable interesting accessories. Complement the mirror with a massive antique frame, put a wicker basket for towels or dirty laundry, pick up forged lamps, lay a vintage carpet made of natural materials.

Provence style has been around for several centuries. Time goes by, but it still remains popular and relevant. This style is at the same time cozy, beautiful, allowing each individual to show his taste and individuality.

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