Loft Style Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The loft style is attractive for its originality, it cannot be confused with any other. Since it ceased to belong to attics and industrial premises, and descended into apartments, it has become brighter and more diverse, but has not lost its brutality and uniqueness.

Loft style in the bathroom.

The main characteristics of the loft style

By what signs do we always recognize him:

  • The presence of untreated, or allegedly untreated walls.
  • Open communications and outdoor wiring make up a harmonious part of the exposition.
  • A combination of antiquity and modernity.
  • There is a lot of light – both natural and artificial.

Many people like the brutality of the loft bathroom environment.

The loft is interesting and organic, and its deliberate industriality should not frighten. And although it originated in spacious rooms, it has already fully adapted to small ones, in which, it seems, the loft will be too cramped.

Combined bathroom in loft style.

Loft-style bathroom decoration: walls

We decided to devote this article to how the loft style will look in the bathroom interior.

In the loft style, concrete is just a cult. Bare concrete walls – really concrete, or artfully simulated – are your first contribution to creating an interior in style.

Moreover, today this building material is undergoing a rebirth and even decorative items are made from it. Therefore, concrete walls are no longer hidden, but deliberately exposed.

Concrete or its imitation is a favorite loft style finish.

Since this is a fashion trend, there was also an imitation for concrete – tile, decorative plaster, porcelain stoneware. Take this into account when decorating a loft-style bathroom, if natural concrete seems too cold and rough to you. Just keep in mind that the tile imitating concrete should be matte. Gloss is unacceptable.

Brickwork is another “feature” of the loft.

Brickwork is the most traditional wall covering in a classic loft. However, if in other rooms open brickwork is a bright accent of the interior, in the bathroom it is not very good. The fact is that the brick has a porous structure, is water-permeable, which means that mold can form in it from dampness, it easily absorbs dirt.

The primer will not completely protect against this scourge. In general, natural brickwork in the bathroom is not practical. Keep this in mind when starting a loft-style bathroom renovation. The way out is again an imitation of brickwork.

Imitation of natural wood.

And what about natural wood? It will make the loft more cozy and warm. This style loves wooden surfaces, and don’t be afraid to apply them in the bathroom. Only, of course, not in the shower – it’s better to use tiles imitating wood there. But the natural wooden countertop under the sink looks really cool.

Beams on the ceiling, if the room allows.

Loft-style bathroom ceiling

It is better not to experiment with loft-style ceilings. Since the main feature of the loft is to create a sense of spaciousness, white ceilings cope with this task best of all, and in a small bathroom this is almost the only possible option.

The white ceiling is characteristic of the loft style.

The ceiling in the bathroom can either be whitewashed, or painted with water-based paint, or lined with plastic plates. But what about the beams that loft loves so much? They are allowed only if the bathroom is spacious enough. Finishing the ceiling with unpainted concrete is also quite suitable, and such a ceiling can become a spectacular accent.

Loft-style bathroom flooring options

Loft-style flooring supports the overall concept. A good option is a concrete self–leveling floor. Tile or vinyl tile is also good, especially if it imitates the same concrete or wood.

On the floor – tile, stone or its imitation.

However, white tiles are also appropriate, especially if you want to visually expand the space. The main requirement for the bathroom floor: it must be resistant to moisture and other external influences and not slip.

White brickwork and a shiny copper bathtub are already a bohemian loft.

Bathroom plumbing in loft style

Loft–style plumbing – what is it like? It is clear that she plays a major role in the design of the bathroom. An ordinary sink will not work here – it will spoil everything right away. This can be an overhead sink in the form of a bowl, or a specially made concrete structure. It can be installed on a standard bedside table or on a console.

A tub with legs, a sink on the console, pipes and a large mirror are elements of style.

The concrete sink can be mounted into the countertop. This is an expensive and completely exclusive option. But loft–style bathroom design is not a cheap pleasure at all. But the result is worth the cost and effort.

Concrete sink is a special loft style chic.

A loft-style bathtub can be steel, copper, concrete, built-in or freestanding on cast legs.

Concrete sink and built-in mixer.

Concrete sink can be of an original form or quite familiar. A bright copper bathtub will look amazing against the background of a concrete wall. It will warm the interior and become the brightest detail.

Copper bath on the background of brickwork.

What absolutely cannot be allowed – a plastic screen under the bathroom – it will immediately cross everything out.

The combination of rough texture of the walls and glass partitions of the shower cabin.

If you have a shower stall in your bathroom, the doors and walls in it should be transparent. The loft does not tolerate blind partitions. And the combination of the rough texture of the walls and the fragile glass of the shower partition will give the atmosphere a charm.

Loft style mixer.

Faucets can be both vintage and modern. Brass and copper, for example, go well with walls imitating natural stone, and chrome or nickel-plated faucets look harmoniously against the background of brick or concrete walls.

All communications are visible.

If you install not a lever mixer, but an old one with large valves, this will be a 100% hit. The built-in mixer is more suitable for loft style, although it costs more.

Pipes and communications for a loft-style bathroom

When choosing plumbing, do not forget about the second very important feature of the loft – open communications. In this case, the pipes carry not only a practical, but also a decorative load.

The heated towel rail can have the following shape.

Loft does not tolerate any routine, he constantly challenges her. This means that the zigzag heated towel rail absolutely does not fit into this interior. We give it a more creative form. The cast–iron towel rail is simply chic.

An alternative form of a heated towel rail in the bathroom.

As for the rest of the pipes, the best option is metal. If you have polymer ones in your bathroom, they should be disguised as metal. At the same time, the metal does not necessarily have to shine. Dark pipes, as if old, with a slight touch of rust look even cooler.

Loft-style bathroom lighting

Another important component in the design of the loft style. He likes large panoramic windows and lots of natural light, but we have a bathroom where there are mostly no windows. So, artificial light should be in abundance. And this means that a lot of additional ones must be added to the main overhead light.

There should be a lot of light.

Of course, this is the illumination of the mirror and shower, but not only. Feel free to combine modern and retro lighting fixtures. Hidden illumination in the form of LED strips and original lamps stylized as water pipes. Incandescent lamps are adjacent to the spots. The track system seems to have been created specifically for the loft.

The lamps are different and non-standard.

Fluorescent lamps will also go here. The main thing is to avoid ordinariness. One trivial detail can spoil the whole atmosphere.

Loft style color palette for bathroom

The color scheme is dictated by the cult of concrete. Favorite color is gray. But, firstly, concrete has a lot of shades, and secondly, the urban style does not exclude interesting color experiments at all.

The color scheme is not flashy.

Therefore, add bright accents to the neutral and, by the way, very diverse gray color, for example, blue, aquamarine or azure. They are the best fit for our loft.

The white color is organic in the loft style.

The choice of bathroom color depends on its size and the mood that you want to create in it. If the gray-blue range seems too cold to you, add warmth with wood and terracotta shades.

Loft bathroom furniture of simple, even rough shapes.

The white color looks advantageous in combination with black color, as well as with the metallic luster of chrome and nickel-plated surfaces, which add chic to the atmosphere.

There is not a lot of furniture in the loft bathroom, but it is functional.

The main thing is that there should not be many bright accents. Loft is conciseness, simplicity and rigor.

How to choose bathroom furniture in loft style

The loft does not like an abundance of furniture, and there should not be much of it in the bathroom at all. Minimalist and hi-tech styles are most familiar to the loft. It is a kind of combination of these styles. The loft artfully combines antiquity and modernity. Vintage items will be most appropriate here. Hanging cabinet, shelves. Instead of a traditional cabinet under the sink, put an industrial table, for example. All this is perfectly combined with modern plumbing.

Loft likes large mirrors in simple frames or without them at all.

Antique sideboard instead of cabinets, stools made of artificially aged wood. But do not create piles of furniture, crowding destroys the loft. The main purpose of furniture is to ensure that nothing is lying around anywhere. Jars and tubes in plain sight is a bad idea. You will see for yourself how they destroy the concept of style.

The mirror plays a very special role in the bathroom. And in the loft style, large full-length mirrors are needed, either without framing at all, or in rough wooden frames. The mirror will add the space that the loft loves so much. A small bathroom will become visually larger.

Loft-style bathroom decor

Loft style does not disdain decor at all. Only it should be specific, with an industrial bias. Road signs, posters, graffiti, details of mechanisms will be appropriate. Of course, there should be a little of it, but it should be carefully selected.

A small decor will make the interior more cozy and warm.

In addition to the already mentioned bright posters, green plants that are placed in old galvanized buckets are very relevant.

Completely unexpected details can act as a decor.

An original designer mirror, a cabinet door with mosaic inserts can become an element of the decor. Hangers, towel hooks, all kinds of gears – fantasize!

The loft’s motto is originality.

Hanging shelves with retro style elements will also come in handy. Bright rugs or towels will effectively dilute the dominant gray scale of the bathroom.

Concluding the conversation about the design of the bathroom in the loft style, we once again note the characteristic features of the style, which must be present either completely or partially.

  • Rough wall decoration: concrete, brickwork, or a skillful imitation of these coatings.
  • Outdoor wiring and open communications not only do not hide, they are a spectacular part of the interior.
  • An abundance of light, if not natural, then artificial. If there are windows in the bathroom, then the loft style requires them to be decorated not with curtains, but with blinds or iron bars.
  • Lamps of unusual shape: spotlights, lanterns, stylized industrial parts.
  • Loft loves vintage, even vintage furniture. It perfectly combines with the most modern plumbing.
  • Plumbing can also be unusual, stylized antique.
  • Favorite loft colors: gray, black, brown, metallic.

The flight of imagination is not limited by anything.

The most important thing: despite the seeming incompleteness, the loft style is carefully thought out, every detail plays its role and is brought to perfection. The loft is a luxurious negligence. We are convinced that a loft-style bathroom will be a decoration for your home.

Photo Gallery

An interesting option for lighting in the bathroom in dark colors.

Wood and concrete in the loft style bathroom.

Wood in the interior.

Red brickwork.

White brickwork.

Black brickwork.

Original illumination.

Lighting bathroom.

Bright light in the bathroom.

Wall sconces.

Unusual lamps.

Laconic sink.

Dark bathroom.

Square sink.

Bathroom in dark colors.

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