Features of the choice of lamps for the interior in the Art Deco style

By | November 17, 2022

Not everyone likes the laconic, strict interiors that have become fashionable in recent decades. Sometimes people want a holiday, a frank demonstration of prosperity and success. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of recreating an elegant, slightly glamorous interior in the fashionable style of the early 20s of the twentieth century – Art Deco.

This direction is characterized by an interesting combination of elegant forms, magnificent decor and the strictest symmetry. The style originated in the upper strata of society. He quickly became popular with outrageous, creative personalities who adore bright, stylish things. In fact, he became the embodiment of an unspoken competition “who has the best and the most incredible” among high-ranking people and the bohemian elite. For a hundred years now, it has maintained its position in the ranking of the most sought-after interior trends.

Art Deco lighting.

And this is not surprising. The whole situation with such a design testifies to the good taste of the owners, it is presentable, a little conservative. The stunning atmosphere of freedom, restrained luxury, is perfect for formal dining rooms and living rooms. People for whom personal comfort, luxury and coziness are the main indicators of a good home interior, willingly decorate their bedrooms in the Art Deco style. After all, this direction embodies everything that we value:

  • reliability, well-being;
  • a relaxing environment;
  • aesthetic pleasure.

Of course, a well-thought-out, perfectly executed interior is impossible without artificial lighting. Art Deco lamps delight with their complex, intricate designs and interesting shapes. Creating such a lamp is a challenge for the designer. Manufacturers offer hundreds of models, so it’s easy to find the right model. The main difficulty is the abundance of options. Art Deco lamps are so attractive and unusual in appearance that you often want to buy several dozen products instead of one chandelier with a couple of additional sconces. Therefore, when choosing a lamp, you should clearly determine your own preferences and the functionality of the future interior decoration.

Lighting in the living room.

What are the features of Art Deco lighting fixtures?

Art Deco lamps are a new, unusual word in the design of electrical appliances and an incredibly successful combination of multidirectional concepts:

  • ease and representative advance;
  • functionality and elegance of forms;
  • simplicity and strict geometry;
  • gorgeous, chic appearance;
  • large volume and exquisite style.

The special piquancy of the decor is given by the interesting properties of such lamps. They do not seek to gather all the elements into a single, indivisible system. On the contrary, Art Deco products emphasize every single detail of the composition. They show them in the most advantageous light.

They are characterized by regular geometric shapes:

  • an inverted pyramid or cone;
  • ball and sphere;
  • triangle, parallelepiped and cube;
  • trapezoid and torus.

Often there are complex multi-faceted shapes in the form of petals. As well as numerous small elements and pendants:

  • rings, droplets;
  • balls, tubes;
  • oblong carved plates.

Art Deco lighting fixtures are ideal for small spaces and spacious rooms. Choosing a suitable lamp, you need to know about the characteristic features of the style.

Clear lines and correct outlines give the interior some rigor. They serve as a focusing point, a deterrent that does not allow a luxurious environment to turn into a gaudy, disorderly chaos.

Due to the materials used (crystal, glass, mirrors, gold and chrome-plated metal), the light emitted by the lamps is repeatedly reflected on the edges. The glow becomes brighter, creates an indescribable, “rich” effect. The radiance of numerous crystal pendants, metal turns chandeliers and lamps into a real work of art.

Hanging chandelier.

The products are perfectly suitable for interiors with a tiered system. Elegant plasterboard ceilings, niches and recesses in the walls at different heights, high and low podiums – all these fashionable techniques allow you to diversify the standard design of rooms, to zone the space. And lighting devices in the Art Deco style complement and enhance the visual impact of design techniques:

  • multi-tiered chandeliers, whose cascades run down in waves from top to bottom;
  • wall lamps with numerous multi-level pendants;
  • spiral designs;
  • models whose lampshades are made in the form of waves.

The undoubted advantage of lighting devices in this style is versatility. They are perfectly combined with such retro trends as Baroque or classical. Favorably emphasize the eclectic decoration. They bring a stylish “zest” to a minimalistic interior and enliven the technogenic perfection of high-tech. Thanks to the variety of sizes and designs, it is not difficult to choose a suitable lamp for any interior.

Chandelier in the kitchen-living room.

What are Art Deco lamps made of?

Valuable, expensive materials are used in the production of lamps.

  • The sturdy frame made of high-grade steel is covered with gold plating.
  • Quite often, designers offer options made of natural copper and bronze, noble brass, silver and gold elements.
  • There are models with colored (red, black, amber, green) pendants and elements.
  • Transparent, translucent and frosted glass, including Murano glass, is used.
  • Egyptian and Austrian crystal is used for decoration, as well as the magnificent, unique crystal of the Swarovski Strass concern.
  • It is not uncommon to find products made of ceramics, mother-of-pearl, ivory.
  • Natural stones such as alabaster, marble, onyx, quartz and others are also widely used.
  • Natural, refined textiles (linen, silk, cotton, leather), as well as valuable, exotic varieties of wood.

The main colors of this direction:

  • pure white, snowy, bluish-white, matte;
  • silver, shiny chrome and gold;
  • different shades of gray, graphite, glossy black;
  • beige and sand;
  • rich chocolate, amber.

Any synthetics, cheap analogues are unacceptable. If the lamp is made of plastic and plexiglass, or a brittle, inexpensive metal has gone to the manufacture of the frame – this is no longer an aristocratic Art Deco, but its pathetic likeness, which is not worth the money spent.

Hanging chandeliers.

The main types of lamps

Since its inception, the Art Deco style has been changing and developing in step with technological progress. If initially a limited range of lighting devices was available to connoisseurs of this direction, today the widest selection of products is available to customers.

Luxurious suspended and ceiling chandeliers create a truly chic, aristocratic atmosphere in any room. In addition to products with lampshades and pendants, there are magnificent models with lace lampshades, mirror inserts.

Ceiling, overhead and recessed lamps in the author’s design:

  • with pendants and beads;
  • ceiling lights made of crystal and soft frosted glass;
  • lampshades made of the finest fabrics and openwork designs;
  • made of colored glass and precious metals.

Metal chandelier.

Wall sconces and spots in this style are distinguished by contrasting shades, a variety of textures. There are often folk, ethnic motifs in the design.

Floor lamps, table lamps also amaze with their original shapes. Lampshades are made of various types of fabric, translucent and lace materials, as well as colored and frosted glass.

Art Deco lamps are very easy to distinguish. As a rule, they have a fairly clear geometry. Or they have fantastically abstract, imaginative outlines. A characteristic feature of the style is the absence of pretentious, heavy patterns. All elements are distinguished by lightness, refinement. A simple ornament and asymmetrical figures are often used.

Despite the representative appearance, reminiscent of the refined, regal luxury of palace interiors, Art Deco lamps are democratic. They feel great under the arches of museums and theaters, organically fit into the decor of private houses and apartments. This style is great for people who adore comfortable and beautiful things. It embodies inner freedom, gives a feeling of lightness, flight, awakens creative inspiration.

Cascading chandelier.

What to choose?

Manufacturers offer many different solutions that are able to satisfy the most unusual customer requests. Even the price categories are strikingly different. There are quite affordable, budget models. As well as expensive products decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold. At the same time, the appearance and design of the entire product range is impeccable. The recognized leader in the production of inexpensive lighting devices in the Art Deco style is the German company “Maytoni”.

Cascading chandeliers are great for living rooms with high ceilings. If the room cannot boast of volume, there are more modest options, with waterfalls of crystal drops. And products with fabric lampshades on a wooden or forged metal frame will help to bring an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort into the interior.

Experts recommend choosing light, intricate ceiling lights in the bedroom. They harmoniously complement the bedroom decor, enhance and emphasize the chosen design. Colored glass lampshades and lace lampshades are appropriate here. Do not give up juicy, saturated colors if you want to create an interesting accent.

Wall sconces or table lamps in the same original style are suitable for additional lighting. If the bedroom is equipped with a corner for reading or needlework with a couch, an armchair, then a floor lamp with a textile lampshade is appropriate. If there is a desire to decorate the bedroom in a more solemn, ceremonial style, it is worth choosing products with crystal and mirror elements.

Art Deco chandelier.

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