Georgian Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Georgian interior design is the epitome of elegance and royal luxury. It combines the best of Rococo, Gothic, China, and the East. At the same time, it has its own pronounced character, atmosphere and coziness, which give warmth and tranquility.

Style History

We all know what the English restrained classics look like. So the Georgian interior is its parent. It is characterized by proportionality and aristocratic harmony.

This direction in the interior got its name during the reign of King George I of Great Britain . Rococo style was very popular at that time. People who had the opportunity to travel began to bring with them the traditions of home decoration from different countries. One of them was the classic, which was warmly received and transformed into its own design direction.

Mixing pompous and flashy rococo with restrained and calm classicism gave birth to a new style, which at that time was unusual and at the same time very interesting.

Georgian style living room interior design.

Distinctive features of the Georgian interior design

Symmetry and straight lines allowed the Rococo style to become more restrained. In the Georgian direction, the features of Chinese Gothic are also traced. Add to this the progress in the craft sphere and we get a new interior using natural red wood, as well as the presence of glass creations. The latter replaced the entire massive decor of classicism.

The Georgian-style houses were practical and comfortable. There was always a fireplace in them, which kept the house warm when it was cold outside. At that time, of course, there were no radiators and this item was a real luxury. Also, very practical.

Cozy atmosphere in the living room interior.

Windows in this style are large and voluminous, so they could let in a lot of light. Which was also extraordinary. Few people could afford it.

The color scheme is used in muted natural tones. Light brown, marsh, gray shades were used at the beginning of the origin of Georgian stylistics. Later, more progressive colors began to be used – blue and pink. As well as gilding elements.

Display of the Georgian era in the interior of the living room.

Features of the Georgian interior design

Elegant and refined Georgian style is suitable for any era and nowadays it is especially popular. He is preferred for the design of a country house. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and offices. And the dining area looks just magical. To create such an interior, just follow the rules:

  • From floor to ceiling, the wall is divided into 3 strips. The lower one is wooden panels around the perimeter of the room. The middle part, the largest in area, is decorated with wallpaper with a pattern or plain painting with further decoration molding. The upper part under the ceiling is decorated with a straight cornice with gilded monograms.
  • The ornament on the walls is made classic or decorated with a fabric with numerous folds. The latter option will be more traditional, and the first one will be modern.
  • The flooring is traditionally parquet. Nowadays, any material is welcome. For example, linoleum with marble decor or laminate with imitation of red and noble wood. Secret: choose laminate flooring with chamfers removed along the perimeter. So it looks more natural and noble.

Georgian interior design.

  • Georgian style does not like an abundance of furniture. Everything is in moderation and as restrained as possible, but at the same time refined and elegant.
  • Window openings are decorated with heavy noble fabrics. A lot of folds and garters in the form of thick cords with large tassels at the ends will look very atmospheric.

A mirror in a massive gilded frame complements the interior of the living room.

  • Lighting devices are selected in accordance with the forms of that era. Sconces, floor and table floor lamps in the form of candles or decorative lace shades are ideal.
  • Complement the interior with decorative elements. This is a mirror in a heavy massive frame, decorative panels, paintings, lamps. The main thing is to observe proportions and symmetry.

Georgian interior design.

Interior decoration

In the era of the Georgian style, there was progress in the production of furniture, and expensive and luxurious materials were in fashion in the design of walls. In particular, marble panels, carved wooden products, stucco, layers of natural wood. All the beauty and aristocracy of rococo and classicism in one bottle. Yes, the furnishings were practical and luxurious at the same time.

Georgian luxury in the living room interior.

The wall decoration was especially interesting and unusual. The lower part was given over to elegant wood panels. They occupy a quarter of the height of the wall. They were decorated with a classic plinth. The middle part is decorated with elite wallpaper or expensive fabric. It looked unusual and very expensive, and that was what this interior was. A special frieze and an elegant cornice were mounted on top.

Comfort and spaciousness.

The floor was decorated with wooden boards or expensive parquet, which was polished to a mirror shine. Carpets added comfort and atmosphere. Oriental patterns or restrained classical ornaments were very popular. In places where there was high humidity, practical terracotta tiles were laid. At that time it was the only option, but nowadays it is a way to recreate the atmosphere of the past.

Beautiful curtains made of elite fabrics complete the design. They are supplemented with lambrequins and numerous assemblies.

Stucco molding as an attribute of luxury in the interior.


Georgian style is furniture with a harmonious combination of all elements and upholstery with the overall interior. Not only in appearance, but also in the materials used.

Georgian-style furniture upholstery.

The upholstery is used with oriental delicate and bright ornaments, a particularly interesting option is hand embroidery. Chairs or upholstered chairs are often placed in the living room, chairs with weaving and cozy little pillows in the same style in the kitchen. They are tied to chairs with satin ribbons.

Textiles in the interior.

Furniture should not take up all the space. Rather, on the contrary, there should be a sense of freedom and a large space. Each element stands at a small distance from each other. At the same time, the central part of the room remains empty and space is used only near the walls.

Living room.

Decorative elements

Previously, there was no electricity and candles were used as lighting devices in the evening. They were installed in beautiful candlesticks and candelabras. Nowadays, progress offers us electric lighting devices and that’s fine. Your task is only to make an imitation of that era. Use the shape of candles for sconces and floor lamps, as well as ceiling main lighting.

Items for interior decoration.

An additional source of lighting was the fireplace. It gave a warm and cozy light that warmed. In the literal sense of the word.

The decor is also beautiful paintings in heavy gilded frames. Tableware made of noble porcelain with ornaments in the Chinese spirit, silverware and wares. Hand-painted walls and doors.

The interior in the living room fully corresponds to the era of Georgian times.

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