Brown living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The brown palette is rightfully considered one of the most cozy and calm. The color is not spectral, that is, it is obtained by mixing several basic shades:

  • green and red;
  • yellow, red and indigo;
  • yellow, red, white and green;
  • orange and blue.

Depending on what their ratio and saturation are, different shades of brown are obtained, admiring their versatility.

The use of brown tones in the design of the living room allows you to get a number of positive effects:

  • The feeling of warmth is especially important during the prolonged autumn rains and winter frosts.
  • Spiritual comfort and persistent associations with home comfort, favorite drinks – coffee, cocoa, as well as fragrant muffins and chocolate sweets.
  • A calming effect that has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves stress and irritability.
  • A huge charge of positive energy and a sense of security, reliability.
  • A slight touch of respectability, stability and conservatism, a great way to create a luxurious, expensive interior.
  • Close connection with natural materials, natural textures, in demand in most stylistic directions – eco style, Provence, classic, Scandinavian, rustic.

Choosing a light or dark brown scale as the main color, it is necessary to understand that the monochrome interior looks unpresentable, boring. Experienced designers recommend using gradients with diverse, harmoniously combined shades, or additions in the form of other colors. And also, do not be afraid to experiment with unusual accents and pieces of furniture that create a unique, individual atmosphere.

Dark brown sofa with velour upholstery in the living room.

Living-dining room in brown and gold tones.

Living room-kitchen with velvet brown sofa and leather armchair.

Interior design of the brown living room

So that the interior does not look monotonous, the main color should be diluted with additional ones. There are a great many possible variations. You can choose colors that match your mood, worldview and personal preferences, creating a unique design.

  • Usually the base shade is used either in wall decoration or in furnishing. The dark wenge on the facades of the living room set looks elegant against the background of beige, white or pastel walls and a golden-light floor. Or the owners prefer to highlight the leather or velvet upholstery of the sofa and armchairs with dark chocolate. Also, you can paint or wallpaper a suitable shade of the wall, pick up an interesting two-tone combination.
  • Rich and bright colors are perfectly “friendly” with chocolate and coffee tones. To give the living room additional energy, an elegant look, choose sunny-fiery helmets – scarlet, orange, ochre, lemon. Peach and coral, powdery pink and turquoise look more elegant.
  • Any shades of green, including olive, light green or malachite, make up a natural, harmonious duet with woody tones. This natural combination has a calming effect, refreshes the space. In addition, juicy, bright greenery, including live indoor plants, have a positive effect on the psychological state of residents.
  • Combinations with white, light beige and cream shades look no less relevant. Unusual compositions can be made with lemon-yellow, lilac flowers.
  • Dark red, burgundy, as well as bronze and aged gold help to create luxurious, respectable designs that smell of antiquity and conservatism.
  • The ideal option for discreet, classic interiors is a combination of dark or reddish chocolate with black details.

When choosing a color palette, you should know: dark gray and black elements are added with care so as not to get a gloomy, dim room.

Turquoise and orange accents combined with a chocolate sofa and light parquet board.

Brown-turquoise interior.

A combination of beige, coffee and white shades with red and blue accents.

Dark brown velvet upholstery, bright red carpet and graphite walls in the living room.

Design ideas for brown and beige living rooms

In the process of developing a new design with a friendly beige-brown duo, experienced specialists use a number of universal solutions that can be called classic. They are arbitrarily combined with innovative developments, supplemented with modern technology and decor. Such ideas are great for both private homes and living rooms in apartments or modern studio apartments. You just need to pick up specific details that will appeal to you, and beautifully set off the chosen interior style.

  • Against the background of light beige, almost cream walls, white upholstery of armchairs and sofas, as well as cabinet furniture in the color of dark chocolate or wenge look great. Wooden details of upholstered furniture can be painted in a dark, almost black color – armrests and built-in shelves, the front part of the frame, legs.
  • Rich chocolate sofa upholstery made of velvet or leather, beautifully shading light walls and golden-brown laminate. Massive furniture can be complemented with a fragile-looking glass or elegant wooden coffee table, a fluffy carpet or a woven mat on the floor.
  • Coffee and milk colored walls go well with light beige and light golden or white furniture. Live plants in tubs, original table lamps or floor lamps serve as excellent accents. It is also acceptable to design an accent wall in a rich chocolate color, with fancy patterns or charming mosaics, and make the rest neutral-light.

To give the interior a more elegant look, 1-2 bright accents in the form of a scarlet or light green armchair, rich lilac or sunny yellow sofa cushions, blankets are enough. Mirrors in massive, gilded or bronze frames perfectly fit into the general entourage.

White carpet and cream sofa upholstery in a milk-chocolate interior.

Cozy solutions – a luxurious transformer sofa and a fluffy gray carpet.

Beige upholstered furniture in the milk-coffee living room.

Noble-colored wenge furniture in a bright room.

A comfortable sofa and an original purple armchair in the kitchen-living room.

Accent red armchair in the living room-study.

Interior design style

The chocolate palette is friendly to all known styles. Thanks to the variety of shades, it perfectly produces both airy-light, warm designs, and solid, monumental ones, such as English colonial, chalet or Baroque. Designers identify several of the most popular, popular directions today.

Living room in a dark brown color scheme with a wicker table.

Living room with fireplace and elegant table.

Choosing the interior direction of the brown living room:

  • French Provence. There is an erroneous stereotype that this style is characterized exclusively by pastel, pinkish, yellowish or bluish tones. However, against the background of light walls, light brown furniture and parquet floor coverings look great. Luxurious velvet-brown or golden curtains, charming pillows or rugs will not be superfluous.

Golden-bronze curtains and light brown parquet in the living room Provence.

Brown furniture and curtains on a light cream background.

  • Laconic Scandinavian style has long and firmly won leading positions in the ranking of the most popular destinations. Light and dark brown shades easily and naturally fit into a bright space filled with natural materials and laconic, straight lines.

Laconic beige-brown decor.

Coffee-colored sofa with decorative pillows and an elegant table.

  • The stylish modern design is gorgeous and diverse. The warm cream-brown range can be freely complemented with bright, catchy accents, wall decor in the form of paintings, posters, unusual mosaics or panels. Carefully selected lamps in style also contribute, which complement and enhance the effect produced.

Living room-study with wooden panels.

Dark and light shades of brown with a few white and red accents.

  • Immortal classics are still relevant today. Comfortable furniture with upholstered seats and backs, mandatory parquet and carpet on the floor, elegantly long, curved carved legs and luxurious forged elements conquer the hearts of people, creating a pleasant, soothing atmosphere.

American style with vintage sideboard.

Classic style with chocolate brown upholstered furniture and a white table.

  • Minimalism will appeal to people who do not want to waste time, effort and money. Despite the minimum necessary set of furniture and a small number of accessories, the style conquers with its restraint and convenience, practicality.

Luxurious, milky-white corner sofa in a white-brown room.

Brown and white interior with a soft pouf.

  • Colorful African motifs will not leave anyone indifferent. The safari style is characterized by brown-coffee tones, an abundance of green plants and exotic trinkets – masks, vases, figurines. The right atmosphere is also created by large paintings or photo wallpapers on accent walls with views of savannah or African animals, real or artificial skins of zebras, lions.

Wooden furniture with carved legs and exclusive souvenirs as decor.

Leather sofa cushions and an interesting safari-style coffee table.

Selection of textiles for the brown living room

Home textiles are a great tool for creating comfort. Textiles successfully complement classic styles and soften the excessively strict lines of modern designs. Curtains, sofa cushions, blankets and carpets are selected in such a way that they blend harmoniously with the rest of the decor.

  • For a light brown interior, milk-coffee and dusty olive, powdery pink and cream, walnut and turquoise, gray-blue curtains and other textile elements are selected.
  • Floral prints, polka dots, vertical and horizontal stripes, cages are perfectly combined with both dark and light brown walls.
  • In addition, with the help of home textiles, it is easy to diversify the atmosphere, make it more elegant and festive. You just need to choose bright, eye-catching colors or prints.

Brown and white curtains and a woolen plaid in the color of the upholstery.

Wall decoration in the brown living room

  • Vanilla finish gives the room an airy, light look. You can use a plain coating or wallpaper in fine stripes.
  • The light pearl-gray shade visually expands the space and creates a soothing, neutral atmosphere.
  • Shades of ivory and cream are perfectly combined with woody tones.

For bold experiments, the following are suitable:

  • indigo and ultraviolet;
  • bordeaux and light green;
  • orange and lemon.

Light vanilla walls.

Selection of furniture for a brown living room

There are several basic rules:

  • For a poorly lit, cold room with windows facing north, choose warm yellowish-brown, light upholstery and facades.
  • Reddish-brown gives the room energy, lifts the mood and warm in winter frosts.
  • The chocolate color awakens pleasant associations with delicious treats, turns an ordinary hall into a luxurious, slightly mysterious room.

Also, pure white and cream tones, bright accents are relevant. It is worth taking care of high–quality, multi-level lighting – there should be no gloomy corners in the living room.

Several groups of spots, lamps and a floor lamp perfectly illuminate the space.

Photo gallery of design ideas

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