Mediterranean Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The light, unobtrusive atmosphere, imbued with natural motifs with a hint of a maritime theme – this is all Mediterranean style. The interior direction, for all its external simplicity, harmoniously combines with the practical component. Ideal for decorating country houses, mansions and apartments.

A combination of natural shades with white and blue.

The history of the appearance of interior style from the Mediterranean

The development of many interior trends is inextricably linked with nature. But it was the Mediterranean style that borrowed almost all the features and beauties inherent in the natural environment.

Simplicity and conciseness.

The style has been formed over many centuries, borrowing certain features from each nation. The very name of the direction, even for a person far from romance and other spiritual subtleties, is associated with sea waves, breezes and rocky islands.

The predominance of blue and light blue colors.

The Mediterranean Sea is considered the “cradle of civilization”. It was here that such strong states as Greece and Rome appeared, grew and flourished. The style came to the interior after the Second World War, when Italians were forced to flee the villages in search of work.

Abundance of light and natural elements.

Populating the cities, they brought their own features, adopted from their previous life, into the atmosphere of the room. And urban residents who escaped and settled in village houses brought their novelties to rural life. Thus, there was a mixture of styles, which led to the emergence of the Mediterranean style as a trend in the interior.

Mediterranean interior.

Characteristic features of the Mediterranean interior style

One of the basic principles: ease in everything! The interior is devoid of ostentatious luxury and chic, extravagance or outrageous. Functionality, thoughtfulness of objects, accessibility remind of country style with its rustic romance.

Mediterranean-style living room.

The Mediterranean style captivates with a natural color scheme: sunny, herbal green, azure, woody. In such a room it will be possible to take a break from the hustle and bustle, and focus on important matters.

Traditional details are a feature of the Mediterranean style.

Traditionally, the style is divided into several directions, and each has its own distinctive features.

  • Large and spacious rooms with high windows.
  • The predominance of warm tones in the color scheme, mainly shades of blue and blue.
  • Finishing materials are only paint, wood, stone and plaster.
  • Tracing the marine theme.
  • No overload of small details.
  • Only natural textiles.
  • The presence of plosok in the colors, as an integral part of the marine theme.
  • The center of the room most often remains free of furniture.
  • Availability of only functional and practical items.
  • Lots of light – natural lighting due to the wide window opening is complemented by a large number of artificial light sources.

Ceiling decorated with wooden beams.

In all the details, the combination of rustic simplicity with urban practicality is clearly traced. The most striking feature of the direction is the marine theme, which even in its lightest manifestation leaves a pleasant impression.

The predominance of blue and light blue colors.

Features of the Mediterranean interior style

In the Mediterranean style, there is no luxury, pretentiousness, a hint of wealth and status. The whole atmosphere is saturated with simplicity, lightness and comfort. The main concept of the direction is practicality and accessibility in everything. No unnecessary elements, accessories and other details, the only vocation of which is to collect dust.

Massive coffee table.

This style allows you to be transported to a paradise where everything is saturated with sunlight, fresh sea breeze and juicy greenery. The color design is accompanied only by natural shades in their most delicate manifestation.

A game of juicy colors.

The direction intersects with classic country and grunge in several points. But the Mediterranean style is more demanding of the cladding and more relaxed in the color palette.

Types of interior Mediterranean style

The interior direction is usually divided into two types, each of which has its own distinctive features and rules:


The Italian Mediterranean style is distinguished by an abundance of handmade elements – wall paintings, mosaics, textured plaster. Here, a characteristic feature of the direction is large windows, panoramic, with a rounded top.

Mediterranean style in the interior in Italian execution.

A warm and soft palette rules here, there are objects created by hand. The windows are necessarily large, curtained with a light plain fabric. Finishing can combine natural stone, wood and leather, forged parts are popular in furniture.

Italian Mediterranean style.

Several finishing options can be used in the room at once. Special attention is paid to daylight, it should penetrate into the room unhindered, so the choice of textiles for the house is reduced to light, flowing fabrics that do not weigh down the overall situation.

Italian Mediterranean style in the interior.


The Greek Mediterranean style allows for the presence of cold colors in the interior. But provided that the overall impression of the room remains as bright and sunny. A distinctive feature of the Greek look of the Mediterranean style is the combination of white with the whole range of blue and light blue.

The Mediterranean style of Greece tends to white, blue, olive, deep blue colors. Black is used carefully and only to highlight accents.

Greek Mediterranean style.

The rooms are usually spacious, decorated with arches and columns – antique elements. But the Greek direction looks good on a small square without bulky partitions. For example, in a studio apartment.

Greek Mediterranean style in the living room interior.

This palette resembles not only seascapes, but also the colors of the Greek flag. It is possible to use black in the interior, but its presence is minimized, and practically does not affect the overall perception of the situation.


The Arab Mediterranean style is expressed by door and window openings in the form of arches. White, smooth walls can alternate with ceramic tiles with Arabic patterns.

Arabic Mediterranean style.

This direction includes the culture of Turkey, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. Their national patterns and traditions. It is distinguished by low carved furniture, mosaics, religious frescoes, a lot of decorative pillows on the floor.

Mediterranean interior style with Arabic motifs.

Moreover, tiles can be found on the walls even in the bedroom or living room. Basically, the genre is distinguished by Arabic themes on decorative elements: pillows, blankets, vases or carpets. Otherwise, in terms of color scheme and restraint of the situation, the subspecies of the Mediterranean style is similar to the Italian one.


This direction was influenced by Arab countries, which was manifested in their national ornaments. Ceramic tiles and mosaics are popular in the decoration. The palette consists of white, blue, terracotta. Green, sunny yellow or red are used less often and only as accents.

Spanish Mediterranean style.

There is almost no wood in the Spanish Mediterranean style due to its scarcity. But there are a lot of natural fabrics, stones and clays. The ceilings in the houses are low, and the furniture is strict with simple clear lines.


France is characterized by lace, wicker furniture, they fill the romance and the direction of the Mediterranean style. There are more shades here and everything is mostly pastel: blue, pink, light gray. The brighter ones – coral, yellow, turquoise – are used point-by-point. For example, in textiles and decor.

French Mediterranean style.

The color palette

All shades of the Mediterranean style are somehow connected with nature. They are light, natural and fresh. White, shades of blue and green, yellow, a palette of beige and pink, coral, terracotta. Accents in gold, black lines and graphite inclusions. All colors will find their true place.

But before finishing and decorating the room, it is important to determine the direction of the style – it sets the main palette, and then proceed to the choice of decor. After all, everything is interconnected in the interior. Exterior landscape and interior design. Furniture upholstery, textiles, wall coverings, ceramic tableware and cabinet handles. Everything is intertwined and in harmony with each other.

The color palette of the Mediterranean interior.

White is usually chosen as the main color. It is neutral, fresh and visually expands the room. In addition, brick, beige, pistachio, pale orange, light gray will do. The main thing is that the shades look natural. As if the material had burned out in the sun or under the influence of salty sea water.

Interior decoration

Materials used and options for interior decoration in the Mediterranean style.


Mostly the ceiling is painted white. Imitation of wooden beams, or even real massive boards can be used. If natural wood is used, then it is simply processed, without painting, in order to preserve the individual pattern of each beam.

Beam ceiling in a delicate blue color.

If the tree still goes through the coloring stage, then the shade is selected from the palette of blue and light blue. This can be alternation and complete painting of the surface in a solid color.

The combination of white and blue looks especially interesting when, for example, the beams themselves are white, and the gap between them is blue. This approach creates the feeling of a house by the sea, where, if you look out the window, you can see how the waves are beating on the shore. The Mediterranean style is not prohibited and the use of stretch fabric for the decoration of the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling in a Mediterranean interior.

The main thing is that it should be either white or a delicate blue color. The panoramic window on the ceiling looks extremely impressive. Blue and white colors naturally fill the room, and the sunlight becomes several times more.


The design of the walls in the Mediterranean style depends entirely on the chosen genre. If this is an Italian direction, then a mosaic, decorative plaster or imitation of brickwork will be a mandatory attribute of the cladding. The texture of the surface is left matte or slightly rough, but without signs of carelessness and incompleteness.

Zoning of the interior in the Mediterranean style.

In exceptional cases, design masters prefer to leave obvious irregularities. Most often they imitate waves or rustic wall treatment. It is rare when there is one material in the cladding.

Bedroom interior with stone elements.

It is common in the Mediterranean style – alternating materials, with the obvious predominance of one of them. For example, painted walls will be able to dilute part of the lining of wooden boards. It is not uncommon to find paint with plaster of the same tone or slightly different. As a rule, if it is a combination, then blue and white.


The style is associated with relaxation, a summer day, the sea coast. It promotes relaxation and helps to distract from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, strict furniture is replaced by comfortable soft models of different shapes. But not too futuristic.

Massive furniture in the living room.

Chairs and sofas with rounded smooth lines are suitable. Wicker chairs and tables. Objects of different shades similar in style look interesting. Upholstery made of leather or natural fabrics with a discreet pattern is welcome.

A feature of the Mediterranean style is considered to be furniture made in the same stylistic direction, but painted in completely different colors. This approach creates a resonant perception, but does not deprive the room of comfort and coziness.

Mediterranean style furniture.

Despite the full commitment of style to practicality, the furniture is not distinguished by pedantry and pretentious rigor. On the contrary, light elements of jewelry are acceptable. These can be carved or forged legs, unusual backs of chairs or sofas. All furniture is massive and comfortable.

Wooden chests play a special role in the Mediterranean style. They can replace the closet and be used to store clothes and shoes. As a rule, such elements are either really of historical value or artificially aged. Even in the storage system, a marine motif can be traced.

Mediterranean style living room.

Cabinets and dressers are selected in an extremely restrained performance. No unnecessary details, drawings and other decorative elements. Even plastic and metal elements, with the exception of forged parts, are not welcome.

In the Mediterranean style, the elements of furniture made of natural wood, simply treated with varnish, look great, so as not to interrupt the natural pattern of the tree. Wicker chairs and armchairs, hand-made dressers complement the interior with non-standard details that are unique to this room.

A chest instead of a table in the bedroom.

Only natural fabrics are used for upholstered furniture upholstery. Light drawings are acceptable, natural landscapes are especially welcome – leaves, twigs, floral motifs. The presence of open shelves made of various materials can be used to store books or several accessories in a theme.

Combining all the requirements for furniture for the Mediterranean style, several important features can be identified:

  • Only natural materials are used.
  • The colors are striped, monochrome, drawings on natural themes.
  • Simplicity and practicality of each element.
  • Light furniture decoration by forging or carving is acceptable.
  • The presence of pieces of furniture made with your own hands is welcome.
  • The presence of extraordinary elements – chests, anchor, globe, shells.

The idea of style and the history of its origin allow you to show imagination in the design. Globes, chests, imitation vintage Rum bottles or the steering wheel of a ship, all this can be used as a decor or carry a functional load.

Living room furniture.

Uncomplicated wooden chests are chosen for storing things. Cabinets, dressers, open shelves and shelves made of untreated wood will also complement the interior. It is important to choose models without an abundance of decor, carvings, decorations. Convenience of use, versatility and external restraint are put in the first place.

An important principle of Italian furniture is massiveness and comfort. And elegant forged details will complement the practical simple headset.

Interior lighting

What you really shouldn’t skimp on when creating an atmospheric Mediterranean style is artificial light sources. Chandeliers, floor lamps, table and wall lamps, sconces.

An interesting lighting option.

Individual elements or zones can be highlighted using LEDs.

Abundance of light sources in the interior.

All devices should be chosen with a hint of “antique” and with rustic simplicity. The lamps can be with ruffles or frills. Chandelier with forged elements. Floor lamp with a velvet fabric rim. All this will only emphasize the idea of direction and help make the room not only brighter, but also more interesting.

Additional light sources.


It is the details that will help to breathe the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast into the apartment. Panels of small shells and pebbles, large splayed shells, oil paintings in a marine theme, decorated in bright wooden frames.

Decorative pillows of different shades. Moldings on the ceiling, live plants in pots and tubs of contrasting color. Light curtains for windows and blinds. In a private house, windows can be decorated with wooden carved shutters.

Restraint of decor in a Mediterranean interior.

As a decoration in the Mediterranean style, you can use:

  • Seashells, sea stones, dried corals, both separately and in composition.
  • Indoor plants, where the decor is not themselves, but pots made in bright colors.
  • Tableware with prints with a marine theme.
  • Paintings depicting the sea, ships, marine life.
  • Colorful pillows.
  • Elements of forging or carving on furniture.
  • Glass vases are simply transparent or with a blue tint.
  • Original light sources.
  • Unusual furniture elements.
  • Textiles in warm tones.

Eclecticism in the Mediterranean interior.

It is important to remember that an abundance of accessories in the Mediterranean style is not welcome. The atmosphere should be light, calm, so the accumulation, even of thematic elements, will spoil the whole impression.

Living room decor.

Lace napkins and vases with a bouquet of wildflowers are also appropriate. Figurines, original lamps will complement the interior. It is important to choose the decor thoughtfully and thoroughly so as not to clutter up the room. The Mediterranean style retains airiness and freedom.

Mediterranean style in the interior of each room

The Mediterranean style is suitable for those who prefer a calm, measured life. Where time seems to freeze, forcing you to stop and think. It is equally simple and refined, and this is subject to the complete absence of elements of pathos and luxury.

Living room

The central room of a house or apartment is a living room. It welcomes guests and spends family evenings in front of the TV. The embodiment of the Mediterranean style in this room should convey the idea of direction as effectively as possible. Painting the walls and ceiling in white and blue colors will be an excellent solution.

Cozy living room.

Stripes in the interior or in the cladding will visually expand the boundaries of the room. To create a more pronounced effect, you can alternate the stripe and all shades of blue and light blue. For zoning, facing one of the walls with wood or imitation brickwork is suitable.

Mediterranean-style living room.

Finishing the floor with a wooden board will resemble the deck of a ship, and a striped rug thrown from above will complete the marine interior. Upholstered furniture for the living room should preferably be installed close to the wall around the perimeter of the room. And in the center or closer to the sofa, a massive wooden coffee table with carved legs will stand perfectly.

Blue and white interior.

Important: there should be a lot of free space in the room so that the feeling of lightness and ease does not leave everyone who gets into the atmosphere of the Mediterranean style. The walls can be decorated with paintings of seascape.

Living room with fireplace.

Choose calm scenes, the sea against the background of rustic fishing houses or sailing yachts in full calm. Stormy water plots can irritate the psyche and cause a feeling of discomfort, and this already contradicts the idea of the interior direction.

The interior of the living room in the Mediterranean style.


A massive bed with a wooden headboard or forged elements, light chintz curtains on the windows and wooden beams painted in white or delicate blue. For the bedroom, the alternation of colors will be more successful than ever, which will allow you to create a complete immersion in the marine atmosphere.

A simple and cozy bedroom.

The headboard of the bed can be made in the form of a ship’s steering wheel. Chests in the role of bedside lockers. And there is a souvenir globe on the wall shelves. To complete the image of a Mediterranean-style bedroom, a houseplant in the form of a palm tree will help.

Mediterranean style bedroom.

The color scheme should be conducive to rest. Choose pastel colors – yellow, beige, blue, you can add the color of natural greenery in a diluted amount. Pistachio tones will perfectly harmonize with the general background, and emphasize the idea of direction.

Mediterranean style bedroom.


A Mediterranean style bathroom is a great option that promotes complete relaxation. What could be more beautiful than relaxing after a hard day in the bathroom, where you feel like on the seashore. Bathroom accessories with a reference to the marine theme – shells, stars, a pebble rug.

Mediterranean style bathroom.

Naturally, the predominance of blue and light blue colors in the decoration of walls, floor and ceiling. Wood, due to the functional load of the room, can be used, but in limited quantities. These can be cabinets or racks, if the area of the room allows.

Spacious bathroom.

Special attention should be paid to lighting. The central area and additional lamps in tandem should create a bright soft light that touches every corner of the room. It is better to choose plumbing in a classic style and white color. It will perfectly fit the general background.

Bathroom textiles – towels, bathrobes should be chosen in soft pastel tones. It can be the same palette of blue or other natural shades. Since the bathroom space is often very limited, it is worth using more glass and reflective surfaces in order to create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness even in a small space.

Children’s room

For the organization of a children’s room, the Mediterranean style fits perfectly. This is not a room, but a real playground. Here you can arrange a whole treasure island or turn the interior into a ship. The steering wheel of the ship, a treasure chest in the form of things and an old telescope will help to recreate the idea of direction. The floor must be striped, you can have a long-pile rug. And on the bed is a soft, warm blanket of a delicate blue shade.

The interior of the children’s room in the Mediterranean style.

It is better to choose a desktop made of wood. Massive with drawers, somewhat aged, it will perfectly complement the atmosphere. Table and wall lamps in the form of lanterns with forged elements will not only be useful, but also complete the interior, made in a Mediterranean style. And the globe will help to emphasize the idea of the direction, which will also be useful to the child for general development.


The Mediterranean style was born not only based on the everyday habits of different peoples, but also on culinary traditions. It is associated with pistachios, olives, fresh fish and juicy fruits. Feel like a real cook in your kitchen in a special style.

Blue color in the interior.

For convenient organization of space and storage space, a modular sea-green kitchen with glossy facades is perfect. A good solution for the ceiling will be a white background with blue-painted transverse wooden beams.

Beautiful Mediterranean style kitchen.

A massive table and matching wooden chairs will help create the atmosphere of a simple rustic house. And the heaviness and bulkiness of the dining group can be diluted with openwork napkins or light tulle on a window made of natural fabric.

Kitchen-living room.

Photos of Mediterranean interiors for inspiration

The Mediterranean style will create a feeling of comfort and tranquility in the house. Pleasant natural shades will help you relax and set you up for a romantic mood.

Living room interior.

Living room in Mediterranean Tuscan style.

Dining area.


White bedroom with access to the terrace.

Dining group.

Dining area.

Kitchen living room.

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