Greek Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The harmonious, refined and elegant Greek style is fascinating. He loves order and classical canons about the presentation of a cozy interior. Here you can traditionally see stucco, sculptures and columns. Frescoes and full-length mirrors complement the interior and give it nobility. Stone or wooden ceilings, strict furniture in a classic style make the room cozy and comfortable. Just a paradise for people with a fine mental organization.

What associations come at the mention of Greek culture. A colonnade, arched doorways, nooks with sculpture and a fountain, a mural that illustrates scenes from mythology. All this characterizes the culture of ancient Greece.

Other components come to the modern interpretation of the Greek style. This is the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, a plantation of olives, aromatic red wine made from fresh grapes, as well as a magical homemade cheese. However, professional designers prefer antique Greece. Therefore, the interior is based on a cool marine range, as well as elements that relate to Ancient Greece.

Living room.

The history of the Greek style

The Greek style is one of the most ancient. It began to emerge 5,000 years ago. And only 2600 years ago it was formed in its perfect original form. It is clear that these are approximate figures, but agree, the scale is amazing. After all, enough time has passed and many other design trends have appeared, but Greek still remains at the peak of popularity.

Historians have divided the development of Greek culture into 5 stages:

  • The archaic period. At that time, the famous wise King Solomon ruled. Nothing is known about this period, in terms of design.
  • Early classical period. The origin of the Greek style. Culture begins to absorb all the best from different countries.
  • The classic period. This is the heyday of the Greek trend and the formation of a culture of construction. There are stone houses that are not only reliable, but also a work of art. At the same time, marble comes into fashion and is used for decoration and decoration of the interior.
  • Hellenism. The influence of Oriental culture complements the Greek style with smooth and curved lines. The art of creating sculptures is brought to perfection.
  • Roman power. At this time, antiquity and the classical canons of the Romans mixed with the ideas of the ideal of the Greeks. And even now they often confuse these two directions, creating just something in between them. Elegant, majestic and cozy.

Each of the stages influenced the formation of the final idea of the Greek style. Only one thing remains in common – the illustration of mythology, and for the Greeks – religion. The images that we know today as legends and exploits used to be an integral part of every home.

Living room.

Distinctive features of the Greek style in interior design

The main feature of the Greek direction is the color palette, the design of surfaces, the choice of lighting sources, as well as textiles and interior decorations. Let’s take a closer look.

Combination of white with natural shades

The design using only white tone is very popular. Naturally, in different variations. From gray to cream and sand. And only in jewelry allow a deviation from the neutral design.

Today, marine motifs are on the wave of special demand. This means that blue and light blue come into the color palette. And it is complemented by geometric patterns that remind us of waves. Only colors are chosen from a palette of muted and calm shades.


Wall decoration

A non-uniform surface is welcome. For example, realized with the help of plaster, masonry or whitewash, which was applied in a hurry. The most important thing is to bypass the feeling of perfectly smooth and even surfaces. They are decorated with patterns, frescoes and columns, “sunk” half into the wall.

Fresco and columns in the interior.

Ceiling height

In Greek culture, the ceiling was always high. And on its surface, images of mythological creatures were observed. Including the gods. If you are the owners of a house with high ceilings, repeat this technique. If the ceilings are low, the usual whitewash is enough.

Living room.

Heterogeneity of the floor texture

The floor covering necessarily harmonizes with the walls and ceiling. If there are elements of natural wood in their design, emphasize this with an elegant parquet. If there is plaster on the walls, a non-uniform rough tile is laid on the floor. A wall with imitation masonry – make a mosaic floor. The latter design is traditional for Greek culture.


Elements of natural textiles

The elegant Greek interior is only slightly complemented by fabric. At the same time, natural fibers of flax, cotton, bamboo are used. Curtains, traditionally, use the simplest ones without unnecessary details and ruffles. Always in the same tone, which is complemented by an ornament of geometric waves. The practical component is very important for the Greek direction. Curtains to protect from bright light and create magical sun glare, a canopy over the bed from flying insects, and charming pillows for comfortable sitting in an armchair.

Lightness in the interior.


The Greek style loves light. And this means that the abundance of lighting should be not only during the day, but also in the evening. It is important to pay special attention to the choice of lighting fixtures. Only too many lamps is also bad. It is important to find the golden mean, the ideal. In a small room, it is enough to hang only the central chandelier. In a larger room – add elegant wall sconces and elegant floor lamps. An important point: a simple geometric shape and finishing with natural materials.

Combined lighting in the living room.

Decorations in the style of Greek history

The following items are welcome: amphora, nude sculpture, wooden courts. And of course nowhere without arches, columns and stucco.

Art in the interior.


The Greek style is popular, and therefore there are many successful combinations that you can take as a basis and complement your vision.

  • White and blue. We have already talked about him. Today this is the most popular combination. Soothes, gives coolness and comfort.

Living room with dining area.

  • Sandy and olive. The gentle sand and plantations of olive trees beckon with their tenderness and relaxing nega.

Sandy shade with the addition of olive tone in the bedroom interior.

  • White and beige. The traditional design of the Greek style has always been realized in such a color scheme. Without bright spots and distortions in one of the shades. White should always dominate, in order to reproduce the magical atmosphere of ancient Greece.

Pure white combined with a beige shade in the bedroom.

Patterns and ornaments

  • A circle in a square. Such a symbol is the embodiment of harmony and beauty of forms.

Patterns in the interior of the Greek style.

  • Greek ornament “meander”. The most popular ornament in the Greek interior.

Greek meander in the interior.

  • Motifs of vegetation, flowers and animals.

Interior with ornate patterns on the walls.

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