Studio apartment design: all the necessary information about the layout and interior design in 2023

By | January 13, 2023

A studio apartment is an open area and a space for creativity. But for some reason, many are baffled by the design of such a space that can be functionally and beautifully planned. Well, let’s figure it out together. In this article you will find all the necessary information about the layout and design of the studio apartment.

Interior design of the studio apartment.

Rules for the design of a studio apartment

  • Floor covering. Think in advance whether you need to zone the space with different materials. Tiles in the kitchen and in the hallway, or on the entire area of one coating. Below we will consider this issue in more detail.

Option of zoned flooring in a studio apartment.

Parquet flooring in the studio apartment.

  • Availability of a bed. Yes, you should not give up a comfortable rest and put a sofa.

Sleeping area with a glass partition.

  • Zoning the kitchen area. A bar counter is always the best option.

A small studio apartment with a bar counter.

  • Closed storage systems. A very important nuance. Such a solution is the key to a neat design, in which there is no place for disorder.

Functionally used space in a studio apartment.

  • Think over the ventilation system. It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. We will consider this issue in more detail later.

3D model plan from above.

  • The pieces of furniture are built-in, which means they are custom-made. This way you can use the space economically.

Proper use of space.

  • Household appliances that include several functions. Oven, washing machine, dryer, slow cooker.

The interior of a cozy studio apartment.

  • The washing machine should be in the bathroom.
  • Partitions. If you feel the need for partitions, choose durable materials. Brick or silicate blocks. Over time, you will definitely want to use the wall space, but drywall can only withstand objects that are not heavier than paintings.

The use of sliding partitions in the interior.

  • Interior design style. Choose an interior style from modern trends. The classics don’t fit.

Modern interior design.

  • The color palette is in natural tones. Use bright, juicy tones only in accents. No more than 10-20% on the total volume. As practice shows, a calm palette is enough to create a harmonious and stylish interior.

Studio apartment with bright accents.

Warm atmosphere in the studio apartment.

Flooring in the studio apartment

A proven solution is laminate. It is best to lay it without joints. There is one covering in the kitchen, in the hallway and in the main area of the room. It is not necessary to cut a single space into small pieces unnecessarily. Modern laminate perfectly withstands all loads.

But the joint of the laminate with the tile looks disgusting. These materials are of different thicknesses, so they will have to be joined with a special connector. By itself, it is ugly, and during operation it will only interfere.

The elementary task of washing the floor will not be the most comfortable procedure, since dust and dirt will constantly clog under this joint. The only place where the use of such a joint is allowed is the transition to the bathroom under the door.

Combination of laminate and tile as a floor covering.

If you decide to use parquet as a floor covering, then a joint is necessary. It fits easily with the tile. In addition, parquet is a very delicate material that is not desirable to use in the hallway and in the kitchen.

Parquet flooring combined with tiles.

Design of a studio apartment with a bed

The bed is a symbol of comfort and full sleep. The fact that you have a studio apartment is not a reason to give it up. After all, you live here and the main thing is your convenience.

Even in a small area of a studio apartment, you can fit a bed.

Of course, it is worth making a good layout and the bed will be able to be placed in a corner, in a niche, behind a partition, surrounded by other furniture. It is absolutely normal when large interior items are placed close to each other. The situation will not become cramped from this. The main thing is to place everything in a harmonious composition.

Design of a studio apartment with a second tier for a sleeping area.

Ergonomic design of the studio apartment.

Layout of studio apartment

The most important stage in creating an interior. After all, design has long been associated with convenience. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to this point. Arm yourself with a plan of your apartment and arrange all the functional areas on it.

Think about where and how you will eat, sleep, store things, work, spend time with your family, how many things you have. Think over such nuances: how and where to place an ironing board, vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer. Where you will put out-of-season things, towels, bed linen, shoes.

In general, based on your situation, work out every little thing. In any case, you will encounter this and it will be unpleasant to understand that for some things you have not provided a storage system.

3D model.

Distribution into zones in the design of a studio apartment

Zoning is applied for the actual separation. And not for visual. The more residents there are, the more scrupulously it is worth approaching this issue.

Zoning becomes especially important when the presence of children is assumed. In this case, multifunctional items are used, which should also be compact. Therefore, using the example of such studio apartments, you can see a couple of cool ideas. We also made a small selection of such studio apartments.

Combination of several functional zones.

A great design option for a studio apartment for a family with a child.

In the case when you have, on the contrary, an extra wall that you want to get rid of and unite the space, it is not necessary to demolish it completely. In some apartments, this is not possible, since this partition is a carrier.

But there is a way out: partially get rid of the wall, and further strengthen it in the right places. Experienced builders will do everything without problems. The purpose of all these actions is to unite the space in the apartment. And further design is already a matter of technique:

  • If the partial demolition is horizontal, they put a bar counter.

Spacious studio apartment with a bar counter.

  • If it is vertical, it is used as a TV zone.

Zoning of the studio apartment space.

A sofa is used as a tool for dividing into zones. They put it with its back to the kitchen, and the TV, respectively, is opposite.

Interesting interior design of the studio apartment.

Studio apartment with a seating area.

You can also build new walls that you need and that perform a specific function. Therefore, do not be afraid, act. Just accept the idea that everything is not as complicated as it is laid down by stereotypes.

Large studio apartment.

Zoning of the studio apartment with a brick partition.

Studio apartment with one window

In studio apartments, which have an elongated shape, are limited to only one window, and do not have any partitions, planning of functional areas is significantly complicated. And this baffles people who have not encountered such a question.

There are two main tasks in such a layout.

  • Arrange the furniture correctly
  • Plan lighting

The main condition for a harmonious layout is the rule of a straight line. This means that from the entrance to the end of the studio apartment, there should be free space without intersecting with furniture and other objects.

All interior details are placed on one wall. The kitchen is located near the bathroom wall and sets the direction of the rest of the furniture. The kitchen set itself is made in the shape of the letter “L” and is complemented by a bar counter.

Competent and practical layout of the studio apartment.

The layout of the studio apartment according to the rule of a straight line.

Beautiful interior of the studio apartment.


A lot of light sources should be provided in the lighting design.. Here it doesn’t matter if the north or south side of the apartment. Natural lighting will definitely not be enough.

But you should not get upset either. Now there are so many types of artificial light that the interior will only benefit from this. The main thing that needs to be thought through is not the main lighting, but additional. With LEDs, this task is simplified at times.

They are cheap, and soft light perfectly illuminates every corner of the apartment. That’s just think about and allocate a place for them in advance and do the wiring of the electrics.

An experienced electrician will help you to implement the idea without any problems. Output the tapes to one switch with different intensity and switching points. So that you don’t have to run from one end of the room to the other. You will just be too lazy to do it and the interior will lose most of its gloss.

An interesting lighting solution in the studio apartment.

Ventilation system

As you may have already understood, the issue of ventilation is particularly acute in the studio apartment. All the interior items, in one room, will definitely be soaked in the aromas of the kitchen, if you do not pay the necessary attention to the ventilation system. Installing a powerful hood will not solve the problem, and sometimes even aggravate it.

The fact is that the flavors will always be present. Even when the hood is turned off. After all, we turn on this device only during cooking. And some even ignore it altogether and this is the norm. So, it is necessary to create an additional branch in the hood, which will allow air to circulate freely regardless of the included exhaust device.

It is solved very simply. A double with a non-return valve is installed on the ventilation duct, which will not allow “bad” aromas to come back into the apartment while the hood is turned on. And when the hood is turned off, it will allow the air to safely escape into the ventilation. That’s the whole secret.

Examples of execution of a ventilation system with a check valve in a studio apartment

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