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By | November 17, 2022

The interior of the “Loft-style” is most loved by representatives of creative professions. And a textbook example of such a space is the world-famous first Warhol “Factory” in Manhattan

Creative personalities always have something that could be learned if they had a little more free time. But there is one extremely important talent that you want to adopt without delay, here and now: this is the ability to turn shortcomings into advantages.

If there are shortcomings in the interior of a creative and constructive home — carelessness of wall or ceiling decoration, slight chaos in the arrangement of things, communications that are not properly hidden from the eyes of guests, lack of zoning, lack of proper repairs — they are not saved by disguise, but, on the contrary, emphasize what the average person would consider a reason for embarrassment.

The bold loft style in the interior is designed to demonstrate as clearly as possible the magical transformation of the minus of interior decoration into an undeniable plus.

Industrial and “loft” styles are closely intertwined. Open struts, rafters, and other load-bearing and unloading structures are welcome here, of course.

One of the roof slopes is completely glass, which makes the room filled with air and light.

Former soap factory (Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York). The total area of the premises here is 285 sq. m.

Personal space for work and creativity, inspiring and positive. Design and decor: Nordic Aarv, Stockholm.

Loft style in the interior: the origin

The name of the loft-style comes from the English loft — “attic”. Where did the idea come from to equip a dwelling for a place that is traditionally suitable only for storing old things, but not for cozy living?

The history of the avant-garde loft dates back to the 20s of the XX century when the current economic situation forced people to expand their “habitat”. It is believed that New Yorkers were the first to rush to use the buildings of abandoned warehouses, factories, and factories for apartments. It should be noted that they managed it very successfully.

What successful trends can a modern person borrow from the loft style?

The initial concept of this room was dictated by the ceiling during the discussion of the project by the customer with the designers-architects. The steel beams under the gable roof were supplemented with two light aluminum guides for installing the main lighting sources, hiding the wiring and control.

The building of the former Methodist Church, Chicago, USA. The huge space is emphasized by the white color in the decoration of almost all surfaces, up to the kitchen countertops made of Caesarstone stone.

Anyone would be interested to look into the apartments of the idol. In the photo — the loft of “Tsar Leonid”, the Scottish actor Gerard Butler. According to his plan, this New York apartment (formerly a warehouse) was supposed to become “bohemian, baroque, but masculine and a little wild”. After all, it was not an interior designer who realized these wishes, but a cinematographer, a film production designer.

Another project that carries the features of the cinematic world. Or rather, it is associated with comic book adaptations. Interspersed with bright colors, an abundance of details that attract attention with their deliberate appearance, such as rivets, belts, graphic, digital, and letter designations on the walls of levels, open reinforcing structures, and so on.

“Classics of the genre” – minimally processed red brick walls, open wiring, and air ducts in an apartment-a former factory room, Edmonton, Canada.

The Harmony of antiquity and innovations

The Loft allows you to expand consciousness and combine diametrically opposite motives. He is no stranger to the variety of combining antiquity and innovations.

A progressive telescope aimed at the sky from the window will fit very organically into the bone-classic finish with highlights of carelessness characteristic of the “attic” style. And why not?

In addition, the loft boldly draws ideas from golden antiquity: Roman columns in a finish bordering on modernism look extremely successful.

Despite the stereotypical ideas about lofts, well-chosen light curtains can only add light, air, and space to the interior, and not at all destroy its style.

A variety of art objects, wall paintings, and other things are the most organic companions of this style. For this visualization, the model of the famous “Horse Lamp” from Moooi.

Untouched wall decoration, bearing traces of many, many years — is a stunning background for any ensembles of vintage and ultramodern furniture and decor.

The pristine walls

The paper or liquid wallpaper, decorative finishing, long-term application of intricate drawings-the loft does not approve of such a waste of time, effort, and money and suggests leaving the walls in their original form. The only exception may be a brick wallpaper pattern or a real imposing masonry made of stone.

The stunning decorative effect of exposing a brick wall under layers of decoration.

The aerobatics in building an interior in an industrial style — pure functionality and not a drop of falseness.

Breaking the stereotypes of the interior: here the usual idea of the loft-style is violated, which in turn destroys the usual ideas about a cozy home. Plastered white walls and a noticeable influence of the Bauhaus style in the decor: the interior of an apartment in a former factory building in the suburbs of Berlin.

Aesthetic mosaic bit by bit

Beauty does not fall from the sky but is created step by step. The loft teaches the same thing: every little thing is important. Having decided to design the interior in such a freedom-loving progressive style, pay special attention to accessories.

Mind-blowing chandeliers that look like alien gifts, bold posters, lifebuoys as wall decorations will become more relevant than ever.

The interior is small (only about 65 sq. m. m) the premises, which was completely transformed, only with the help of vintage and not very decor, the tenant is a young “collector of memories”. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

And also-embodying the complete freedom of the spirit of the means of transportation, a favorite motorbike or bicycle, which will certainly find a secluded corner within the framework of a non-standard loft. Leave the care of formalities to the strict classics.

The favorite “Harley” of the owner of this loft. He waits out the time before the “opening of the season”, actually, here, inside the premises, while creating an incredible decorative effect.

A funny idea with storing bicycles, skateboards, and boards under the ceiling.

Is again the loft of a celebrity, more precisely, a married couple of them: the house of rock singer Adam Levine and his wife, model Behati Prinsloo. This room with an area of 260 sq. m, located in Soho (New York, USA) was an art gallery and a recording studio since the 1970s.

The huge open space of this loft in Milan does not look cold and empty at all — this effect is achieved with the help of soft, very homely furniture, and the same soft monochrome carpets.

Who said that mirrors belong on the wall? In the loft style, you can relax and line up the reflective surfaces in a long row right on the floor. It looks amazing!

Good news for photographers and artists: an arsenal of professional accessories — a set of lenses, reflectors or an easel, forgotten by you at the scene of the muse’s attack, in the atmosphere of the loft will look like an ornament, and not evidence of the forgetfulness or sloppiness of the creator of beauty.

The idea of redevelopment and design in the loft-style for a typical urban small-size apartment.

European trends in the design and decor of a loft located in Japan.

Residential space, decorated in the loft-style. Natural materials (wood, brick, concrete) are used for decoration here, and there is a lot of copper in the decor and open communications.

Where, if not in the loft, is there a place for defiantly huge decorative items, sculptures, and other art objects? In the photo-angel wings migrated from the church to the antique store, and from there to the house to the new owner.

Loft style in the interior: functionality above all

Everything should have and justify its purpose. Therefore, when choosing furniture in the “attic” spirit of modernity, pay first of all attention to its strength, durability, and ease of care, and only then you can take a closer look at compliance with high fashion trends.

Talking about the functionality of the interior, it is worth looking at the design in this style of non-residential premises. The general asceticism, the bare functionality of the furniture, and the monochrome scale are very appropriate here, just as the bohemian spirit is for a residential apartment.

Furniture in an industrial interior with a concrete ceiling and a dark hardwood floor.

A bathroom was created from a container at the entrance to a three-level penthouse.

The interior of a small studio apartment by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres with a design by his own authorship. There are not only walls made of bare concrete, but also a kitchen table, and even a podium with “seats” in the living room. Pay attention to the stylish and practical open-cut electrical wiring on the walls.

Space without shackles

It is difficult to imagine the freedom of creativity without space for the flight of thought. Therefore, the loft is always characterized by a scope. It is worth noting that the spaciousness of the loft is still different from the wide step of the Baroque: in the first one, we are not talking about luxuries, but about the maximum free space.

Original masonry in an Italian loft carefully restored and painted white.

How to achieve the effect of extended and free space?

The list from which you can choose is large, and you have to choose what you like the most: high white ceilings, two-level housing, erasing clear edges by removing unnecessary or erecting transparent walls of glass, and as much light as possible.

Zoning partition made of glass on a metal profile. In countries with a difficult climate— this is a godsend, and sometimes the only way out on the path of practical adaptation of industrial premises for housing.

Symbolic division of space with the help of light partitions. Pay attention to the unusual decor in the foreground: laser cutting on sheets of rusted alloy steel is the best fit for industrial and loft interiors.

Sliding glass partitions on a metal profile.

The symmetrical kitchen is made of concrete, stone, and steel.

By the way, the staircase that beckons to the second floor, if you prefer two floors for a flight of fancy, does not necessarily have to be a subject of admiration: the perfection of every detail is far from loft style. But the intricate vintage metal steps are the very thing.

Spiral staircases made of blackened metal are one of those things that emphasize the authenticity of an industrial, loft, or steampunk interior.

Aesthetic combination of open wooden beams and modern plasterboard structures that perform, in addition to zoning, also the function of boxes for communications.

Open load-bearing metal structures and beams in the premises of a former church in Melbourne, Australia.

Italian apartment designed by NM-ARCHITETTI studio under the direction of Nisi Magnoni.

Loft style is a mix of the most different, strikingly different, and not always fashionable. The main talent of the “attic” decoration is to make it all look surprisingly organic, healthy, fresh, and clean. The latter is the best way to illustrate the design of the bathroom in the industrial spirit.

Shale tile in a black and white industrial bathroom is an option for those who are a little confused by bare brick, wood, steel, and rust in the design of bathrooms.

Modern bohemia in the interior design of an apartment for a young family.

The bohemian atmosphere of a loft in the business district of Los Angeles. This apartment is rented, and all the decor in it consists of original pieces of furniture, textiles, vintage items, and souvenirs. And also – live plants, here they are just everywhere.

The premises of the former large bakery enterprise in London’s Battersea is an entire Victorian-era building with 12 apartments, including a penthouse. The basis of the interior in them is varnished brickwork, cast-iron columns, and oak beams.

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