Loft-Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

This style is rapidly gaining popularity. But how to design it so that the interior does not look abandoned and dim. In this article we have prepared for you information about what types of style there are, what kind of furniture and color scheme to choose for the kitchen interior in the loft style.

Loft-style interior.

Varieties of loft style

There are two varieties of this style:

Rough aesthetics

The name speaks for itself, this is the original vision of this style. Dark color palette, rough textured plaster, brick-lined walls without finishing, accessories in the style of the old time in copper and bronze shades, bare wires and all communications.

Suitable for commercial organizations where you need to create the atmosphere of an abandoned basement room. At the same time, it looks stylish and fresh. In restaurants and hotel rooms, it looks unusual and fascinates with its originality. But I want to see a more cozy and concise interior in the apartment.

Spacious loft-style kitchen.

Modern vision

Still, this option is more suitable for the kitchen in the apartment. After all, this is the place where we spend most of our time. The principles of minimalism, more concise and soft textures of light or dark concrete, the texture of a brick wall and accessories from the loft world are applied here. For example, bare wiring, but beautifully designed.


Distinctive features and features of the loft style in the kitchen interior

We will consider the nuances of only the modern direction. It is more popular for home cooking and much more practical.

A combination of rudeness and conciseness. Wall and floor finishes in rough plaster are perfectly combined with modern and smooth lines of accessories. Such as: lamps above the dining area, furniture in basic light shades, fluffy carpet.

The effect of “unfinished repairs”.

Abundance of artificial light. The kitchen in this style is executed in mundane, dark tones. Therefore, it is necessary to illuminate every corner of it. Lighting around the perimeter of the kitchen from above and below, a chandelier in a trendy neo-design, lighting on the kitchen set. Lamps above the dining area and the integration of lighting into the walls with vertical lines to separate the zones. The nuance with lighting is very important, because its lack gives the impression of “under-repair”.

An interesting way of organizing lighting.

Emphasis on rudeness. The textured wall decoration is illuminated with a soft light, as it is best revealed by the play of light and shadow.

This interior is suitable for connoisseurs of style.

Exclusive and original interior items. Lamps, switches, chairs, window sills – all these things will have to look for. They should be atmospheric and surprise with their shape, bordering on tasteless, as it was considered before.

An interesting design option.

The lighting is of obvious interest.

Natural materials or their high-quality imitation. Loft is real life without filters. The style should be lively and truthful. If a brick wall, then a real brick or a fake brick finish is used. But flat-patterned wallpaper is unacceptable.

Example of a brick wall design.

An example of the design of the wall “for slate”.

Implementation of loft style for a small kitchen

Now let’s move on to the practical part and take a detailed look at what items to choose, what color scheme to choose and how to create this unusual style in practice.

Furniture selection

When choosing and designing a kitchen set, it is better to do this: an open top or upper modules to the ceiling, so that the kitchen is fully built. Very often they choose the most standard and unsuitable option for this style, like ordinary upper cabinets of standard height. They do not look good in this style and it is better to abandon the chosen interior style than to implement such an option of a kitchen set.

The color of steel fits well into the loft style.

Fully built-in kitchen set to the ceiling.

An interesting design solution.

The texture of the facades is selected either in concrete shades and drawings, or wood. But the drawing of the tree should be similar to the real one. With knots and imperfections, which are the criterion of the “present”. Just don’t repeat the woody texture on all surfaces. It can be decorated only part of the facades. For example, the upper line of kitchen facades.

An interesting lighting option above the dining area.

Light furniture and a white brick wall go well together.

Clarity and roughness in black tones.

Choosing a color palette

The main color palette is mostly monochrome in combination with a woody texture. Concrete grey, white and black. Many people like the combination of colors, but the loft style is not too necessary. In this case, do not doubt, use the color palette without reference to the style.

The loft-style textures are matte, and accents are placed in dirty dark gray tones. It is acceptable to make accents with brighter colors, but they should be mixed with black. For example, not red, but deep wine.

Large windows provide good natural light.

Second floor in the kitchen.

The attic floor plus the loft style is the perfect combination.

Windows without curtains for connoisseurs of style.

Concrete ceiling and countertop

It’s unusual and original. Very suitable for this style. But let’s look at it from a practical point of view. It seems that leaving the ceiling in its original concrete form is a great idea that will save the budget when finishing it. But not everything is so simple. The ceiling itself, of course, can simply be primed and left. There remains a question with the wiring. She will be naked. To hold it on the ceiling and gently guide it along the wall to the switches, you will have to fork out. It is difficult to find an electrician who will take on such work at all, even for double or triple pay. It is not profitable for them. Further, the ceiling wiring is usually hidden in a recess in the wall, and the visible part from above is covered with a stretch ceiling. As a result, the electrician needs to do the technical part and then make the joints beautifully. In general, a concrete ceiling is not from the category of “fast, inexpensive, without problems”.

As for the concrete countertop, the same situation. This is not a standard and you will have to pay for the production of such an exclusive. And before that, find those who can do it. And it’s not that simple. Of course, you can order a countertop made of MDF with a concrete imitation. But it won’t be the same. Since warm wood energy will come from the countertop and it will be immediately clear that this is not concrete.

What we have in the end. If you really want to, it makes sense to overcome all the difficulties described above and implement a concrete idea. Because the result will be amazing and stunning.

Kitchen with load-bearing beam and support.

Kitchen with a dedicated cooking area.

Gray color fits well into the interior.

Wall decoration

To decorate the kitchen wall with a concrete design, you will not need much effort. The most common plaster is suitable for this. It is cheap and at the same time meets all the requirements of the loft. It is cold, embossed and will look beautiful under the light due to the play of shadows. Also interesting is the option when the finished coating is skinned and polished to a shine of metal.

Concrete walls are moisture-resistant, but if you use such a design on a kitchen apron, it is necessary to protect it from moisture.

Concrete and brick walls.

The effect of the plates.

Features of Loft-style kitchen sets

If it is important for you to move away from the boring look of a standard kitchen, you want to get the energy of brutal practicality, the beauty of natural materials and at the same time 100% functionality of the interior, we recommend loft-style kitchen design solutions. They will bring a special atmosphere to your home and allow you to create with comfort.

The concept of an interior allows the use of not only design solutions, but also standard built-in furniture.

However, there are a number of “reservations” that you need to take into account when choosing.

  • The best option is a corner kitchen set up to the ceiling. It is possible to organize the space by means of rough open shelves and consoles. It is impossible for hinged cabinets and mezzanines to leave a space between the upper part of the case and the ceiling – it looks “unfinished”.
  • The colors and textures used should be natural, or look and feel as realistic as possible. For example, an array facade: your choice is the contrast of veins, knots, and sawdust. If you use a high-quality imitation, limit yourself to small areas, it is impossible for the eye to “catch” the repetitive rapport of the drawing. If natural wood is used, there are no such restrictions.
  • In addition to the naturalness of the materials, the loft-style kitchen is distinguished by a minimalistic finish.

If the kitchen is small in size, then a classic loft set made of dark wood will look good against the background of light brick walls, decorative plaster or light gray concrete.

An interesting idea of design and arrangement.

Dining area in the loft-style kitchen

Kitchen furniture can be used as a separate dining group consisting of a table and chairs, as well as a bar solution with a counter table and high bar stools. Metal furniture looks very organic.

Working area in the kitchen

Here we also maintain the principle of naturalness with a touch of “industrial” – use natural stone, metal, glass, ceramic tiles for surfaces.

Brickwork or cladding can also be used as an apron, provided that it is impregnated with water-repellent compounds.

Loft style impresses with luxury, shocking decor.

How best to organize loft-style kitchen lighting

Initially, the concept of loft style implies high ceilings and large windows, giving an abundance of natural light. In most apartments, both of these conditions are technically impossible. However, designers are developing proposals that can circumvent the restrictions. For example, a proposal to make false windows on the ceiling or walls. Suspended ceiling structures with photo printing and LED lighting can create the illusion of a large window and provide the right amount of light.

Loft-style kitchen with white furniture and bright accents.

If there is not enough light, the interior of the kitchen will look unfinished, dark. It will give the impression that the repair has stalled halfway. Moreover, for the loft style in the kitchen, it is very important to emphasize the texture of the walls. Therefore, additional illumination becomes absolutely necessary. Choosing lamps, give preference to craft solutions, mass market products can negate the entire effect of the interior.

There is no place for traditional chandeliers here, so you will have to forget about the mass market and “cute ceiling lights”. But large incandescent lamps hanging on wires from the ceiling beam, round metal lampshades, spots, lampshades from bottles and lamps on brackets – this will be in the theme.

Loft-style kitchen living room interior.

What color to choose for a loft-style kitchen

Many people will like the loft style color scheme: it is simple, it is very difficult to make a mistake using it.

  • Concrete color – gray;
  • tree;
  • white or red brick;
  • black and white.

The loft allows bright color accents: blue and yellow colors will be optimal, bright red can be used in a small dose.

Loft-style kitchen color solutions.

The kitchen loft-style has a couple more features:

  • dominance of matte surfaces;
  • the included color accents should be mostly muted in gray.

Harmoniously fit the gloss without the help of an experienced designer can be problematic. At the same time, chrome, copper and bronze will look good, provided some scuffing.

Recommendations for choosing a loft-style kitchen set

Choosing a loft-style kitchen set and furniture, remember how you and your household are used to storing useful little things and bulk products, spices. If you are a fan of standardization and do not store purchases in their own packaging, pouring them into containers identical in style, then you will not have problems with storage on open shelves. You can easily maintain uniformity and order.

But for those who do not want to be puzzled by buying accessories and jars in the same style, it is better to give preference to hanging cabinets under the ceiling. In this case, maintaining order will not take much time, and the “motley” packages will be hidden behind the doors of the mezzanine.

Grey Loft-style kitchen with red brick.

If an older person lives with you, then the total “industrialization” of the kitchen can cause him discomfort – “like in a garage.” Give preference to solutions where laconic wood will prevail, and metal structures will be designed closer to cozy forging, rather than cold chrome.

After choosing a set, be sure to order a preliminary measurement so that the furniture stands up clearly according to the parameters of the kitchen. It is also necessary to take into account the availability of existing communications – hoods, heating systems and plumbing.

Photo Gallery

For your inspiration, we have made a selection of stylish loft-style kitchen designs. Enjoy your viewing.

Dark loft-style kitchen.

Brick wall decoration.

Loft-style kitchen with a bar counter.

Concrete finishing.

Lighting in the dining area.

Light colors in loft style.

Kitchen set in loft style.

Combination of wood and metal.

Facades of a kitchen set under concrete.

Design lighting – spotlights.

Brown loft-style kitchen.

Kitchen with island.

Loft-style interior design.

Kitchen of brown shades.

Loft kitchen design.

The effect of scuffing in the interior.

White loft-style kitchen set.

Bar counter in the kitchen.

Loft style lighting.

The combination of black and white in the interior.

Kitchen combined with an entrance hall.

Grey kitchen set.

White brick wall in the interior.

Brick walls in loft style.

Loft style in interior design.

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