Black living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The bold idea to make the living room black does not come to everyone, and the reason for this is the widespread stereotype that such an interior brings depression. There are associations with horror films or Gothic creepy rooms. However, this color is not as scary as it is presented and described. With its help, designers create extremely elegant and stylish interiors, and most importantly – black is a universal and classic color. It suits any style and is combined with the entire color palette.

It may seem strange, but this color in Asian and African countries does not symbolize death or fear, but kindness, wisdom and morality of the human soul.

Living room with panoramic window.

Psychology of black color in the interior

You can look at this color in the interior from different points of view. Usually dark colors for interior decoration are chosen by bold and strict people who are not afraid of experiments and everything new. This color is understandable, so it is to the taste of reasonable and rational people. They do not try to please others and surprise others with a bright and memorable atmosphere. The most important thing for them is order and tranquility.

Living room.

It is also chosen by creative people who, on the contrary, want to emphasize the original details of the interior. This color copes with this task perfectly – against its background, any, even at first glance, faded decor stands out and looks brighter. To realize such an idea, black is usually used to decorate one of the walls.

Spacious living room.

But choosing this color as the dominant color, you must be extremely careful not to cross the line. This color is perceived by people in different ways, depending on their psychological state. For emotionally stable people, this color gives concentration and discipline, so it is better and more productive to work in strict black offices. But it is not surprising that this can have a negative impact on others, suppressing, lowering the mood or even increasing the manifestations of depression. Black interior is contraindicated for people suffering from anxiety and frequent headaches.

Living room.

Therefore, it is worth using this color moderately in the interior. It is recommended to dilute it with bright accents or colors of a light palette so that the situation does not look unnecessarily oppressive and depressing.

Pros and cons of using black in the living room interior

Black is one of the few colors that is friends with absolutely any shade of the color palette. It doesn’t matter if it’s a moody olive or a bright red – in the end, you’ll still get the perfect combination. Thanks to its ability to harmoniously fit into any interior, with the help of black, you can realize any design idea. It can be used as a leading color, creating a certain mysterious and strict atmosphere. Or use the darkness and languor of color to emphasize other shades in contrast and give them expressive and clear outlines.

Stylish living room.

If black is your favorite color, you’re in luck. It is suitable for any style, from luxurious classics to restrained minimalism, in which it plays one of the main roles.

Modern interior design.

Another interesting feature of black is that it is able to reduce appetite. Of course, this does not work for everyone, but people who watch their weight should try to decorate the kitchen in black. In the end, such a kitchen set just looks stylish and interesting.

Spacious living room.

Along with a lot of advantages, black has some disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing the color palette of the interior. Designers highly do not recommend dark tones for small rooms. Although black gives depth to large spaces, it will make cramped rooms even more cramped and uncomfortable.

Black color is impractical from the point of view of cleaning. Dust is most noticeable on it, and glossy surfaces will also emphasize dirty spots and stains from water. This especially interferes in the kitchen, so the set and table will have to be wiped after each cooking.

Living room.

On black surfaces, mechanical damage such as scratches and chips is most noticeable. To make them less catchy, you can use textured surfaces.

Color combinations

What colors should black be combined with in the living room?

Black seems to be stingy in shades, but it has its own color scheme. The tones smoothly turn into dark gray and have their own names: ebony, charcoal, blue-black, graphite, prune, chokeberry and others.

As noted above, this color can be successfully combined with any other colors.


Opposites attract, and this is proved by the black-and-white combination, which has become an ageless classic. These two completely different colors in a pair create a wonderful contrast, making the atmosphere dynamic and calm at the same time. This effect occurs because the colors complement each other: white restrains excessive depressiveness, which can occur in a monochrome dark interior, and black, in turn, adds rigor and earthiness to white.

Living room.

This combination is perfectly embodied in various drawings and textures. The interior can be complemented with marble trim, for example, to decorate a table in the kitchen or a floor in the living room in this way. A fluffy carpet with a zebra print or a checkerboard cage will harmoniously decorate the interior. By the way, fans of this intellectual game can turn such a carpet into a large chessboard by buying large chess pieces in addition to it.


A pair of black and red – bold and impulsive. Some psychologists note that this combination can be associated with danger, so it is possible that some guests will be uncomfortable in such a living room.

Living room with red sofa and armchairs.

To smooth out this impression, it is preferable to choose a calm, discreet and soft shade of red. It is desirable to dilute the interior with light and light white – it will give airiness and simplicity to the atmosphere. The black and white living room with accent red details looks very nice. So, a bright color does not attract too much attention, but adds liveliness and brightness to the interior.


The natural color of life and blooming spring is perfectly combined with black. On a dark background, live plants in white pots look especially juicy and expressive.

Living room with green sofa.

For such a color combination, wooden furniture is ideal – another natural reference, thanks to which the interior will become more consistent and harmonious.


Cheerful yellow is a great tool to smooth out the gloom of black. Especially popular is the use of three colors: black, beige and yellow.

Yellow accent in the living room.


This is the golden mean between passionate red and positive yellow: it combines both of these features. Psychologists believe that the orange color helps to improve mood and sets up a friendly conversation.

Orange accents in the living room.

Of course, light colors will help to balance the interior: beige, cream, white.

Blue and light blue

Cool shades create a relaxed, soothing atmosphere in the black and white living room. According to the rule of three colors in the interior, the leading beige, white and black will look good, complemented by a small amount of accent decor in blue and blue colors.

Living room with blue walls.

Silver and Gold

This combination creates noble, luxurious and elegant interiors. Carved furniture, such as mirrors in decorated frames, glass and glossy surfaces, helps to emphasize the richness of the situation. Furniture in such an interior should be made of natural materials – cheap finishing will be immediately noticeable and spoil the whole impression.

Gold accents in the living room.

How to use black in the living room interior

This color can find its place in completely different pieces of furniture and even in the decoration of walls and ceiling.


The glossy dark ceiling with spot light sources creates the effect of an open starry sky overhead. This solution is relevant in spacious and large living rooms – here the black ceiling opens as much as possible.

Living room.


It is not recommended to decorate all the walls in black. This will create too oppressive an atmosphere and visually narrow the living room. This color is most often used when creating an accent wall. The accent wall can simply be painted with paint or pasted with relief wallpaper with a pattern. Wall decoration with the help of black-and-white photographs looks interesting – such a stylish solution is often used in modern interiors.

Accent wall in the living room.


Furnishing large living rooms is not an easy task. It is necessary to arrange the furniture in such a way that a feeling of emptiness is not created, but it does not always work out. In this case, the way out is a black floor. It will give the interior completeness, and even single pieces of furniture will look appropriate.

Living room interior with black marble floor.

However, such a floor should be handled especially carefully, because such surfaces emphasize all the slightest scratches. You will also have to do cleaning often– dust on such a coating is always conspicuous.


Black furniture came to Europe from China. The noble aristocracy began to decorate their homes with lacquered black tables and chairs decorated with carvings.

Living room.

If you decide to use black furniture in the interior, it is better to create a light neutral background for it, because it looks rather bulky and heavy. It is better not to furnish small living rooms with black furniture, otherwise there will be a feeling of clutter and crowding.

Do not try to choose all the furniture black. Let it be one, but a large accent black sofa or a coffee table that will become the center of the room.

Glossy wall in the living room.

The leather upholstery of upholstered furniture looks advantageous and stylish, and glossy surfaces will help add a touch of luxury.

Decor, lighting and textiles

The final touch when creating an interior. First of all, you should pay attention to the lighting. In black rooms, it should be as bright as possible, so it is better to embody a dark interior in rooms located on the sunny side. For the evening time of the day, you need to take care of properly placed light sources and choose one main one – for example, a large crystal chandelier.

Lighting in a dark interior.

Simple drawings are welcome in a black, austere interior. Striped black and white pillows complete with the same curtains will perfectly complement the atmosphere.

Textiles can also be turned into accents. Moreover, this is what it is most often used for. Therefore, in a black interior, bright multicolored textiles perform an important function.

Bright textiles in a dark living room.

The choice of decor already depends on the imagination of the owner. The decor can be colored or designed in black, which makes it a discreet detail of the interior. Black-and-white photos in contrasting frames, assembled into a single composition, look spectacular.

Interior design style

What style to choose for the living room in black?

Moderate use of black is acceptable in any style, but it may not be leading everywhere. For example, in romantic and light Provence, the abundance of black will clearly be inappropriate and superfluous. If you want to make black the dominant color, take a closer look at the following directions:

Scandinavian style

As a rule, white becomes the background color in the Scandinavian interior, but decor, textiles and furniture are often chosen in black. Fur rugs and wooden furniture emphasize the northern origin of the style, but at the same time preserve a cozy homely atmosphere.

Scandinavian style.

Loft style

A free loft is a great style for using black. It looks equally appropriate in furniture, and in the decoration of the ceiling, brick walls and floor. You can combine the living room with a matte black kitchen and dining room.

Loft style.

Minimalist style

Restrained, simple and strict minimalism prefers the same colors in character: white, gray and, of course, black. In such a living room, the leading black will look very advantageous and appropriate, emphasizing the undemanding and good taste of the owner.

Minimalist style.

Classic style

A dark living room in a classic style is the epitome of grace and majesty. Beat black furniture with gold and silver ornaments, carvings and glass inserts to emphasize the originality of the interior.

Classic living room.

Don’t be afraid of this color. With a competent approach to creating an interior, this will make the living room stylish and unique. Even its small presence in the form of decor gives the room exclusivity and elegance.

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