Retro Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

You can easily equip your house in retro style on your own. To make it cozy, comfortable, beautiful, it will work even without the help of a professional designer. It is enough to turn on your imagination and show your creativity as much as possible.

Retro bathroom.

If it is decided to design the whole apartment in retro style, then it is better to start with the bathroom.

Bathroom decoration in retro style.

Any things that look old-fashioned are suitable for retro style. The main thing is that the result is cozy, comfortable and pleasant to the eye of all the inhabitants of the house. Another important advantage of decorating a room in the style under discussion is the opportunity to save money. It will be possible to create a beautiful attractive design even with a minimal budget.

Retro bathroom in blue.

The easiest option is to buy plumbing and antique furniture in stores. But such products (for example, designer ones) are usually expensive. Especially if you combine them with real antiques.

Tile in the form of brickwork in the bathroom.

If you want to save money, you can go to the market. A lot of interesting suitable things for retro style are found at the flea market. Today there are also virtual versions of the latter. And the most budget option is to make interior items or arrange purchased ones (unsuitable in design) yourself.

10 interesting ideas for retro-style bathroom decoration

Interesting ideas for bathroom decoration are not always possible to generate independently. In this case, you can use ready-made solutions from professionals.

Snow-white towels in a retro bathroom.

Vintage bathroom plumbing

Today, suspended plumbing in a futuristic style is at the peak of popularity. It seems that she is floating in the air. Such items are often supplemented with illumination.

Vintage plumbing.

To achieve a retro effect in the bathroom, you should choose vintage plumbing for it. For example, retro faucets made of brass, bronze and copper, round sinks on narrow legs, massive ornate taps with a shiny coating.

Retro bathroom faucets.

Today on sale are widely represented:

  • faucets imitating an antique phone;
  • bronze taps with one painted lever for hot and cold water;
  • variants complemented by a stylized sink in the form of a bowl with antique patterns;
  • brass faucets with smooth, elegant lines and a shiny finish.

Bathroom fixtures in vintage style.

The resulting design can be supplemented with suitable accessories. For example, light airy curtains with floral patterns, a mirror in a forged frame, metal lamps, wicker baskets and wooden ornaments.

Assorted textiles for the bathroom

For retro style, it is allowed to safely mix different types of textiles. It is not necessary to strictly adhere to one selected type of fabric. It is better to immediately combine fluffy cotton towels, a rough matting mat, air curtains

Textiles in a retro bathroom.

Textiles help to easily decorate a room for a different mood. It can be changed depending on the season. For example, choose one for the summer, the other for the winter cold period.

Vintage textiles in the bathroom.

Unexpected retro accessories in the bathroom

Retro-style details can surprise. In the interior of the bathroom, it will be possible to successfully fit completely unexpected things. For example, a worn staircase from the garden or an old table with a cracked pattern on the surface.

Unexpected accessories.

The main thing is not just to put interesting unusual objects in the middle of the room, but to come up with an application for them. Place jars with cosmetics and baskets with hand towels on the table. And attach hooks to the stairs and use it as a hanger for bathrobes.

Tiles in the bathroom decoration

The main material for finishing a bathroom in any style is tile. Nothing changes in the retro room either. The tile is selected for the room depending on the overall design project. This can be an option for brickwork or in the form of squares, lozenges.

Original tile in the bathroom.

There are no style restrictions in the choice of tiles. Both glossy and matte will do. Artificially aged material looks especially interesting. But it’s not easy to add age tiles on your own. It is better to entrust this process to professionals and buy a ready-made version.

A popular combination for a retro bathroom is classic tiles imitating brickwork on the walls and small ceramic hexagons on the floor. It is interesting to diversify the picture with the help of tiles with a floral pattern and black.

Black and white tiles.

It happens that the room needs more “air”, so you need to add snow-white or beige tiles. A black-and-white combination of tiles also helps to achieve a retro effect in the bathroom. It is important not to choose a dark background with a couple of light spots as the main one. Otherwise, the room may turn out to be too gloomy.

Various tiles.

If the tile in the bathroom is black and white, then additional patterns will need to be discarded. Bright spots in the interior, on carpets, walls, floors under such conditions will already be superfluous. In such a space it will be difficult to relax. Especially after a difficult working day.

If finances allow, it is worth using handmade tiles for a retro bathroom. It is made to order according to the customer’s requests. And instantly transforms the space.

The tile should be on those areas in the room that often come into contact with water. The remaining areas can be covered with interior paint. Or decorate with decorative plaster. Another option is to cover them with wallpaper with a vintage pattern.

Bright details and accents

There are different ways to achieve a retro effect in the bathroom. Including with the help of interesting accessories. For example, by making the latter bright and attention-grabbing. Against the background of a bright bathroom, a good solution would be to place a mirror in a green or blue frame, yellow or orange towels, pink or purple curtains with a floral miniature print.

Bright details.

Accessories must match the overall style. Modern electric towel dryers will not fit well into the design of the room.

Cracked surfaces of furniture and accessories to create a retro style in the bathroom

If the paint is cracked on your favorite table, you should not rush to throw it away or restore it. This also applies to mirrors in cracked frames, interior details such as vases and candlesticks.

Unusual retro bathroom.

The theme of aged details will be able to be supported by additional items. For example, add a wooden box with a similar design to the table.

Stained glass windows in interior design

In private homes, hygiene rooms are often supplemented with windows. This means that ordinary glass in them can be replaced with stained glass. This is a very beautiful elegant solution for a retro room.

Retro bathroom in green.

It is important to choose different stained glass windows. For example, with geometric and floral patterns. You can use them to decorate both the entire window and only a small part of it. Top, bottom or side along the edges.

Rattan panels

Wicker panels help to emphasize the retro style in any room. For example, made of rattan. It is important not to lose with the pattern. It should fit well into the overall design of the room.

An unusual mirror for a retro bathroom.

If a rattan panel is already hanging on the wall, it will be interesting to complement baskets, benches, carpets made of the same material. Most often, modern housewives choose baskets made of this material for dirty linen or clean towels.

Variants of such retro-style accessories can also be complemented with satin silk bows in the middle. They soften the interior, add warmth and comfort to it.

Zoning options for a retro bathroom

The issue of zoning is relevant exclusively for large spacious rooms. Such spaces are usually found in modern cottages. If the space allows, you can select several separate zones using retro accessories.

For example, a bath can be “hidden” behind a light airy curtain of neutral color or behind a dense heavy fabric with a floral print.

Zoning with a curtain.

Another interesting zoning option is the use of wooden partitions. They can be neutral monochrome or with bright patterns. In the second version, partitions become the main decoration of the room.

Wooden cabinets for storing things

In the bathroom of any style, there are usually a lot of small details, textiles, cosmetics that need to be put away somewhere for storage. Therefore, it is important to provide such places. Wooden cabinets will perfectly fit into the retro style. They can be massive heavy or elegant miniature. The main thing is that they have enough storage space.

You can remove the top layer of paint from the old wooden cabinet. Or even leave it with a cracked coating. Or it is beautifully interesting to paint by hand. It will also be appropriate to artificially age a new locker.

The bathroom in retro style turns out cozy, beautiful, comfortable. In it you can relax and have a great rest after a working day.

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