Hallway in a private house: design ideas and tips

By | November 18, 2022

The first place where a person enters the house is the hallway. It does not belong to residential premises, however, it is the first room that welcomes guests at the entrance from the street. Acquaintance with the whole house begins with it, through it pass into the living rooms. The design of the hallway should be a link with all the interior spaces in the house, combine the style of all living rooms into one.

A room connecting the street with the living quarters of the house.

There is no need for fancy decor for the hallway, it should be furnished with comfortable, practical, multifunctional furniture, consist of easy-to-care materials. It is the hallway in a private house that is the most passable of all rooms. If residents of high-rise buildings leave part of the dirt brought from the street on the stairs and landing in front of the apartment, then in a private house it immediately gets into the hallway.

Functionality and convenience are very important.

This must be taken into account when choosing the design of the corridor environment. In the first place it is necessary to put quality, practicality, versatility, but do not forget about beauty, convenience, creating comfort. The entrance room should be equipped with modular furniture or a wardrobe where outerwear, bags, umbrellas, scarves with hats, and a shoe rack are stored. An open hanger should be provided for working, dusty, wet clothes.

Quality, comfort, versatility – the main criteria of the hallway.

Tips on the color design of the hallway in a private house

Not everyone in the house has a large hallway area. Basically, these are small rooms where you enter directly from the street. You can visually expand its boundaries with the help of a game of color and proper lighting. Cream, white, beige, sand, milk, golden, light gray colors and their shades are suitable for small hallways.

The play of light in expanding the boundaries of the room.

Against the background of walls painted in light, natural tones, furniture of any colors will look good. For example, against the background of gray walls, the polished surface of the chest of drawers, made in green or red, will look good. On the background of milk walls – pieces of chocolate-colored furniture.

Red chest of drawers on a light background.

For those who prefer bright colors, we advise you to embody them in the hallway furniture and its fittings. It is advisable to give preference to pieces of furniture with glossy and mirrored light facades.

Bright colors in furniture design.

Ceilings are painted in white or milky colors to give them height. When installing a stretch ceiling, it is worth giving preference to a glossy film.

Visually increase the height of the ceilings.

The LED lighting stretched along the perimeter of the ceiling will not only visually expand the boundaries of the hallway space, it will raise the ceiling even more, giving it weightlessness.

Interesting lighting design.

In the hallway with a window, which is illuminated by natural light, you can allow the predominance of saturated colors in the decoration.

Hallway with natural light.

Interior design style

Let’s not dwell too much on boring minimalism. To combine aesthetics and functionality, every seemingly insignificant detail of the interior should be carefully thought out in it. Minimalism provides for a minimum amount of furniture, almost complete absence of decor, wallpaper in a solid color or walls painted with paint.

Minimalist style.

Consider the Scandinavian style. He is able to give a small hallway naturalness, fill it with notes of modernity. And wooden floors and furniture with natural solid wood, made in light colors, will help to form the style. Wallpaper without a pattern or paint of milky, white, gray, and other light shades are suitable for wall cladding.

Scandinavian style.

Some people dislike the High-tech style with an abundance of metal parts, glass, plastic surfaces, cold concrete floor. It is distinguished from other styles by clarity, clarity, asceticism, beauty and practicality. Hi-tech style is suitable for small-sized entrance rooms. It implies a minimum of furniture and no frills.

Hi-tech style.

Owners of hallways with a large area can embody any fantasy in the interior of the room, using modern materials.

Hi-tech style.

Perhaps the best style for a private house will be the hallway, made in a rustic style. Country style in different countries has its differences, based on the folk traditions of its people. But everywhere it is based on simplicity and home comfort.

Rustic style.

It is characterized by: finishing with textured plaster or covering with a board made of natural wood. One of the options can be used clinker tiles, slate veneer, wallpaper with the image of nature.

You can expand the space of the hallway with the help of photo wallpapers.

The wooden floor in the hallway of a private house often suffers from moisture, so it is better to replace it with tiles. Furniture is selected from natural wood, rattan, natural materials (linen, leather) should prevail in the upholstery.

Rustic style is characterized by rustic furniture, benches, original decorative items, textiles made of natural materials.

Rustic furniture in the interior.

Provence style combines simplicity, comfort, rustic motifs and extravagant luxury. All together they contribute to the creation of a special spiritual, light home atmosphere.

Provence style.

Natural materials or their high-quality analogues are used in the decoration. Pistachio, lilac, pink shades predominate among the furniture, in textiles – flower drawings and a cage.

Hallway decoration with natural wood.

A gentle, cozy atmosphere is achieved by white, lavender, cream, pale blue, and other pastel tones in the interior. The hallway decor can be decorated with forged elements, natural fabrics, handmade accessories.

The original design of the hallway with a forged hanger.

In houses with a spacious hallway, priority is given to wooden furniture made of expensive wood, natural stone floor cladding, stucco on the ceiling, decorative gilded lamps.

Classic style.

The Art Nouveau style is relatively young, prone to minimalism, but nevertheless often in demand. There are no right angles in it, giving place to soft smooth lines, wildlife is in harmony with the latest technologies. The style combines simplicity with flexibility and sophistication.

Art Nouveau is distinguished from other styles by the arched shape of the ceilings, the roundness of the lines, the predominance of natural materials over artificial, plant motifs. This is a combination of classics with modernity.

The choice of material for finishing hallways in a private house

The easiest way to arrange the hallway is to hire a professional designer. But, if desired, it is quite possible to do it on your own, if you adhere to the basic rules in the selection of finishing materials. As for the decor, a stand for umbrellas, a clock is enough for the hallway, if the area allows, then a couple of paintings. Well, it is necessary to have a mirror with illumination or a mirrored cabinet facade.

Floor covering

The floor in the hallway carries the most load. These are raindrops dripping from wet clothes, snow melting from shoes. The floor suffers from women’s heels, wheels and blades of children’s skates, fragments of street dirt and sand constantly remain on it. So a parquet board that is afraid of moisture, or a quickly wiped linoleum for covering the hallway floor is not suitable. It is better to choose a tile or one of the types of stone for the floor (marble, granite, slate, sandstone). It all depends on the purchasing power of the owners of the house.


Often, when undertaking repairs, the owners do not bother much with the ceilings of the hallway. But their design can expand the space of the entrance room, hide the existing shortcomings, give the room additional comfort and beauty.

Visually increases the height of the entrance room ceiling decoration in light colors. It is suitable for dark finishing of floors and walls in bed shades. For high ceilings in the hallways, you can use dark tones. They not only do not spoil their appearance, but give the room an atmosphere of comfort. Stretch ceilings hide the irregularities of ceiling ceilings well. The matte surface of the stretch structure does not cast glare, it fits any interior.

Gloss reflects light well, making a small room visually more spacious and bright. The glare reflected from the gloss fills the room with luxury and glamour. Satin-covered ceilings have elegance and grace. They are able to change their shade of color depending on the slope of the light hitting them.

Tension structures can consist of one level and several. But still, no matter how high the ceilings in a private house are, it is not necessary to use more than two levels for the hallway. However, as well as for drywall structures. The ceiling in the hallway should have a simple shape. To emphasize the beauty of the ceiling along its perimeter, you can use imitation stucco decorations.


Textured plaster, untreated brick, tiles imitating natural rocks of stone, you can decorate one of the walls of the hallway, for example, in the area of the mirror. It is not necessary to decorate all the walls of the hallway with such a finish. One of the walls, less crowded with furniture, can be pasted with nature-printed wallpaper or any light-tone wallpaper.

Wall decoration with wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper, of course, is not the best option for the hallway. The most reliable in terms of wear resistance and resistance to moisture are fiberglass. They consist of only natural materials: clay, dolomite, soda, lime, quartz sand. They are not subject to fire, deformation, burnout, do not emit toxic substances harmful to human health. They can be painted and repainted.

Fiberglass is the best place to store sports equipment.

The simplest methods of finishing include painting the walls with latex, silicate, silicone, acrylic paints. They dry quickly, have a wide range of shades, and are easily cleaned of dirt. It is especially convenient to cover arches, niches, and other protruding structures with paints. Decorative plaster is made of environmentally friendly materials, has good breathability, is strong, durable, resistant to mechanical damage.

Decorative plaster in the decoration of the walls of the hallway.

Expensive decorative plaster can be replaced with cheaper micro-cement. It holds well on any base, be it wood, concrete or metal. The surface covered with micro-cement is durable, it is not affected by mechanical influences. With the help of a composite coating based on cement, smooth, rough, matte and embossed surfaces are created.

Micro cement in the design of the hallway.


A poorly lit hallway area can create a lot of inconvenience for the residents of the house and their guests. In the corridors with stairs and thresholds, you can stumble, stumble and even fall. It’s hard to look for things in a poorly lit room.

For general lighting, it is convenient to use hanging lamps, spot light sources, overhead models mounted on the surface of walls and ceiling. Local lighting is convenient to use for lighting mirrors. It illuminates the interior shelves of cabinets and other functional areas well. For local hallway lighting, sconces, slots, any spotlights are most suitable.

Combined hallway lighting.


Choosing furniture for hallways is not as easy as it seems at first glance. First of all, it should be multifunctional, comfortable, combined with the style of living rooms. Due to the limited area of the corridor, preference is given to shallow cabinets with sliding doors. Swing doors will take up a lot of free space when they are opened.

For hallways with limited space, an open type of hangers with hooks for clothes is suitable, with the presence of an upper shelf for hats, dressers that can simultaneously serve to store hats, gloves, keys, accessories, it is convenient to put a phone, received mail, documents on their upper surface. Low tables can be used at the same time as a place to store various small things and replace the banquette.

Spacious hallways are equipped with wardrobes, an open hanger, dressers, cabinets with seats. Of the materials, preference is given to natural wood or its high-quality imitation. Brass handles framed by carvings and curved legs of furniture items look beautiful in private housing construction.

Not only the style of furniture affects the interior of the room. An unusual frame, an exotic hanger, a housekeeper on the hallway wall, a vase with flowers on a chest of drawers or a bedside table can give stylishness to a mirror.

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