Grunge Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Originality, accessibility, simplicity and a special style – all this combines the direction of grunge. Antique objects feel great against the background of modern interior accents. And all this in a specially created casual atmosphere.

Stone cladding and the predominance of wooden furniture.

Elegant carelessness of grunge style in interiors

Grunge in the modern sense is a thoughtful ease, conciseness and chic in interior design. He is considered the style of non-standard, extraordinary personalities. Musicians, representatives of subcultures.

Grunge Interior Design.

The style allows you to connect things that at first glance are incongruous with each other. It is accessible, but at the same time it surprises with its non-triviality. Classic examples of antiquity are side by side in the room with modern functionality.

Living room interior in grunge style.

The carelessness of the style is manifested in artificial or real scuffing of the parquet, plaster, sometimes flowing down to the walls from the ceiling, pebble or brickwork. All this is not the designer’s forgetfulness, but a thoughtful move. Before you design an interior in the grunge style, you should clearly determine the choice of furniture, decorative items and finishing options so that they harmonize with each other.

The history of the grunge interior style

France is considered the ancestor of an unusual style. The aristocrats, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, rushed to the hinterland, where everything was arranged as simply and practically as possible. But each time the interior was complemented with convenient and necessary things of modernity, creating a dense interweaving of centuries.

Grunge style in the living room interior.

The ladies brought beautiful lamps, cute trinkets, flower vases and statuettes to the country mansion. This decor perfectly complemented the classic features of the setting, bringing an aristocratic twist to the rustic motifs.

This is how the grunge style was born, where ultramodern things can be observed against the background of rustic simplicity.

Grunge style kitchen.

Grunge is the only style in which a certain disorder and chaos in the organization of storage of things and objects is welcome. Free from conventions and stereotypes, grunge seems to have gathered all the age-old achievements in itself, without making changes to them at the same time.

Minimum set of furniture and accessories.

Grunge today is a choice of creative natures. Musicians, actors, representatives of subcultures are their element, where they feel at ease. Such an atmosphere makes you create, frees your head from the daily fuss and problems. The direction, like themselves, is distinguished by waywardness and non-standard approaches to ordinary things.

A distinctive feature of the grunge style is a large spacious room.

The country house has become an opportunity for the French to relax from the hustle and bustle. It was filled with a cozy warm atmosphere, conducive to a family evening or friendly conversations. Practicality coexisted here with comfort, elegance with accessibility, and elitism with provinciality.

But the years passed and by the end of the 20th century grunge found a second wind. The smoothly treated walls have now been replaced by rough brickwork, and instead of massive heavy furniture, light transformer structures have filled the rooms.

The main idea of the grunge interior style

Grunge, as a direction in the interior, implies the creation of a relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, important attention is paid to practicality and comfort. The main thing is that there are no fancy elements and intricacy in the decoration. Complete freedom from outside opinion. And grunge, indeed, will not be understood by many. Freedom-loving style shows character in everything.

Grunge Interior Design.

Small, dark rooms are not suitable for its embodiment. Only spacious, light-filled rooms. At the same time, the entire area is used very rarely, because grunge involves only the most necessary interior elements and a light, almost imperceptible decor, which most often also carries a practical load. There is nothing here just for the sake of beauty.

Leather-covered sofa in grunge style.

Only the necessary and convenient things that are used every day. Even items that may seem superfluous at first glance, if they are present in the grunge style, then you can’t do without them.

A distinctive feature of the grunge style is careless cladding.

The grunge style can be determined by special signs:

  • natural materials in the decoration;
  • natural colors;
  • practical furniture;
  • beam ceiling;
  • brick walls;
  • additional lighting;
  • large window openings.

Grunge can resemble a hastily arranged abandoned room. Where yesterday there were drafts, and today there is furniture, and people live. Abandoned non-working factory workshops can be used to embody the interior direction. In this, grunge is somewhat similar to the loft style.

Living room with accents.

City life is full of haste and bustle. Road noise, information overload, multitasking – this is the reality of our time. The grunge-style interior will allow you to disconnect from the daily race, immerse yourself in a state of harmony with yourself. Fully relax.

Features of interior design in the grunge style

The grunge style in the interior assumes space and requires abundant lighting. In addition, there are other features that characteristically distinguish the style:

  • The softness and tranquility of the color palette. The grunge-style interior allows you to relax thanks to the natural shades of finishes, furniture and decor.

Kitchen-living room.

  • Brick walls – it is not necessary to use natural bricks, stylized panels are perfect for the atmosphere. Although grunge still assumes the naturalness of the materials.
  • Abundance of light – wide windows for natural and various lamps, floor lamps, sconces for artificial. Soft and warm lamp light is needed to complement the overall cozy atmosphere.
  • Smooth lines and classic shapes. The style is characterized by geometry with soft corners. Round poufs, square tables. At the same time, the legs of the furniture allow a smooth curvature, and the chairs can be baggy.

Living room with a bar counter.

  • The absence of stucco and gilding. Unlike many styles, grunge does not tolerate such pretentiousness. Decorative elements, simplicity of designs, finishing will add to the elegance of the interior.
  • Decorative finishing materials do not reach the ceiling, but end somewhere in the upper part, leaving a slight understatement.
  • Modern household appliances will be perfectly combined with an old bookcase, without getting out of the interior at all.

Velour corner sofa fits perfectly into the interior.

What materials are used to create a grunge-style interior

The grunge style in the interior assumes natural materials both in the decoration and upholstery of furniture, decor and household items. This allows you to emphasize harmony with nature. Textiles mainly consist of wool, silk fabrics, linen and cotton. Some elements allow for leather and fur.

The predominance of aged wooden elements.

The finishing materials used in the grunge direction are characterized by simplicity and slight negligence. These can be untreated boards, beams, brickwork not covered with anything and even made without attention to aesthetics. Light shabbiness and shabbiness can be given specifically to emphasize the idea of style as much as possible.

Living room in bright colors.

Painted or simply plastered ceiling or walls, cladding materials that have only been treated with protective compounds. Extreme naturalness, where colors and textures are not disturbed.

Grunge is a set of only practical furniture.

Grunge does not exclude the use of metal and ceramic tiles. But these elements are not used in large-scale cladding. It is even permissible to use paper wallpaper, partially, as a lining, for example, one wall. This is a design element, but not a decoration. Brickwork may not go up to the ceiling, creating a feeling of incompleteness, on the verge of carelessness.

Living room interior.

Grunge always causes a feeling of incompleteness. It’s like the room is being renovated, or it’s being prepared for this. Grunge-style textiles are also used exclusively natural. Preferred fabrics are wool, silk, cotton or linen. Sometimes you can find leather and fur, but this is rare, since the materials hint a little at pretentiousness and luxury.

Antique pieces of furniture in the living room interior.

The following materials are most often used for the floor:

  • aged parquet board;
  • tiles of natural shades;
  • imitation of natural stone;
  • self-leveling concrete.

Linoleum in the grunge style is never used. This material is not natural and does not correspond to the idea of the direction.

Sometimes textured textile wallpaper is used without a catchy ornament or plain in warm shades. Wallpaper is part of the design framework, not part of the decor. They complement the overall atmosphere of comfort in the interior.

Ceilings are often sheathed with untreated boards or wooden beams are attached. Whitewashing, plastering or painting with light tones is allowed.


When choosing furniture for interior decoration, designers recommend turning to the trends of the 1960s. Traditional models of armchairs and sofas will come in handy in a grunge setting. It is not customary to fill rooms with extra furniture and accessories. Only necessary and functional items.

Living room.

Simple, but not devoid of ornate elements, furniture in the grunge style is distinguished by functionality. There is no pouf or coffee table here, just for decoration, beauty. Only the most necessary elements, each of which has a practical component. In grunge, special attention is paid to the quality of furniture. Mainly used material is teak.

Furniture made only of natural materials.

Every detail should be thought out to the smallest detail. Preference is given to smooth lines with classic shapes and no decor, only “dry” functionality. But this does not mean that in grunge furniture there are only stools and tables, the expressiveness of models is welcome, but not turning into pretentiousness.

Lightweight and practical grunge furniture.

Interestingly, massive wardrobes from the past do not correspond to grunge. For storing clothes and small items, cabinets are mainly used according to the type of shelving. Open or with light louvered doors, they harmoniously complement the overall relaxed interior. No bulky dressers and chiffoniers, instead of wall shelves or showcase designs.

Shelving with open shelves.

Since the practical component in grunge comes first, the furniture is mostly on wheels and has a lightweight design. Upholstered furniture, covered exclusively with natural fabric, is most often represented by one corner sofa and a pair of armchairs. The usual move for grunge is upholstered chairs.


The usual bed in this direction is rare. But if it does exist, then it is a massive wooden case, most often artificially aged, or with the presence of forged elements. The arrangement of furniture in the interior direction of grunge has no rules. How convenient, where it does not interfere, it will stand there. It is not surprising that a bed or sofa can be found in the most unexpected place.

And most importantly, despite the preference for open storage systems, shelves should not be cluttered with small details. No collections, figurines, vintage elements. Carelessly folded clothes –yes, shoes in the room – are also possible, a guitar or canvases with paints, as an option, but not trinkets.

The color of the furniture is selected according to the same principle as the finishing materials – extremely natural and close to natural shades. There are no dark colors in grunge. Only light tones that are found in nature.

There is a certain interweaving with eco-style, so you can also find wicker furniture in grunge. No plastic and glass. If the furniture is made of wood, then durable, but not precious wood species are used Because the latter option hints at luxury and wealth, which grunge does not welcome.

Features of grunge interior lighting

Special attention in the grunge style is paid to lighting. Large windows are needed just for the unhindered penetration of natural light. Lamps, floor lamps, table lamps are mainly used as additional sources. It is in the organization of light that forged metal elements are most often found.

Special attention to lighting.

These can be lamps that descend from the shelf on chains. Or a floor lamp, on a forged leg. A massive iron chandelier, seemingly somewhat affected by corrosion, where the light bulbs are made in the form of candles. Do not forget that grunge comes from the country estates of the Middle Ages.

Interior lighting.

According to the laws of grunge, natural light is more important than artificial light, so windows come to the fore in the matter of lighting. Usually they are covered with simple light curtains that do not interfere with daylight.

For additional lighting, chandeliers in the form of candelabra or with large plafonds are used. Floor and table floor lamps with simple lampshades without beads and fringes. Lamps. The main thing is to choose sources of diffused light that create warmth and comfort in the house.

Stone cladding and the predominance of wooden furniture.

Since rough finishing prevails in the room, the light should be warm and soft. Light sources are distributed throughout the room so that there are no dark corners, and the room does not look gloomy.

Of course, wood is popular not only when decorating rooms. Wooden furniture instead of plastic analogues will fit perfectly into the interior. An important detail: the style allows the use of durable, but not precious wood species, so teak options will be an excellent replacement for oak models. A wicker sofa will perfectly complement the living room.

Color palette

In the grunge style, houses were decorated in order to spend weekends there and relax. The furnishings and shades of the interior contributed to the creative mood, coziness and comfort. The classics of the style are considered a warm range: brown, chocolate, beige, light gray and cream shades. Fresh white and elegant black will also come in handy.

Grunge-style interior.

Deep tones also take their places. A dark blue sofa or wine armchair will become not only part of the furniture, but also an excellent decor. Metallic luster is not characteristic of grunge, but is present as part of modernity. Legs of chairs and lamps, frames of mirrors or photographs. The main thing is the moderation of metal parts.

Grunge style in the interior.

Despite the color preference towards natural, low-key tones, in grunge you can find bright elements that, as a rule, are not combined with anything. For example, a red chair.

The grunge style is dominated by neutral shades.

The basis of the palette is brick-brown, gray and pastel tones. If brighter colors are used, then the shade resembles a dusty coating in order to bring the element as close as possible to the aged and time-worn object.

Simplicity and practicality in all its manifestations.

In grunge, it is also acceptable to use metal colors – copper, brass, aluminum. Black or deep brown color is used to emphasize the elements. You can find milky shades or ivory, but such colors are presented in minimal quantities and most often are not even noticeable on a general, somewhat gloomy background.


Like all other grunge-style interior items, only natural fabrics are used as textiles.

Special attention to textiles.

Grunge-style textiles made only from natural materials. This rule applies to everything:

  • furniture upholstery;
  • window decoration;
  • capes, bedspreads, blankets;
  • rims of floor lamps and lamps;
  • bedding;
  • kitchen textiles;
  • pillows, tablecloths.

Textiles made only from natural materials.

Fabrics are used without prints, plain, as simple as possible. No frills, ruffles and drawings. Only in fact, in strict accordance with the functionality. A feature of grunge is a floor carpet with a long pile. This is a mandatory attribute, which is most often located near a sleeping place or a recreation area.

Warm light, creates cozy.

Minimal use of grunge style curtains. Basically, the windows remain open so that daylight does not interfere with anything. No blinds and roller blinds, only fabric decoration.

Elements of decor and accessories

The grunge style is distinctive and authentic. Brick walls, textiles, pieces of furniture themselves look interesting. The decor only complements and emphasizes it. The shades of furniture, finishes and decorative elements should flow smoothly into each other, harmonize.

Unusual floor lamps or sconces, pop art paintings, photos of loved ones hanging on the wall will help to add comfort to the interior. As a decorative and practical element, a blanket for a sofa and pillows are used, which change according to the mood.

Elements of decor.

The direction itself does not welcome the presence of decorative elements in the interior. But against the general background, forged elements, monochrome paintings on the walls and indoor plants are already considered design delights. The latter are rather used not as a decoration, but to dilute and refresh the atmosphere somewhat.

The luxury of gold and stucco, not applicable to the decoration, is quite appropriate among the decor. A wooden frame for a mirror with a light bronze or gold-plated coating will strengthen the connection of the interior with the last century.

The minimum set of decor in the interior.

The presence of figurines and other accessories that do not carry any functionality contradicts the idea of the direction. Such decor can be afforded only in a minimal amount, if circumstances do not allow you to do otherwise.

What is acceptable to use as interior accessories in the grunge style:

  • a blanket on the bed or sofa;
  • curtains;
  • forged lamps and floor lamps;
  • long -pile carpet;
  • nondescript paintings;
  • pillows on the sofa, beds;
  • unusual figurines in minimal quantity.

Acceptable decor for the living room interior.

Interior soft pillows will help to diversify the style somewhat. Pillows in the same color will add “bright” accents, but in covers made of fabrics of different texture. It is the combination of rough, careless finishes and soft, warm textile elements that is the basis of the direction.

In the hallway, an interesting and functional accessory will be a wooden or wicker basket for umbrellas. And in the kitchen, it can be an unusual-shaped extractor hood, wicker flower pots and bronze cabinet handles. Forged elements – parts of the chandelier, accessories – will help to place a few more accents. It is important that the forging does not shine.

Living room.

Knitted bedspreads, embroidered napkins and carvings on pieces of furniture will have to be abandoned. Although they breathe antiquity, they will look more appropriate in Provencal or vintage interiors.

Grunge style decoration in different rooms

Most often, the style is chosen by lovers of antiquity or creative creative people. But grunge is also perfect for practical urban residents of different temperament, wealth, age and marital status.

The practicality and convenience of furniture, the softness of the color palette, the naturalness of fabrics and textures will allow you to create a cozy home that is so pleasant to return to.


One of the most difficult rooms for the embodiment of the interior direction of grunge. Taking into account the principles of style and functional features of the kitchen, you will have to sacrifice practicality and aesthetics somewhere. Here it is permissible to use closed boxes, provided rack-and-pinion, light doors.

Spacious kitchen.

You will have to forget about the modular kitchen and its advantages. Furniture can be made entirely of wood or have forged legs. A countertop with imitation of natural stone is also welcome. There is calico tulle on the window, up to the window sill. Brick wall decoration, taking into account the characteristics of the room – frequent temperature changes.

The interior of the kitchen in the grunge style.

All furniture should be light and practical. It is unacceptable to use massive elements, even artificially aged ones. All kitchen items that cannot be hidden in closed drawers must fully correspond to the direction. But the use of modern technology does not contradict the direction. On the contrary, grunge is a combination of a simple and practical interior with elements of modernity.


This room can be adapted to grunge only in one case, if it is spacious enough. And the fact that the hallway does not have its own daylight source, and this is the main check mark in the direction.

Spacious entrance hall.

If you still really want to decorate the hallway in this direction, then plastered or brick walls in combination with shelving cabinets will help create an appropriate atmosphere. Lamps with forging elements are installed at the mirror, a mandatory attribute of the hallway, or light bulbs are hung on chains.


The design of the bathroom in the grunge style is also complicated by the size and lack of a window. You can hint at the idea of direction by the shape of the bath itself. It should be a classic, rounded-edged model on legs. Forged elements are welcome. A faucet made of copper or brass, or matching the color of these metals, will perfectly emphasize the idea of direction.

Bright bathroom.

Tiles of neutral colors or imitation of brickwork or natural stone are used as facing materials. It is important that the accessories are hidden to the maximum.

Spacious bathroom.

Children’s room

An excellent interior choice for creative teenagers. Grunge’s preference for only natural materials is ideal for decorating a children’s room. Such an environment will be environmentally friendly and safe.

Children’s room.

All items and accessories are selected based on the child’s gender and age. The main thing is that they are simple and practical. The direction is difficult for children’s perception, so it is better to implement such an idea only at the request of the child himself.

A room for a teenager.


Most often, offices made in the grunge style evoke some kind of nostalgia for the days when instead of a computer there was an inkwell with a pen on the table. A certain combination of classics and brutality, where there are no distractions, and the whole interior is designed to tune in to the working mood.

The interior of the office in the grunge style.

Open shelves up to the ceiling can be filled with books. Not a massive table with a comfortable chair, all this is necessarily with a hint of retro. And a carpet with a long pile is most welcome here. There are several black-and-white paintings on the walls that do not carry a special semantic load. There are a minimum of parts and accessories on the table, it’s better to hide everything in drawers.


A bed with a wooden or forged base, a wardrobe with open shelves and bedside tables on high legs and all this against the background of brick walls. Grunge style in the bedroom allows you to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Interior of a bedroom decorated in grunge style.

Here you can add the softness needed for this room by alternating gray rough brick or plaster walls with wallpaper, a warmer shade. Wooden facing accents will perfectly complement the interior. And finally, a voluminous chandelier in the center of the room.

Spacious bedroom.

It is important to pay attention to textiles. It can be blankets and bedspreads made of natural materials, neutral shades. A warm carpet under your feet and thick curtains on the window will create an atmosphere of complete peace.

Living room

The most successful room for decoration in the grunge force. Usually this is a spacious room where it is easiest to embody all the ideological features of the direction. A small coffee table in the center of the room made of wood on a forged leg, and around it there are cushions and a certain detachment from generally accepted stereotypes is already traced.

The interior of the living room in the grunge style.

The ceiling of beams will look great against the background of sloppy plaster. The walls are still the same brick or wood. You can use wallpaper, but not over the entire area of the room, but only for zoning. Stone or paint will look great, both in a single manifestation, and in combination with other acceptable materials for decoration.

Grunge style in the interior with references to retro.

If a sofa is required, it should be covered with a natural fabric of a neutral shade. You can use decorative pillows of the same color. On the window, especially if it is panoramic, it is not recommended to hang curtains in the living room, even the lightest. Natural light should penetrate freely and this is the room in which there is no need to close the windows, for example, as in the bedroom at night.

Grunge in the interior.

Grunge is such an understandable style at first glance, it keeps a lot of nuances. Formed over the centuries from a simple rustic setting, it has acquired a lot of accents that are unique to it. It is not surprising that the need for such an environment is growing rapidly every year. Everyone wants to plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility after the noisy and bustling metropolis.

Grunge style in the interior: examples with photos

Interior with brick wall.

Living room combined with kitchen.

Brickwork is great for styling the interior in the spirit of grunge.

Working area.

Creative zone.

Living room.

Large windows for good lighting.

Aristocratic grunge in the living room.

Grunge style bedroom.

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