Contemporary Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Creative personalities and people who love extraordinary solutions will appreciate such a design in their home. Contemporary style will look great in any room, it is not distinguished by sophistication, but creates the most functional and comfortable environment, regardless of the area of the room. A simple and concise design will not require large financial costs for the repair and arrangement of the dwelling, while there is no need to maintain the design within the strict framework of a certain direction.

Contemporary style in the interior is the embodiment of practicality and maximum functionality.

You can always add something of your own to the contemporary and fill the house with comfort and warmth.

Characteristics and features of contemporary style in interiors

The main task when implementing such a design in a house is to create the most comfortable space with rational use of living space. Contemporary loves space and furniture is in many ways similar to such trends as minimalism and Scandinavian style.

Contemporary living room.

When implementing a design, you do not need to adhere to strict frames in color, texture and decor, such a design can be an excellent base for any modern direction, the main thing is to choose the right foundation and connect your creative imagination.

You can recreate the style in a house and apartment, it will fit any room, regardless of the purpose, while each room may look unusual and unique, because it is permissible to use decor from different styles when embodying.

The concise contemporary design can be applied in any room in a private house and apartment.

Characteristic features of contemporary in the interior:

  • Simple design. All surfaces have a smooth surface, often with a glossy effect for visual expansion of space, which is important in apartments with a small living area. When finishing, you can limit yourself to a simple painting of the walls and ceiling.
  • Straight lines. When choosing a setting, it is worth basing on simple but functional furniture with clear shapes, a minimum amount of fittings and decor.
  • Spaciousness. The design does not use structures in the form of partitions, and different textures of finishing materials, functional furniture and decorative elements are used as zoning elements.
  • Laconic layout. There should be no extra items in the interior, each of them is purchased strictly for its intended purpose. Transformer furniture with multiple functions, modular and sliding structures are welcome.
  • Competent zoning. Each corner in the house is used for a given purpose and is separated from the total living area by functional elements.
  • Quality and durability. All materials used in the decoration must be practical and safe. The design suggests forgetting about home repairs for a decade, so it’s worth taking care of durability in advance.
  • Minimum decor. The abundance of small details will overload the interior, so you need to limit yourself to a few things that will serve as decoration. One or two elements in the original design will be quite enough.
  • Paintings. This is the main attribute that should be present in the interior, which can be a masterpiece of fine art or a simple abstraction written with your own hands.

When embodying the design in the contemporary interior, you can use any materials in the decoration.

When choosing a contemporary style, there are no strict requirements for design, but still, there are basics that should be adhered to. The laconic design is suitable for people who are not inclined to hoarding and who love a spacious environment in their home and functional interior items.

White-gray living room.

This design is simply created for studio apartments, where it is necessary to minimize the amount of furniture and decor in order to harmoniously combine several functional zones in a common space.

The subtleties of creating a contemporary style in the interior

The laconic design is both simple and difficult to implement. Surface finishing does not require certain knowledge of technology, but when performing it, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of design.

A slightly simple finish in contemporary interior design is perfectly compensated by unusual decorative elements.

The popularity of the contemporary style in the interior lies in its originality, when the design is taken as a base, on the basis of which a comfortable space is created for all family members. At the same time, everyone has their own corner in the house, but it does not stand out from the general design concept.

Color design of interiors in contemporary style

It is based on the tones of high-tech and minimalism: gray, black, white, blue, brown. But the interior doesn’t seem gloomy. Different textures of materials, matte and glossy gloss complement the design.

Contemporary interior.

When embodying the style, cold tones are used, while the coloring can be monochrome or consist of two or three colors similar in scale. Usually, all shades of gray, blue and brown are used in the decoration, including beige, milk and sand. From bright colors to the interior, you can add lilac, green or burgundy tones, which are used as accents in decoration, decor or textiles.

Upholstered furniture and textiles are often bright accents in contemporary style.

If a monochrome design is chosen, then the strict interior is diluted with a modular sofa with bright upholstery, but it should not have drawings and ornaments. When choosing a design based on contrasts, the presence of bright colors in the room is minimized, leaving a few details that support the design concept.

Modular upholstered furniture of bright colors is often installed in contemporary interiors.

What textures to use to create contemporary in the interior of an apartment or house

The style usually uses smooth surfaces in the directions of minimalism and high-tech, but you can also focus the design on the loft, where brickwork and natural stone are used.

The texture of natural stone looks great in the contemporary interior.

When choosing a design with textured surfaces, the main thing is to observe the measure, they should act as an accent detail or be used as a zoning element in the interior. Contemporary is the epitome of modernity, where you can use any available finish and combine it in different variations.

Textured surfaces act as accent details when embodying contemporary style in the interior.

Finishing materials for the interior in contemporary style

When decorating the premises, artificial and natural finishes can be used, but it is necessary to immediately develop a design concept. If natural parquet, board, stone and wooden rail are used in the room, then the furniture must match in color and texture. Such a design will be more cozy and no less durable than modern materials made on a synthetic basis.

Natural decoration when decorating rooms in the contemporary style will add warmth and comfort to the interior.

When choosing artificial materials: panels, self-leveling floors and carpet, the design can be complemented with modern furniture with an abundance of plastic and glass parts.

Indoor plants will perfectly brighten up the severity of the contemporary style and add comfort to the interior.

Such a concept will allow you to save on finishing and make the room as functional as possible. A small “note” of comfort in a strict interior will help to bring indoor plants.

Surface finishing options to create a contemporary style

In houses where rooms are clearly divided according to their purpose, various materials can be used. For example, in the living room you can make a beautiful self-leveling floor, and in the bedroom you can cover the surface with a wooden board for comfort.

When decorating rooms in the contemporary style, a minimum amount of decor is used.

In a studio apartment, you should stick to the same textures in the finishing materials and choose one direction in the design: focused on artificial or natural format, then you can create a harmonious design that will meet all the requirements of stylistics.

Interior decoration in contemporary style.

Ceiling decoration in contemporary design

For finishing, you can choose the easiest way – it is whitewashing or applying water-based paint. But the style involves the use of new materials, so you can install a tension structure on the ceiling, which has proven itself to be strong and durable. And with the help of spotlights on the surface, you can create a light composition that will become a “highlight” in the interior design.

A stretch ceiling in interior design can act as an accent detail.

You can choose any ceiling color, most importantly, it can match the main color palette in the room or be a bright accent in the interior, which is coordinated with the upholstery of upholstered furniture. Also, multi-tiered structures can be used in the decoration, which are complemented by different types of lighting devices: spotlights, spots, chandeliers and LED strip.

When designing a ceiling in the contemporary style, you can use any design and color.

Floor finishing in contemporary interiors

In a modern interior, you can use any available materials. A little warmth and comfort for wall decoration in cold colors will add ordinary or parquet board, as well as laminate. The natural stone floor will serve for decades and will not spoil the overall concept of the interior. Linoleum is often laid on the surface without a pronounced pattern or carpet, which will allow you to spend a long time on the floor without thinking about your own and children’s health.

Contemporary style allows the use of any floor coverings.

An unusual interior can be created with the help of a filler floor, which will look spectacular in a spacious room. At the same time, you can choose any plot: nature, abstraction or geometry.

The self-leveling floor will create an unusual design when embodying the contemporary style in the interior.

How to choose wall decoration for the embodiment of contemporary style in the interior

To embody the contemporary style in the interior, you can use all materials – stone and laminate, plaster, paint, wallpaper and plastic panels. When choosing a finish, it is worth paying attention to durability and quality, which guarantees a long period of safe use.

Decorative plaster is considered the most practical option for wall decoration in the design of contemporary.

Often, for interior decoration in this style, designers recommend using decorative plaster, with which you can easily “play” textures on the walls and zone the room with different structures. At the same time, one color of the composition is used, but due to the different structure on the walls, it is easy to achieve the effect of dividing the space.

With the help of different textures in the contemporary style, the space is zoned.

When choosing paint or wallpaper, it is worth giving preference to smooth surfaces without drawings and ornaments, it is permissible to use metal iridescences on the walls, which are able to visually expand the boundaries of a small room and will look beautiful under sunlight.

When choosing wallpaper for wall decoration in the contemporary interior, preferably canvases without a pattern.

Stone and laminate in the interior are used as accent details when it is necessary to allocate a part of the room for its functional purpose.

Furniture for contemporary style

Minimalism in the contemporary interior significantly saves space. The storage system merges with the wall. Modular sofas that easily turn into a bed. Transformer tables. Such models are specially designed for small-sized rooms, but they are also popular in spacious areas because of the ease of use.

Living room.

When choosing furniture, it is worth giving preference to practical and multifunctional products. Contemporary style is spaciousness and rational use of space, therefore, if a sofa is purchased, then there should be compartments for storing linen in the internal cavities. Chairs and tables should preferably be of a sliding design.

In the contemporary style, multifunctional and modular furniture is often used.

Built-in and modular furniture is perfect for such an interior, with which you can rationally use every centimeter of useful space in the room. For owners of studio apartments, it is worth paying attention to transformer furniture, hidden storage systems and beds with lifting mechanisms, which allows you to free up living space in the daytime and hide a place of rest from prying eyes.

Built–in furniture is the optimal solution.

The functionality of furniture and durability should be above all, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to such materials of manufacture as MDF and laminated elements in combination with mixed fabrics and eco-leather. You can also use metal, plastic and glass in abundance.

Glass furniture in the contemporary interior will create a sense of spaciousness.

An elegant coffee table made of transparent material, chairs with bent brass legs with eco-leather seats will look especially harmonious.

Kitchen-living room.

For lovers of plastic furniture, you can pay attention to dining tables, armchairs and curbstones in the color of the walls, then interior items will merge with the surface and create a visual effect of spaciousness.

In the contemporary style, it is permissible to install plastic furniture in rooms.

Lighting devices for the interior in the contemporary style

Lighting is an important component of any design. A simple and concise contemporary style needs an abundance of appliances. If panoramic windows are installed in the room, then it is not necessary to close them with heavy curtains, it is better to choose light tulle or use roll-up curtains that maximally open openings for sunlight.

When embodying the contemporary style in the interior, the windows should be as open as possible.

Another option to close the house from prying eyes is blinds. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of products with horizontal and vertical opening, as well as with different patterns that can be matched to any interior. Blinds will not only close the windows, but can also become a decorative element in a concise style if you purchase a design with a 3D image that will match the overall style of the room and harmonize with other objects.

Blinds on windows in the design can act as a bright accent in the contemporary interior.

From lighting devices, you can use any sources – these are spotlights and a chandelier, as well as spots, table lamps, sconces and floor lamps. When choosing lampshades, it is worth paying attention to products of correct geometric shapes or elegant designs with an unusual design made of metal, glass and fabrics. If the floor decoration in the room is made of wood, then you can choose a lamp made of this material, the main thing is that it looks unusual.

Contemporary style lighting fixtures look unusual and are always used in abundance.

Illumination of niches, facades of cabinets and internal cavities is only welcome. The LED strip can be used on the ceiling and shelves, as well as on the floor and walls, then the concise contemporary style will no longer seem boring and unpresentable.

Contemporary interior design is always accompanied by diverse lighting.

When buying lighting fixtures, there is no need to purchase them in the same design, lamps in the same room can vary in shape, color and even installation height.

Several lamps add variety and originality to the contemporary interior with a laconic finish.

The only thing to consider is the usability to adjust the lighting in the room.

Living room.

In houses with small windows, the placement of lamps is planned in advance, zoning the room accordingly. So the built-in lamps are installed in the darkest corners. Hanging chandelier – above the dining table, and floor lamps with lampshades or table lamps – in the recreation or work area.

Contemporary-style lighting items are made simply, but with taste. Neat geometric shapes that are not devoid of elegance will do. But the luxurious options of Baroque or rococo crystal elements should be abandoned.

Decorative elements

Properly selected accessories will emphasize any style, breathing life and dynamism into it. Contemporary is no exception.

The decor should be chosen according to the taste of the owners and taking into account the rest of the situation. So, African masks will be out of place in the interior of minimalism and geometry. And a few large plants, on the contrary, will fit organically. Ferns, bamboo or ficus, which are unpretentious in care, are more often chosen. In addition to the decorative function, they also improve the microclimate.

Interior decor.

A simple and concise design can be filled with any objects, which is why such a design is considered a background for creativity. If adherents of family values live in the house, then you can decorate one of the walls with photos from holidays, celebrations or festive events. In the children’s room, shelves are often created with the stages of growing up of the child, his first crafts and drawings.

Family photos refresh the laconic interior in contemporary style.

For lovers of antique objects, you can arrange a gallery of paintings on the walls, put figurines, vases and candlesticks on the shelves. An impressive library will also look organically on one of the walls in the living room or bedroom, where there is not only a bed and a wardrobe with bedside tables, but also a reading place with an armchair and a table is organized.

The abundance of books on the shelves is not able to spoil the impression of the contemporary style.

A sofa with bright upholstery and decorative pillows of different sizes can add brightness to the monochrome design. A floor vase with a painting, where dried flowers will be installed, will perfectly complement the interior in the contemporary style.

Upholstered furniture with bright upholstery will decorate the interior.

People who are inclined to minimalism and do not like bright accents, laconic design can be decorated with indoor plants. Palm, ficus, bamboo and fern will do, taking care of them will not be difficult, and the apartment or house will be transformed and become more cozy.

Accessories in contemporary should not be much, so as not to overload the space. Each item is clearly thought out in shape and shade. The interior will be well complemented by vases, paintings with abstraction, figurines and natural decor – a table made of a tree stump or a panel created from cuts.

Living room with fireplace.

Functional items often act as decorative elements. Bright-colored sofa cushions, furniture covers, rugs. An accent wall painted in a different color or covered with textured wallpaper will become a decorative part of the room.

Nuances of the design of rooms for different purposes in the contemporary style

This interior design can be used in any premises of a private house or apartment. If a single design style is chosen for all rooms, then you can finish the walls in different colors, and you can also add individuality with the help of the ceiling.

In the children’s room, it is better to make a monochrome design and give the child the opportunity to decorate it with their own drawings and crafts. But in the living room, you can use stretch ceilings or multi-tiered structures with all kinds of lights.

In the children’s room, the contemporary style will contribute to the development of creative abilities in the child.

Simplicity and conciseness in any of the rooms is easily filled with decor, which you can choose at your discretion. The main thing is that there are not very many decorative elements, otherwise the essence of the style will be lost and you will get an overloaded space where it will be difficult to exist.

When implementing contemporary design, the main thing is to minimize the amount of decor in the room.

When designing a studio apartment in the contemporary style, it is worth developing one design concept in color, and you can highlight functional areas using different textures and textures of finishing materials. Such a design is simply created for rooms with a small area, therefore, by choosing it for your home, you can create a very comfortable environment that will meet the requirements of all family members.

Contemporary design is simply created for apartments with a small area.

Contemporary style is suitable for any living space, it can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, living room, bedroom and nursery. When decorating rooms, each of them can be made unique, just add a few details of unusual decor.

Dining area in the living room interior.

And if you properly organize the living space and lighting in the house, then it will always meet the owners with a bright and pleasant atmosphere, impress guests with the versatility and thoughtfulness of every detail.


It is recommended to use decorative stone or artificial brick in the decoration. The range of shades is preferably light. A built-in wardrobe, a pouf or a banquette, a wide mirror with a shelf for small things are suitable for furniture. Spot lighting should be chosen. Built-in ceiling or wall lamps.


Living room

A room for cozy evenings with friends or family involves finishing from natural or artificial stone, wood, plastic, metal and glass. The shades are dominated by “traditional” black, gray, white, brown. They will be diluted with bright furniture or decor.

Bright living room.

The furniture is simple, without fancy details and luxurious shapes. The arrangement is done in groups, zoning the space. So the room becomes freer. Artificial lighting consists of a chandelier and several spotlights – floor lamps or sconces.

Cozy interior of the living room and dining room with contemporary zoning.


The trend of combining the kitchen with the dining room or living room is gaining momentum. Contemporary also welcomes this option. Zoning is carried out using a bar counter or a kitchen island, and visually – different from each other floor and wall coverings, ceiling formats.

Contemporary style kitchen.

The furniture is as simple and functional as in other rooms. Built-in appliances will save space, and cabinets without handles will look interesting in a modern way. The shades are neutral. LED or spot lighting.


In the bedroom, a monochrome palette is preferred. Often the combination is alternated horizontally. For example, beige walls with white ceilings and floors. From the furniture in the bedroom, a wardrobe with a glass facade or a chest of drawers of bright color is installed. A strict bed. The decoration of which can serve as a soft high headboard. Bedside tables with table lamps.


Paintings and contrasting pillows on the bed act as decor. But if you want to preserve the softness of the shades, a combination of different textures and textures will do.

Children’s room

It is recommended to use eco-friendly and natural materials in the decoration. Furniture, as in any other contemporary room, it is better to choose a built-in one with spacious modules for storing toys and things.

Children’s room decorated in contemporary style.

The room itself require bright lighting. Bright Roman curtains, posters, green plants act as decor.


This room is often the smallest in size in an apartment, so the interior is planned with special care. Trying to free up as much space as possible. Light shades contribute to visual expansion.


A compact shower cabin and plumbing items are located in the corners. The washing machine is built into a special niche, under the table or under the sink. Communications are covered with special panels that are not afraid of moisture.

Home office

If the office space is small, the contemporary style will be useful. A minimal set of items, practical transformer furniture, bright lighting and finishing in bright colors – a comfortable place for remote work is ready. The decor is paintings and unusual lamps. And neat blinds are suitable for windows.

Office at home.

Modern interior design offers to use even the pre-insulated space of the loggia and balcony. Now it is not a warehouse of unnecessary things, but a work area or a place to relax. It’s convenient for anyone, but contemporary will be the best solution because of the harmony between functionality, simplicity and elegance.

Home office on the balcony.

Summing up: for whom contemporary is suitable

Practical, concise, but at the same time cozy and not overloaded with objects, the style will suit everyone who has not yet decided what is more to their liking. The interior decor will not require large expenses – the purchase of designer furniture models or exclusive parquet made of oak boards. The main thing is that the objects are in harmony with each other.

Kitchen living room with contemporary style zoning.

In addition, the convenience of contemporary is in its constant relevance. This is not the style that will go along with the fashion for everything bright or unusual. All this makes contemporary attractive for modern design of housing. The style will be chosen by people who appreciate comfort, coziness and do not plan to flaunt their well-being.

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