Italian Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The charming Italian style looks like a mixture of several trends in interior design. It is elegant Baroque with attention to detail, rustic and simple country, as well as a touch of the Mediterranean. All these components make the Italian interior cozy and welcoming, passionate and calm at the same time.

Italian interior design.

The history of the Italian style

This southern warm style originated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at the end of the 20th century. The reason for this was a large number of buildings in a short time. The suburbs began to be populated more and more actively, pursuing the goal of getting out of the city. In this connection, in the Italian style, many elements made of natural wood are used.

National objects of pride are present in the interior even today. Such as wall murals and paintings, reproductions of paintings and stained glass windows. This creates a unique and very cozy Italian style. It also contains elements of antiquity: semi-columns, arched openings, stucco, sculpture, as well as verified proportions of the composition as a whole.

Columns in the interior of the living room.

Frescoes in Italian style interior design.

Characteristic features and color palette

The Italian interior has features of Rococo and classical canons, but there are also individual features that distinguish it from other trends in design.

  • Using a variety of textures. Harmony of elegance and massive decorative ornaments, a combination of wood textures with gold and glass products.
  • A combination of palace luxury and the comfort of a simple house. Refinement in details and simplicity in the decoration of the situation.
  • Natural materials for finishing and natural colors. Venetian plaster, masonry and wood surfaces add a special charm and atmosphere.
  • The abundance of plants in the room. Mini-trees or large green stems look especially noble. All in order for the room to look like a summer garden.
  • Panoramic windows with an arched opening, transparent doors and light fabric for curtains create a weightless carelessness in the interior.
  • The color palette consists mainly of beige, milky shades, complemented by purple and green to highlight some areas.

The combination of wood textures with gold in the interior of the living room.

Luxury in the interior design of the living room.

Abundance of plants in the interior.

Beige tone in the living room.

Types of Italian style in interior design

The general meaning and composition of the Italian style is always the same, but the external implementation may differ significantly. It all depends on the geographical point of origin of this charming direction in the interior.

Elements of gilding in the interior.

Rustic Italian style

The most natural, cozy and welcoming. In the decoration of this direction, only wood materials. Heavy doors with the effect of antiquity and scuffs, massive boards for flooring, large beams for the ceiling, pieces of furniture made of noble breeds. This ensemble is complemented by iron fittings, stone, marble elements, natural textile fiber.

It is clear that there are no bright and juicy colors here and only muted, natural ones remain, which have a positive effect on the psyche. They relax and lull you to sleep.

Cozy bedroom in rustic Italian style.

Mediterranean Italian style

Openings in the form of arches, high ceilings, frescoes – typical of the Mediterranean direction. Shades of yellow combined with diffused soft light, elements of forging, woven ornaments, living plants, elegant figurines turn the room into a paradise.

Decoration of the living room in the Mediterranean Italian style.

Classic Italian style

In this direction, special attention is paid to putting wealth and prosperity on public display. It uses pieces of furniture made of natural wood and carved decor, frescoes and moldings are often made on the ceiling. And in the center there is a large chandelier, which attracts the most attention and is the main feature of the room. Beautiful dishes located in the buffet serve as interior decorations. Wall or floor clocks, works of art.

Panoramic large windows with access to the terrace or balcony, bay window layout and plenty of free space.

Italian classics in the living room interior.

Tuscan Italian style

The Tuscan direction combines the features of Italy, France and Spain. It traces nature, warm comfort, original architecture, as well as live cypresses and vineyards. Brown, olive, ochre, blue and yellow shades are used as a basis.

The walls are finished with aged plaster, supplemented with stucco or fresco. Ceiling beams are exposed and tinted in contrast with the main background. The floor covering is marble or granite tiles. Pieces of furniture are decorated with hand-painted art in floral motifs. The decoration is a vase with fruit, beautiful dishes with ornaments and lace napkins.

Design of the living room in the Tuscan style.

Italian style in a modern interpretation

There are many classic elements in the modern interior. But new innovative materials are used in the decoration and decoration. Such as wallpaper, decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper, frescoes on finished canvases. The latter can be applied without much effort on their own without compromising the appearance.

Laminate flooring and decorative stone tiles with pleasant irregularities are used for the floor. Wooden elements are being replaced with more modern and mass-produced ones. Marble tiles are perfectly imitated by acrylic material. Wooden beams are decorated with light plastic, and the stucco is replaced with practical polyurethane.

Furniture items are bought in a modern style. They are complemented by a bar counter and an elegant coffee table.

Modern execution of the interior design of the living room in the Italian style.

Italian-style kitchen

The kitchen area in the style of a cozy house on the Mediterranean coast turns a boring gray apartment into a summer and light veranda. The main thing is to use a mosaic palette, majolica, tiles with a green pattern with blue accents in the decoration.

The floor is decorated in plain tile or stone. The pieces of furniture are matte and plain painted. But the dining area is decorated with a table made of noble wood, while the table top is made of stone marble or a successful imitation. Elements of forging are combined with weaving vines, and against the background of heterogeneous plaster on the wall it looks especially cozy and charming. There is a feeling of light primitiveness and the atmosphere of Italy.

Italian motifs in the kitchen interior.

Italian-style living room

The Italian-style living room has wide windows decorated with light curtains. Their purpose is to create comfort and harmony in the interior, but should not interfere with the penetration of sunlight. Parquet is laid on the floor with deliberate aging of the surface.

Plaster finishing, wallpapering with further coloring is suitable for walls. Doors are chosen from natural wood, solid and heavy. A chandelier with elements of forging, an armchair with rattan weaving, a sofa with low legs – all these items are characteristic of a cozy and charming Italian style.

Wrought iron chandelier in the living room.

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