Marine Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The trip to the sea was great and you don’t want to let go of romance? The marine style in the interior offers to create an atmosphere of summer, a sandy beach and a special mood in a city apartment or a private house. One look at the photos inspires you to create.

Marine-style interior.

Characteristic differences of style

Marine style is easy to identify among other design trends primarily by the basic colors: sand and sea – white and shades of blue. Textiles for the interior are chosen from natural fabrics with a marine print. Starfish, fish, shells, corals and the like. Stylistic furniture is characterized by simplicity and geometry of forms.

The interior of a bedroom in a nautical style in a country house.

Palette of shades

In addition to the main ones – white and blue – other “summer” shades also belong to the marine style. Turquoise, sandy, light marsh, olive. Marine style involves the use of natural materials and natural shades of stone or wood will look harmonious.

Depending on the individual wishes of the owners, bright colors are also used in the interior. Sunny yellow, scarlet, purple.

When choosing a palette, it is important to keep the main idea: the room should remind you of the sea, promote relaxation. Therefore, designers recommend to think over the main colors in the decoration and furniture in advance.

Palette of shades in the interior.

Finishing Features

The marine style allows the use of artificial coatings, but there are still nuances when choosing.


Materials for flooring are chosen close in hue to the seashore or the ship’s deck. The classic option is parquet in natural colors or stylized as bleached wood. But a floorboard or materials imitating wood is also suitable.

For some rooms, ceramic tiles are chosen, plain or with a small pattern. Carpet or the increasingly popular 3D floor are also suitable.

3D bathroom floor.


Painting or whitewashing is allowed. In rooms with high ceilings, multilevel structures decorated with beams look beautiful and atmospheric. Stretch ceilings or options using drywall are suitable. Less often, the ceiling is sheathed with wood panels of light shades.

Ceiling finishing.


The choice of materials for wall decoration in a nautical style is extensive. These are panels made of wood, and paint, and photo wallpapers, and ordinary wallpaper with a small pattern, and ceramic tiles. Depending on the purpose of the room, these or other options are suitable.

Often one wall is accentuated by decorating with a contrasting color. But aged wood decorated with paintings and anchors will also do. This decor will perfectly convey the marine orientation.

Wall decoration in the nursery.


The pieces of furniture are made simply without decorations and pretentiousness. Sofas and armchairs of rounded shapes, rectangular tables and cabinets. Upholstered furniture is chosen with plain fabric upholstery or preference is given to wicker models. But the options with eco-leather will stand out from the general concept of the interior.

It is important that the furniture is not only beautiful, corresponding to the marine style, but also functional.

Living room with fireplace.


Marine style prefers naturalness in fabrics: linen, cotton, velvet. Curtains of a simple cut, plain or with a marine pattern: ships, fish. The red and white coloring looks original. The usual options can easily be replaced with Roman curtains or roll-up ones.

Upholstered furniture is complemented by small decorative pillows in thematically painted pillowcases. Bedspreads and blankets are also welcome. The carpets are plain or with a marine ornament.

Decor and accessories

The marine style in the interior is filled with dozens of different details, while the space looks harmonious. Marine elements only emphasize the general orientation. There should be no feeling of congestion.

Interior decor.

Frames decorated with shells, colorful glass bottles and vases, rope for garter curtains, themed tableware. Statuettes of ships and lighthouses, posters, stylized clocks will also do. Curbstones or coffee tables decorated with antique boxes will look interesting. But the aquarium with corals and fish will fit best into the interior.

Dining area.


The marine style in the interior allows for a variety of spot light sources. The central chandelier is in the form of a fish, a steering wheel, a ship or a lifebuoy. The classic version with white matte shades. Built-in LED lamps. Wall sconces, table and floor lamps. There will be a use for everything.

Interior lighting.

Design features of different rooms

Each room is individual and reflects the character of the owners of the house or its inhabitants. So the bedroom is filled with calm shades, fun reigns in the nursery and a painted wall will be appropriate, and an original decor is selected for the living room.

Marine style.


The entrance hall is usually devoid of natural daylight, so the marine style suggests keeping it in bright colors. So the hallway will visually become wider. And bright accents will help to arrange unusual hooks for clothes, a pouf of a contrasting shade.

Entrance hall in marine style.

Living room

Ceilings or whitewashed wood floors look good in the living room. Striped curtains, decorative sofa cushions with a geometric pattern. Bright furniture and decoration are successfully complemented by contrasting shades. Turquoise plaid. Blue photo frames. Wooden anchors on the walls or a blue vase with flowers, a sea map of the world.

Marine-style living room.


The interior of the marine-style kitchen assumes an abundance of daylight. The kitchen set is chosen from natural materials: stone and wood. But if there is no possibility, they are replaced with imitations. Ceramic tiles with unobtrusive ornaments or plain tiles are placed on the floor.

Furniture and decoration are maintained in the same style. Woody or marine shades, smooth lines and clear borders. There is not much decor in the kitchen. It is enough to add useful and functional themed accessories.

Marine-style kitchen.


The recreation room is kept in bright colors: white, beige, sand. Thick curtains of contrasting, but not dark shade, will help to dim the bright daylight. The bed and cabinets are simple without decorations. The decor will be table lamps or wall sconces of unusual shape and with solid shades. Bed linen with nautical motifs and a bedside rug will complement the interior.


Children’s room

The nautical style in the interior of the room contributes to the development of imagination in the child, and soft shades have a beneficial effect on the psyche. The walls are painted and painted in a nautical theme or covered with wallpaper with a small pattern.

In the nursery for girls choose a soft palette. Beige, sandy, light blue, white. Toys in the form of marine life, large shells on shelves or themed framed paintings will complement the interior.

Children’s room.

The boy’s room is distinguished by more saturated shades. For example, a combination of dark blue and white. Accents are placed in bright red, turquoise, yellow. The decor will be models of ships, bottles with notes, steering wheels, anchors and other details.

Marine style in the nursery.


The working area is more often maintained in a dark or light range. A comfortable wooden table with drawers, a comfortable armchair, open shelving or shelves are suitable for furniture. There are not many accessories in the study: large marine-themed paintings, a ship in a bottle, a wicker storage basket, a compass.



Of course, this part of the apartment is most suitable for a marine interior. The blue-blue gamma in combination with the splash of water helps to relax and be transported to the ocean coast. And the woody shades will remind the cabin of the ship.

Bathroom plumbing is simple and modern, without fancy details. Functional rectangular cabinets and shelves, large mirror, good lighting. Decorative sinks or other thematic elements will complement the room.


Design of a small apartment

A small area usually confuses the owners. It seems that only spacious rooms will allow you to decorate the interior in the chosen style. But this is not quite true. For a small room or apartment, it is necessary to choose a style that will emphasize its features and make it visually wider. The marine theme is great.

Light shades of blue, gray and beige combined with white will fill the space with freedom and air. In addition, the abundance of mirror surfaces will help to visually increase the area and fill the room with light. And bright colors of pillows or decor will place important accents. Designers recommend choosing several accessories and adding marine patterns to textiles.

Living room decoration.

For finishing, it is better to use simple materials that do not take precious centimeters: paint, plaster, wallpaper, laminate flooring. Practical models with several functions are suitable for furniture. Folding chairs, a transformer table, a folding sofa or an armchair.

When choosing lighting fixtures, it is worth giving preference to small models. Compact chandeliers, wall sconces.

Kitchen-living room.

Photo gallery

The marine style in the interior is romance, lightness, an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Light shades of sand, turquoise and blue contribute to relaxation. And the decor in the marine style will inspire creativity. The marine decoration of the rooms will be a concise and stylish solution. Suitable for anyone who is not afraid of experiments, appreciates comfort and minimalism.

Marine Nursery.

Marine style in the bedroom.

Children’s room.

Marine and geographical design of a teenage boy’s room.

The interior of the house in the marine style.

Cozy terrace.

A bathroom in a nautical style.

Marine style in the living room.

A marine-style bedroom with an anchor at the head of the bed.

A bedroom in a nautical style with a clock in the form of a steering wheel.

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