Loft-Style Living Room Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Loft style is rapidly gaining popularity. It is in demand, as it is a fresh and new look at interior design. The living room turns out to be “lively”, with elements of minimalist of its natural gloss. We have prepared a detailed material for you, where we will tell you where this direction came from, what color palette to choose and how to implement it in practice.

An example of the design in the loft style.

The history of the loft style

Loft originated at the beginning of the XX century. This word denoted non-residential premises that used to be warehouses and factories. They began to be used as living quarters when it was decided to move the entire industry outside the city, because they began to think about ecology. A lot of such buildings turned out to be empty and the idea came to rent them out.

Large windows in the interior.

Creative people and freelance artists liked them. These buildings had high ceilings, panoramic windows, brick walls, room for imagination, so their popularity was understandable. As a rule, there was no money for repairs and the interior remained in its original form. It was only supplemented with various household items.

Panoramic glazing.

The popularity of this style began to gain momentum and by 1950 reached its peak.

Living room with stairs to the second floor.

Distinctive features of the loft style

This style implies its implementation in large areas with high windows and ceilings. They are not divided by visible partitions into smaller rooms, but only visually distinguished by lighting, different flooring, and a bar counter.

This style is still loved by creative personalities, but it is also popular with those who are used to always stand out for their originality. So, the main features of the loft:

No visible partitions in the room. An open space, only with visual zoning of the room – this is the most important feature of this style. The zones are highlighted with color, different textures, lighting, and glass partitions are also used.

Spacious loft-style living room.

An interesting way of organizing lighting.

Example of zoning in the living room.

An interesting way of decoration with a ceiling and walls “under concrete”.

Original interior decorations with a hint of street style. Paintings depicting abstraction, posters, drawings with spray paint – all this can be present in the loft style.

Wall with drawing.

Example of ceiling and wall decoration.

The door and the walls are made in the same style – very unusual and interesting.

Matching the style is the right course for the result.

High ceiling. This style requires a lot of light and air. Without a high ceiling, as in industrial premises, the loft will already look completely different.

Example of interior with the second floor.

Loft-style living room with fireplace.

High ceilings create volume.

Contrast of styles in the setting. For example, modern furniture and household appliances in retro style, a modern bar counter and antique ceiling lights above it.

Light with dark in Loft style.

Living room with fireplace and TV.

Dark floor, light ceiling, brick around and large windows – this is the loft.

Decorating with original lighting and clocks.

Bare communications simulating the lack of repair. A brick wall, exposed wiring, concrete pillars and beams – all this fits perfectly into the loft style.

An example of the design with unusual artificial lighting.

Shelves to the ceiling, wiring pipes on the ceiling.

Contrast in the design.

Classic loft in dark colors.

Loft can be called a kind of minimalist. There should be nothing superfluous here, but decorative ornaments of unusual retro shape are welcome.

A large amount of decor.

An example of interior design in dark and gray tones.

The color palette of living rooms in the loft style

The loft is characterized by dark tones, concrete gray shades and black in combination with a woody texture. But for the living room, this option is not too suitable, so a lighter color palette is used for this room. But in compliance with all the components of this style.

Loft living room in white shades

White is always beautiful. It refreshes the interior, visually makes it bigger. Remember only that it is necessary to use several shades of white so that the interior does not turn into a dull and featureless space. Also pay special attention to artificial lighting. There should be a lot of it so that the interior is dynamic and looks stylish. If there is not enough light, the style will lose its luster and there will be a feeling of incompleteness.

Light tone interior design.

Large spacious living room.

Wall decoration “under white brick” and “concrete”.

Loft living room in beige shades

Beige loft-style living room is a more elegant version of this style. Marine, yellow, chocolate, peach shades look great in such an interior. They are used only for accents. For example, decorative pillows, souvenirs, posters.

Beige tones and orange accents.

Interesting design and decor.

A small loft-style living room with contrasting decoration.

Loft-style living room in chocolate shades

Chocolate color refers to woody shades with the texture of natural wood. It should be of high quality and imitate the nobility of natural wood as closely as possible. There shouldn’t be much of this color in the interior, but it will run through the entire interior like a red thread. It is worth mentioning that all textures are meant to be matte. No gloss is implied in the loft style.

Leather furniture fits perfectly.

Contrast in everything.

Warm light certainly creates comfort.

Loft living room in yellow shades

In the original version of the loft style, it is impossible to imagine such a color in the interior. But progress dictates its own rules. Many interior designers experiment in their work. Mix different styles and combine incongruous. So the experiment with yellow in the loft style turned out to be successful. Yellow is used in accents. For example, you can design an entire wall in this shade and it will become the main bright center of the interior.

Yellow furniture on a dark wall background.

Yellow on gray.

Loft living room in olive shades

This color is used in a muted dirty version. Then it looks as harmonious and easy as possible. Perfectly combined with beige and yellow shades. The original way to use olive color is to decorate the lampshades and part of the furniture with it. A prerequisite here is the presence of good lighting.

Design and decor in olive tones.

Bright accents in the loft style.

How to apply a loft style in a small living room

Of course, the loft is high ceilings, a large area and panoramic windows. But even with a small area, it is possible to create a loft style in the living room. The main thing is to follow the rules of this style and adapt them to the available square meters.

Correctly estimate how much furniture you need for the living room. It is necessary to stop the choice only on the most necessary. Remember? Loft is a kind of minimalist. Functionality and simplicity, that’s what you need to strive for.

The color palette in dark shades is inappropriate here. White expands the space and adds air, respectively, for a small area – this is an ideal option.

Decorative items in an old retro style are welcome. They will add the necessary atmosphere and elegance. They also use bright accents on decorative pillows, posters, posters that you will decorate the wall with.

The last one is lighting. The abundance of artificial light is your trump card. But at the same time, use soft, warm, diffused light to create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Living room with shelving.

Stylish design using gray color.

Allocation of zones in the living room with additional lighting.

White wall on dark background.

The contrast in the design.

A small living room with interesting lighting.

Photo gallery

Even more cool ideas for your inspiration. Enjoy and take note of some techniques.

Brick wall decoration.

Loft-style lighting.

The dark sofa fits perfectly into the interior.

Dark-colored wall.

Interior with fireplace.

White and gray loft interior.

Spacious loft-style living room.

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