How to choose the color of the sofa: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

The sofa is associated with rest, relaxation, comfort, tranquility. In order for upholstered furniture to really serve for these purposes, it must be in complete harmony with the type of room, style and fit well into the overall interior.

Practical tips on choosing the color of the sofa

As you know, color creates a mood. There are even psychological properties of different shades. We all subconsciously submit to the state that a combination of different tones sets us.

Often a bright palette is associated with a holiday, fun, black and gray evoke sadness, red is associated with aggression, anxiety. There are favorite and hated shades. Therefore, when choosing the color of furniture in a room, you need to keep this in mind, listen to your feelings.

Choosing the shape of the future sofa.

Complete harmony consists of little things. It is necessary to choose a sofa in accordance with the color scheme of the walls, because most often a soft zone is placed near them, pay attention to curtains, carpet. Even in decorative elements, you need to achieve the perfect combination. The type of room, the chosen style, textiles, pillows, poufs, flooring, ceiling – you need to try to build everything so that nothing falls out of the general background.

Practical and impractical colors in use stand out:

  • Light shades are more susceptible to contamination, but this is not a reason to abandon them. The right choice of fabric will help here: leather, smooth matting.
  • Dark shades are not always welcome because of the seeming boredom and dullness. This is not so, because their combination gives monumentality to the entire interior.
  • Bright shades will appeal most to people who are energetic, active, and positive.

Sofa in the living room interior modern style.

Every season certain fashion trends come to the fore, but you should not focus only on them. Fashion comes and goes, but the sofa stays for a long time. So the range of criteria for the approach to choosing a color palette of upholstered furniture is wide. Think carefully about which color of the sofa to choose in order to enjoy comfort and peace in a comfortable environment in the future.

Choosing the color type of sofa

Traditionally, there are two main color types: monochrome, or monochrome, and patterned.

It is easier to work, of course, with monochrome colors. They are usually suitable for any room orientation. It is not difficult to fit them into the overall interior. Neutral and bright colors are distinguished.

  • The first include gray, beige, black, light brown, white.
  • The second group is represented by a wide variety: there can be numerous shades of red, lilac, blue, green, yellow.

Patterns, flowers, geometry, ornaments are used as a print. Here, too, the imagination may not be limited. However, with the choice and arrangement of such color types of sofa, difficulties may arise, because it is necessary to take into account not only the palette, but also the drawing itself, its shape, and subject matter.

Color scheme

In the furnishing of an apartment, such a concept as a color scheme is used.

We offer several combinations of options.

  • The monochrome interior suggests a design in almost the same color. The differences will be in the nuances. If the walls are decorated in light colors, then the sofa should be purchased in a darker shade of the same color. So that the atmosphere does not seem boring, bright spots in the form of sofa cushions, paintings on the wall, mirrors in a beautiful frame are perfect. Monotony is very fond of minimalist style. It will really be an environment conducive to a full rest.
  • Gray, beige, light brown create a neutral palette. For relaxation after the hustle and bustle of the city — this is a great option. The so-called “golden mean” carries calmness, stability, and regularity.
  • A bright interior, on the contrary, will add cheerfulness, fun, but here it must be understood that it is unlikely to be possible to fully relax in such an environment. If the room is intended mainly for receiving guests, noisy parties, then this design is just right. But the sofa can also be chosen in a neutral color to add a soothing note to the dynamic atmosphere.
  • Upholstered furniture will help to dilute the monotony of the color scheme. Orange, red, emerald, yellow and other bright colors in the sofa upholstery will highlight a certain area in the room, play the role of an exotic island, add originality to the monochrome and neutral interior.
  • Lovers of the active rhythm of life, restless, creative people may prefer the combination of “bright in bright”. An explosion of colors will create a combination of saturated tones. The main thing is to do everything with taste, to choose the right colors for each other. Relax, perhaps, in such a room will not work, but fantasy and imagination can play out.

Beige sofa.

In order not to make a mistake in the combinations, remember the rainbow. It is she who will help to avoid bad taste. Here are some examples of a successful coincidence:

  • gray will perfectly fit into a lilac, red, yellow environment;
  • not a very favorite black color looks great with red, lilac and turquoise;
  • the yellow palette will go well with gray, blue and purple.

Features of choosing the color of the sofa depending on the style

Let’s talk about style directions. Each of them has its own traditional selection of shades.

  • Let’s start with the classic, which will never go out of fashion. The style assumes monumentality, luxury, elegance. Do not forget that natural materials are used here, which means that the color scheme should be appropriate. It is best to choose brown, beige, gray colors. Gold as a sign of prosperity and well-being is also present in the decoration of upholstered furniture, accessories.
  • The Scandinavian style in the interior evokes some coldness. It is well suited for spacious rooms. Likes shades of blue, turquoise, gray.
  • Sofas with a floral pattern will perfectly suit the country style. Geometric shapes, interesting print, ornament – this is exactly what this style direction needs. Here you can not be afraid of bold colors of upholstered furniture.
  • Eco-style by its very name requires all kinds of green. In combination with natural and eco-friendly materials, the indoor greenhouse will let in a lot of air and freedom.

Loft-style living room interior.

Recommendations for choosing the color of the sofa depending on the type of room

The choice depends on the functionality of the room where it will be placed. In a combined space, choose a contrasting color of upholstered furniture as a zoning method.

Brown furniture and curtains in the living room interior.

The size of the room matters. The discreet upholstery of the sofa will fit perfectly into a small room, whereas in a spacious room you can place bright accents in the form of colorful upholstered furniture.

Choosing the color of the sofa for the living room

The living room, designed for family evenings, watching TV, is better furnished with furniture in a solid color, which will create a cozy atmosphere. If you want to make the sofa the center of the room, then you can highlight it just with the help of bright upholstery. Light tones will help balance the entire space, smooth out sharp boundaries between zones, etc.

Light corner sofa.

Do you want to organize discos? Choose bright spots. Light upholstery will visually expand a small space. Don’t be afraid to put dark furniture in a wide and sunny living room. You need to remember the main rule: the living room should be the center of attraction.

The color of the sofa for the bedroom

The room where a person gains strength after daily work is better decorated in soft pastel colors. Place a small ottoman of enveloping shades next to the bed.

Bedroom combined with living room.

Give up the upholstery of furniture with a bright pattern, in the bedroom it will only interfere. And remember: there should be no more than three basic colors.

What color sofa is suitable for the kitchen

That’s where you don’t have to be afraid of rainbow colors. Very light shades will be very impractical in the kitchen.

Kitchen corner.

There are colors that excite the appetite. If it doesn’t suit you, then don’t pay attention to orange. And for the rest, feel free to experiment, just do not forget about the overall interior.

Choosing the color of the sofa in the nursery

When choosing upholstered furniture for a children’s room, take into account the temperament of the child. For hyperactive children, it is better to create an environment that calms their energy a little.

Children’s sofa in a modern interior.

In order to awaken creative inclinations, use a sofa or pouf with bright upholstery.

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