Brown color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The correct selection of shades in the design of the room will help to create the desired atmosphere. So you can give comfort, warmth and tranquility by adding a brown shade to the interior. According to Feng Shui, this color symbolizes the element of the earth and brings to life static, constancy, confidence and tranquility.

Living room in chocolate color.

In addition, it is chosen by individuals with established views on life, who have a clear life goal and understand responsibility for their own actions.


What are the good interiors in brown tones

This shade is associated with elegance, austerity. Because of this, many are afraid to decorate the interior in brown. However, its influence on the atmosphere in the room is much broader. Therefore, do not be afraid to use this shade in the design, you just need to follow some recommendations.

Living room.

Brown color is not included in the spectral shades, to get it you need to mix green and red or orange and blue. Therefore, it is worth combining it with natural, natural tones. This color has many shades that are not similar to each other at all.


Experts recommend paying attention to the most popular shades:

  • chocolate;
  • coffee shade;
  • coffee with milk;
  • cognac;
  • caramel;
  • terracotta;
  • wenge.

Living room.

Dark tones will help to create a mysterious, luxurious interior. But it is better to use them according to the rules of coloristics, due to the fact that they visually make the room smaller. Psychologists say that the interior in brown shades looks strict, but at the same time it seems to be filled with comfort, harmony and tranquility.

Living room.

If there is little light in the room, it is better to choose light brown tones, and it is also worth paying attention to shades with a red or red undertone. They will help to give the space comfort, cheerfulness.

Stylish interior.

When creating an interior, it is recommended to use no more than 3-4 shades of brown. At the same time, it is better to do the emphasis with the help of texture, drawings or textured surfaces. It can be untreated wood, leather, stone, and so on. The finished interior will look stylish, rich and original.

Leather and wood in the interior.

Advantages of interior decoration in brown

Psychologists say that this shade is able to calm, relax and give comfort. Many people note that the brown color gives confidence and helps to make serious decisions. In addition, it is considered that this shade is chosen by people who confidently go through life and clearly know their goals.


And experts in the field of design highlight the following advantages of brown:

  • Naturalness. Brown color is suitable for any room. It always gives comfort, warmth. The interior in this shade is suitable for people of all ages.
  • An abundance of shades. The variety of tones allows you to create a room in one brown color, and it will be very original and stylish. All this is thanks to a wide palette: from the strict color of coffee or caramel to wenge or mahogany shade.
  • Practicality. Brown tones are always relevant. At the same time, they do not require special care and retain their original appearance for a long time.
  • Versatility. Brown color can be both basic and accent. It perfectly combines with warm and cold tones. The shade is subject even to beginners in interior design.
  • Always on trend. Brown tones are always in sight. They are so common that they are often overlooked. This fashionable color scheme is perfectly suitable for interior in any style.

Living room.

If there are difficulties in choosing a color for the decoration of the room, then it is definitely worth paying attention to the brown color. With its help, you can create any desired interior.

Mocha-colored accent wall in the living room.

Features of use in the interior of brown color

Before using this shade for interior decoration, it is worth studying the recommendations of specialists:

  • Brown refers to a neutral tone that does not attract attention and does not drown out other colors. Therefore, it can be used both as a base for decoration and as the main shade.

Living room.

  • This is a natural color that is well perceived by human eyes. It should be noted that the brown color in the environment is practically not noticed. Psychological experts say that this shade helps to make difficult decisions, calms and relaxes.

Relaxing atmosphere in a room.

  • This color is universal. Therefore, it can be used as a base, as well as gray, white, black. It goes well with all colors.

Color combinations in the interior.

  • Multi-level lighting, different textures and textures look great with brown. These techniques make the shade more interesting, richer and more advantageous.


  • A room that is made only in shades of brown may seem boring. It is better to complement this color with bright shades.

Combination with bright accents.

  • It is considered that brown refers to warm tones, but it has cold shades: wenge, gray-brown, dark chocolate and others. They are perfect for spacious, bright rooms.

Cool tones in the interior.

  • For a small room, light shades are suitable: coffee with milk, golden brown and others. They visually expand the space.

Rules of interior design in brown tones

It is quite difficult to decorate the room only in brown. If you do not dilute the color scheme with other shades, then the overall atmosphere will act depressingly. Design experts recommend using color combinations.

The color of bitter chocolate in the interior.

The tone of milk chocolate in combination with nude shades looks great in the interior. This combination looks great in the living room, bedroom and hallway. As an addition, you can use textiles with a floral pattern, soft cozy furniture. The ceiling and windows are better decorated in an ivory shade, it looks especially beautiful in combination with the color of milk chocolate.

A shade “milk chocolate” in the interior.

The mocha shade is stunningly combined with turquoise tones. This is one of the most stylish design solutions. The shade of the sea wave, the texture of wood and the decor with antique maps disposes to dreams, romance and relaxation. If you want to decorate the interior in the loft style, you can add old iron accessories with traces of rust, brickwork and dark coating on the floor.


Brown color is great for decorating the bathroom and bathroom. It does not matter what style is chosen for this room. The shade is perfect for both classic and modern style.

Experts advise you to pay attention to the most advantageous combinations of shades, they are relevant for the bedroom, study, living room, bathroom and kitchen:

  • It is better to shade dark tones of brown with a light ceiling, windows, plumbing products.
  • The chocolate-colored door looks best with light panels for finishing the hallway.
  • Dark-colored wall panels are suitable for a white ceiling, a light furniture set.
  • The white color gives the atmosphere solemnity, and the chocolate-colored textiles perfectly complement and shade such an ensemble.


The combination of brown with light green is a great solution for an eco–style interior. As a decoration, you can use indoor plants, bouquets of your favorite flowers, a covering in the form of grass, moss. In this case, green tones are used as a background.


The combination of mocha with a hint of bordeaux may seem overly original, but it is this combination that creates a particularly cozy atmosphere. It is suitable for the design of a study, a recreation area, a game room. The interior in such colors is characterized by strong energy, promotes mental activity.

Unusual ceiling and wall decoration.

Therefore, this is not the best option for a bedroom. The color of chocolate and the shade of orange is a hot and bold combination. The orange tone in this case acts as an accent, and brown balances it. The combination is perfectly complemented by all tones of beige or cream.

For the interior of which rooms the brown color is suitable

When choosing shades for decoration, it is necessary to focus on the functional purpose of the room. The brown color is versatile and suitable for any room. However, it is important to choose the right tone, because the smaller the room, the lighter the shade is needed.

Living room

Usually this room is the most spacious, so any shade of brown is suitable for its design.

Living room.

It is enough to choose a tone suitable for combination with the rest of the components of the situation. So, for example, brown furniture against the walls of the same shade will look strange.

Living room.


A room for sleeping in a brown shade will help you relax and get enough sleep.

Natural combination of shades.

A room decorated in different shades of the same color will look especially stylish. It is advantageous to complement such an environment with a light ceiling and textiles.


Children’s room

Brown color for a child may not seem the best option. However, the option is suitable if the child is characterized by excessive activity and energy. The brown color will be able to calm the child and help him concentrate if necessary. But still, in the children’s room, this shade should be used moderately, with separate elements. It is better to dilute the finished environment with bright, cheerful tones.


The brown color in the decor of this room speaks of the elegance, seriousness of the owners. This shade is a symbol of family, following traditions. In addition, the brown color in the design of the kitchen helps to enjoy delicious food, while normalizing appetite.


The more spacious this room is, the better it will look in brown. Finishing materials in this shade are very diverse: tiles, natural stone, brick. In addition, the combination of natural material and light plumbing looks stylish and modern.


Brown color in various interior styles

Experts in the field of design are talking about the versatility of this shade. And in fact, the brown color is suitable for any style. It is enough just to select and combine shades correctly.

Classic style

Psychologists say that brown is preferred by people with a restrained, unemotional nature. This shade symbolizes elegance, nobility and looks luxurious. Therefore, it fits perfectly for the classic style.

Classic interior.

But when decorating a room, it is important to choose natural materials. Plastic and synthetic textiles are out of place in such an interior. It is unacceptable to use imitation of natural texture. White, orange, beige details will help to add harmony to such an environment.

Bedroom in a classic style.

Country style

In this stylistic direction, it is better not to use glossy surfaces. Matte colors are suitable for a country-style interior. It is better to choose two or three shades of brown.

Country style.

With the help of tones of the same color, you can visually adjust the space of the room, create accent details. Rough silhouettes will do. For this style, a large amount of natural, untreated wood is relevant. It is better to choose textiles with a cage print, colors.

Eco style

Natural interior, which is cozy and comfortable. In it, brown is perfectly combined with the natural color of grass and leaves. For the eco style, combinations of brown with light green, olive are relevant. You can dilute the color scheme with white, beige or orange details.

Eco style.

Accent elements made of wood, bamboo, natural stones and other textured natural materials will help to add volume. Textiles will suit linen, dense cotton with a pronounced texture. The living sprawling flowers in pots will harmoniously complement the atmosphere.

Minimalist style

This style is ideal for rooms of any size. Cold shades of brown are suitable for minimalism. They are wonderfully combined with a sandy tone, beige, gray and turquoise.

Minimalist style.

For an interior in this style, no more than two or three colors are allowed. It is better to direct efforts to expand the space of the room. It is also recommended to pay attention to the functionality and minimization of the decor.

Japanese style

The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun prefer to live in harmony with the surrounding nature. Therefore, only natural materials and colors are allowed in the Japanese style. A single decor is used as an accent.

Japanese style bedroom.

The interior in this style is characterized by untreated wood, mats, bamboo. Of course, the design of such a room involves a large number of brown shades. It is possible to beat them favorably by using contrast.

Scandinavian style

Such an interior assumes the predominance of light shades. However, in the Scandinavian style, it is impossible to avoid the use of brown shades. Moreover, they can be used in different ways.

Scandinavian interior.

It can be a bright, contrasting interior with the color of chocolate, wenge or soft shades of walnut, coffee. Rough, untreated surfaces of aged wood can be used as accent details for the Scandinavian style.

Loft style

Brown color perfectly combines with all shades of gray, beige, as well as with white. All these tones are the basis of the loft style. Such an interior assumes minimal finishing, rough lines, an abundance of stone, concrete, rough wood surfaces and metal.

Loft style.

Flooring, ceiling beams and furniture in brown tones for loft style can act as a bright accent on the background of brick or concrete. This technique will allow you to give the atmosphere of the room comfort and warmth.

Victorian style

The interior in this style is distinguished by richness, deliberate flashiness. In such a room, a magnificent pair of brown color will be golden. All shades of beige and burgundy are also suitable.

The original solution would be to choose two or three shades of brown (for example, mocha, wenge and coffee with milk), and distinguish between them with moldings. At the same time, it is better to give preference to matte surfaces. Such an interior will look rich and unusual.

Living room.

What to combine brown tones with in the interior

Designers have selected several combinations of shades that will look decent in any case. Brown color is perfectly combined with both neutral, basic tones and contrasting ones. Experts determine the most successful combinations for interior solutions:

1. Brown and blue

At first glance, it may seem that these shades do not fit together.

Living room.

In fact, the brown color is static, while blue gives the interior movement, cheerfulness.


If the room seems gloomy, then you can add turquoise, beige or white to the interior.

Living room.

It should also be noted that it is better to give preference to matte blue. This will give the atmosphere mystery and nobility.

Turquoise looks good against the background of a coffee shade.

2. Brown and white

This combination belongs to the classic ones. But still it is not recommended to choose boiling white. It is better to give preference to a creamy, milky or ivory shade.

Living room.

Volumetric textures and bright details will help to add dynamism. At the same time, the ratio of white and brown in the color scheme should be 60 to 40.

Interior door of chocolate color

3. Brown and green

The combination of these shades is as close to nature as possible.


The situation in such a color scheme has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relaxes, harmonizes the internal state of a person. You can create a bright, accent interior using grassy colors.

Living room.

Olive, marsh tones will help to give the room a calm atmosphere. At the same time, shades of green can be both active and basic.

The perfect combination.

4. Brown and gray

This combination will give the interior lightness, contrast, without overloading with an abundance of shades. Usually gray is used as a background for brown-tone furniture.

Living room.

You can give life to the interior with the help of bright accents, texture, prints, wood or concrete. So that the room does not look overloaded and heavy, it is better to avoid bulky furniture.

5. Brown and beige

This combination is deservedly recognized as a win-win. The combination of beige and brown gives the interior softness, delicacy, comfort and warmth. These shades perfectly complement and shade each other.

Beige-brown bedroom.

Such an interior does not require bright details, accents. If you want to give the room expressiveness, it is better to create an accent wall, a textured panel.

6. Brown and yellow

An ambiguous combination that is not clear to everyone.

Living room.

Yellow is the brightest color, so it should be used carefully.

Living room.

The combination of this shade with brown is relevant for dark rooms where there is not enough natural illumination.

Chocolate is perfectly accentuated by golden details.

7. Brown and red

This combination is characteristic of the English style.

Modern style.

In combination, it is important to use red color moderately.

Classic style.

You can soften such an interior by choosing calm tones: marsala, carmine, burgundy.

Combination with orange.

8. Brown and pink

This combination requires the right shade selection. Pale pink will look noble in combination with brown. Bright fuchsia tones will help to give the interior cheerfulness.

Doors in chocolate tones on a background of light walls.

9. Brown and black

This duet looks stylish and contradictory at the same time. It is important to choose a light shade of brown. Such a color scheme can be used in a sufficiently lit room.

Contrary to popular belief, an interior in brown does not mean gloom, boredom and a heavy atmosphere. This shade is relevant, versatile and practical. With its help, you can create a beautiful and stylish interior. It is enough to follow the recommendations of specialists.

Interior with bright accents.

It should be noted that the brown color has a wide variety of shades. Thanks to this, it is perfect for decorating a variety of rooms, creating any style. At the same time, the finished interior will look elegant, fashionable and rich. And the atmosphere in it will please the owners with warmth, comfort and tranquility.

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