Advantages and disadvantages of sinks made of artificial stone and stainless steel

By | November 17, 2022

When arranging the kitchen, it is very important to take a responsible approach to choosing a sink. The chosen option should be multifunctional, attractive in appearance, convenient and practical. In addition, an important point is the absence of problems with maintaining cleanliness.

Today housewives can find different models made of any materials. You can find kitchen equipment made of high-quality ceramics, various artificial stones, stainless steel. But which option would be better?

Stainless steel kitchen sink

In professional production kitchens, even nowadays, stainless steel equipment is used.

The reason for the use of this material is its ability to withstand strong operational loads perfectly.

Advantages of a stainless sink

  • Easily tolerates temperature changes. You can safely lower heated frying pans into it, etc. The only condition is the strong endurance of the siphon, sewer pipe.
  • Reliability. Stainless steel are not afraid of blows. There will be no need to be afraid for the kitchen equipment if a saucepan falls on it.
  • Aesthetics. The equipment will look harmoniously in a room of any color. It will definitely fit well into any room by design, it will be perfectly combined with new household appliances.
  • He is not afraid of aggressive household chemicals.
  • It does not lend itself to coloring.
  • Pollutants do not get into the equipment.
  • The sink together with the countertop, cooking surfaces made of a similar material creates a single surface.

Disadvantages of stainless kitchen sink

  • On the glossy surface of the kitchen equipment, you can immediately clearly notice any small drop. Therefore, after each use, it must be completely wiped from moisture.
  • On the sink, you can notice minor scratches that occur over time after contact with the dishes. On a matte model, you can hide this minus. But then you have to forget about the bright gloss.
  • The formation of dark spots after prolonged application of strong detergents to it.. Usually, such formations can no longer be eliminated, as they damage the upper decorative layer of the equipment. The sink fully retains its functional characteristics, but loses its superiority in terms of aesthetics.
  • Metal containers become strong resonators. In every room you can hear the sound of dripping water. Because of the falling small drops from the tap that prevent you from sleeping at night, you will definitely have to fix it.
  • It is impossible to paint metal in the same color as the countertop. Heavy mechanical loads do not allow painting or lamination of equipment. The metal coating should retain its natural coloring.

Kitchen sink made of acrylic artificial stone

Polymer resins, mineral fillers, coloring agents, hardeners are used for the production of acrylic.

After the end of the technological process, a special protective coating is applied to the working surface of the sink. It allows you to protect the equipment from pollutants.

Advantages of washing made of artificial stone

  • Kitchen equipment easily tolerates temperature changes. The proof of this will immediately be the memories of a shower in an acrylic bathtub. This material does not raise doubts about its stability.
  • The ability to endure blows. Due to the presence of fiberglass, interlayers of non-woven material, the sink received reinforced walls and bottom.
  • A perfect combination with a countertop and a window sill made of a similar mixture.
  • Aesthetics.
  • A large selection of colors and textures of equipment.
  • By design, an acrylic sink is hard to distinguish from stone and wooden kitchen equipment.
  • You can restore the surface.

Disadvantages of acrylic stone sinks for the kitchen

  • Afraid of contact with heated metal. To avoid this, special stands are placed on the wing of the equipment. Acrylic can start to melt and turn black after contact with a hot pot or frying pan.
  • Any scratches are clearly visible on the acrylic equipment.
  • The high cost of washing from acrylic stone.

Kitchen sink made of composite mineral-polymer stone

Composite sinks are made of polymer resins, crushed natural stone. The following materials are used for mineral crumbs: quartz, mineral, granite.

The surface with a high content of stone and a small proportion of polymers withstands wear better, is less exposed to scratches. However, its impact resistance decreases.

There is no perfect balance of the content of materials. If there are no heavy dishes in the kitchen, it is better to choose kitchen equipment with a high content of stone chips. And if there are doubts, it is better to make a choice in favor of a sink with a high polymer content.

The main advantages of a composite sink for the kitchen

  • In appearance, it is completely similar to the equipment made of natural stone.
  • Minor scratches can be easily repaired. The damaged place on the sink can be polished.
  • Serious defects are eliminated with the help of a composite. You can make repairs in the workshop that produced the purchased equipment.
  • The sink absorbs the sounds of dripping water.
  • A larger offer of equipment colors, which allows the composite sink to look great in the kitchen with any interior.
  • A large number of different forms.
  • The sink tolerates contact with heated objects well.

Disadvantages of composite kitchen sink

  • After rapid heating and abrupt cooling, the natural stone can split. When using a composite sink, sudden temperature changes should not be allowed.
  • High cost.
  • Large weight of equipment.

Useful tips for choosing a kitchen sink

A small kitchen sink is an ideal solution for a small family. If the family is large, then it is better to consider large models with two bowls. The total number of bowls in the kitchen equipment may be different.

The buyer chooses how many he needs. To do this, it takes into account which dishes are mainly prepared and how often. Small containers are best suited for slicing. You can put wet vegetables and herbs there so that they dry out.

  • Functionality of the selected sink model. Today, when developing equipment, designers take into account every detail.

Sinks that are designed for small kitchen spaces and are equipped with a board for cutting food. They can even be installed on the bowl of kitchen equipment.

This approach helps to significantly expand the area of the cutting zone. Hanging nets are used for washing pasta and vegetables.

  • The height of the sink installation, the depth of its cup can have a serious impact on the health of a person’s back.

Deep models are best suited for washing large pots. And for cutting vegetables, it is better to buy high equipment. It is possible to achieve an optimal solution by using additional equipment, options for sinks, in which the cups are at different levels.

The presence of a large space in the kitchen will allow you to put two independent mortise bowls.

  • Stainless steel kitchen equipment is perfect for any interiors today. The stone will look better when combined with antiquity.

To form a retro style, bronze is best suited. Before buying plumbing, you need to take into account the general style of the kitchen. The right choice of a kitchen sink from the point of view of design is sure to please you and the guests of your home.

  • Mortise sinks are best used together with countertops that can tolerate moisture well.

Waterproofing materials are usually used for edge processing. For kitchen sets with cabinets, the working surface of which was made to order, overhead models are well suited.

For small kitchen spaces, it is better to use multi-surfaces that combine a cooking surface and a sink.

  • Be sure to pay attention to the siphon. It comes with the equipment. Direct models can cause water congestion, the occurrence of bad odors. Then it’s better to buy a new siphon.

Before buying a specific model of sink, you should make a kitchen plan, you need to understand what functions it will have to perform. Then you will be able to purchase a reliable and faithful model for many years.

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