Eco-Style Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The murmur of the stream, the singing of birds, the boundless deep sky overhead. Man has always been drawn to nature and today he can put it right in his house or apartment. Eco-style in the interior is an atmosphere of comfort, harmony, tranquility that reigns in a real forest.

Eco-style in the interior.

The main features of the ecological style:

  • Natural materials – wood, raw stone, glass, leather, linen, cotton.
  • Freedom of layout and space – eco-style loves space, so you should not pile up objects in the room and place them too close. In this regard, the style resembles minimalist – to leave the practical and the most necessary.

Living room in eco-style.

  • There is a lot of light – the rooms should be literally flooded with natural light from the windows, and at night soft artificial lighting replaces them.
  • The natural color scheme – shades remind of a sandy beach, azure waves, help to relax and have a good rest.
  • Living decor – climbing plants, flowers in pots and tubs will be useful.

Interior in eco-style.


Ecostyle appreciates the abundance of daylight, so windows in private homes are made large, often panoramic with wooden frames. Then fresh air and sunlight fill the whole room. In apartments where it is not easy to influence the size of the window opening, the windows are left open, without curtains. Or you can pick up light monochrome curtains.

Kitchen in eco-style.

Artificial lighting is placed locally. The light is chosen soft and warm. Cold white lamps and huge chandeliers with suspensions should be abandoned. The eco-style is restrained, so hidden lighting, table lamps with wood motifs, floor lamps with fabric, but not embroidered, lampshades are more suitable for the interior.

Living room with plants.

Internal layout

Designers recommend owners of a large house to think through each room in advance in order to leave more free space. The space will visually seem larger, it will become lighter and more airy. But it is important not to overdo it. A closet standing alone against the wall and a desk with a chair by the window will have the opposite effect – the room will seem uncomfortable.

Living room.


For an interior in a natural eco-style, you should choose furniture made of natural wood. The furniture are geometrically regular in shape with a simple design. A bed with a wooden headboard can be replaced with a forged model, but still wood will fill the room with warmth and comfort.

Bright interior.

Upholstered furniture is upholstered in natural fabric, plain or with floral ornaments. Neat sofas and armchairs without carving. Banquettes and ottomans on straight legs. Rocking chair with a soft blanket. Wicker furniture also looks organically: chairs, armchairs.

Kitchen with plants.

Natural color palette

Everything in an eco-friendly style is dictated by nature itself. Even the color scheme. Contrasting shades, sharp combinations, variegation and neon accents are completely absent. Only peace and tranquility.

Fans of black color will have to give it up by decorating the interior in an eco-style. And all because it simply does not exist in nature. Other shades are always mixed with black: the blue of a crow’s feather, earthy grayness. Graphite and carbon will be the closest for replacement, but you should be careful with them and introduce them into the space in a dosed manner.

White and brown living room.

Primary colors:

  • White is associated with cleanliness, freshness, the first snow. It will become a good background for living plants.
  • Terracotta is a red-brown shade of earth, brick or baked clay. Juicy and warm, it emphasizes the natural beauty of the eco-style.
  • Sky blue – this color will fill the room with freshness and freedom. Designers recommend using it in decor and wall decoration, but only in the upper part, because the tone is cold.
  • Green – all its shades remind of juicy grass, greenery of trees, young shoots and buds.

Eco-style interior.

  • Beige – here and sandy, and straw, and many other tones that will fill the room with comfort.
  • Sunny yellow – a “delicious” and energetic color will be especially relevant in cold cities where the sun is rare.
  • Brown – woody shades, the color of earth, clay.

Eco-style Country house.

When designing the interior, a natural concept is very often thought out. What will the room resemble? The ocean coast? The jungle? A forest clearing? A birch grove? The palette depends on the choice. White color and the lightest pastel shades – ivory, “sea foam”, milk – act as the base. With the help of them, green and brown tones are diluted if, for example, a forest theme is selected.

Wood interior.

Finishing and materials

Natural materials and high-quality imitation are welcome in the decoration. Wood of any kind, untreated stone, cork base, leather. Metal and glass also fit seamlessly into the interior. Decorative plaster, paint, ceramic tiles “under the stone” and real stone slabs are suitable for walls.

Interior decoration.

Cork panels are appropriate for wall decoration. As an accent, you can decorate only one wall with them. Wallpapers are also popular. Jute, sisal, bamboo or paper. The latter are the cleanest in terms of ecology. They do not emit harmful substances and are not toxic. Monophonic or with floral ornaments are allowed.

Bedroom in eco-style.

The ceiling in small rooms is finished as simply as possible. Often it is whitewashing, wallpaper for painting, coloring or stretch matte canvas. In a spacious room with high ceilings, wooden panels and beams are used, multi-level structures are created.

The coffered ceiling is original and eco-friendly – a covering made of wood with pronounced carved cells. And photo printing on a stretch canvas will add a stylistic atmosphere. The starry sky or clouds look beautiful, but accuracy is important so as not to overload the interior.

Panels of plants.

The floor is decorated mainly with wood: parquet, cork base. For rooms with high humidity and passability – hallway, kitchen, bathroom – choose stone or ceramic tiles. A carpet will complement the room. Soft and fleecy, resembling green grass or a woven carpet. Suitable matting made of bamboo, hemp, straw, as well as coconut mats.

Children’s bedroom.

Decorative details of eco-style

Decorative elements and textiles emphasize the natural origin of the eco-style. The upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chairs is made of cotton, the finest wool or linen with a floral pattern. Wicker baskets are used for fruits or flowers. Live green plants in tubs, pots or original planters. Panels of pebbles and shells. Pottery.

Plant group in the interior of a country house.

The general idea will be supplemented:

  • Aquarium – will help you tune in to rest and peace.
  • Fireplace – will warm you on a cold evening, fill the house with comfort and warmth. Instead of natural, it is allowed to install artificial, and a bundle of firewood by the fireplace will help add authenticity to the interior.
  • Ornamental trees in pots – lianas, ficuses, ferns or bonsai.

Green Sofa.

All the decor elements are not just placed in the room, but also carry a special meaning. Live plants dilute the pastel palette and improve the microclimate. Wicker baskets are used for storage, and carpets insulate the floor.

Dining area.

Eco-style in the interior of different rooms

The most natural style in any room is created with the help of light shades. But each room has its own purpose and this also needs to be taken into account when finishing and furnishing.

Natural style.

Living room

The design of the guest room is especially responsible – it is a gathering room for family and close friends. The phytostena will look original in the room – a construction in full height from floor to ceiling where live plants are planted.

Storage chests, picture and photo frames decorated with shells and small stones will serve as decor.

Eco-style cottage lighting design.


The relaxation room needs an atmosphere conducive to good rest and sound sleep. Eco-style will help to create it. Pastel shades in the decoration are combined with furniture made of natural wood. For example, a bed with a wooden headboard and armrests.

The wall behind the bed can be decorated with wooden paneling. Homespun rugs, wool bedspreads and light cotton curtains are used as decor.

Lighting of a modern bedroom in eco style.


Despite the high humidity, wooden coverings and ceramic tiles are used in the kitchen. Plastic is not used at all, but glass inserts on the contrary are appropriate.

The kitchen set is chosen from natural wood. The decor is ceramic and porcelain dishes. Be sure to put pots of fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Kitchen of a country house.


Minimalist is especially characteristic of a bathroom in an eco-friendly style. Jars, caskets, tubes placed on open shelves only overload the interior. For cosmetics, you should have a locker.

Wood, which is popular in style settings, will be replaced by ceramic tiles. The decor will be a mirror frame decorated with shells, a wicker laundry basket.

Bathroom in eco-style.

Eco-style allows a person to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and fully relax. In such an interior, it is as if you are transported to a real corner of wildlife. That is why it should not be overloaded with furniture and decor items. It is important that the whole situation is perceived naturally and at ease.

Photo Gallery


Eco-style in the interior of a country house.

Live plants decorate the interior.

Kitchen-living room in eco-style.

Interior lighting.

Recreation area.

Grey and white bedroom.

Interior design of a private house.

Oasis in the living room.

Decor options in different rooms.

Ecological style in the interior always attracts comfort.

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