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By | November 17, 2022

A real cocktail of antiques and modernity, objects of different styles and eras, charming negligence and luxury. All this is the French style in the interior.

The style is ambiguous, filled with the aesthetics of several trends, accommodates the traditions of extensive French geography and history. It intertwines the rustic simplicity of Provencal houses and the splendor of Parisian boudoirs.

Living room.

The origin of the French style

Throughout its existence, France has seen majestic and pompous classicism, offered the world geometrically clear Art Deco and fabulously exciting Art Nouveau. The palace halls of the kings were decorated in luxurious and elegant Baroque, and later in playful feminine Rococo. But perhaps the most gentle of the French styles is Provence with its simplicity, lightness and homely comfort.

Living room.

Characteristic features of the style

There are still houses of pre-war construction in Paris. They are distinguished by high ceilings, carved cornices and moldings, parquet floors and decorative wall panels of Bauzeri. Such rooms are highly valued for their beauty.

The French style is not afraid of minimalism and suggests leaving some space empty, creating a feeling of airiness and freedom in the room. The interior is decorated with elegant sculptures and paintings.

Spacious living room.

The style palette is based on a soft white color without yellow or blue. A slightly pinkish or cream shade will become the background for beautiful details. Deeper muted tones are allowed in the decor: terracotta, wine, blue, mint, brown. The decoration and furniture are dominated by wood shades, gray, blue, burgundy, chocolate. Black and gold are used minimally. More often for placing accents.

The Provencal range of colors is more diverse and warm: sunny yellow, turquoise, lavender, smoky pink, blue, shades of metal. Provence prefers copper, brass, patinated bronze to gold.

Living room in beige shades.

Important Features:

  • natural materials;
  • a wide selection of decorative elements;
  • eclecticism, vintage and antiques – a mix of vintage and modern items;
  • the color scheme is in muted and pastel tones;
  • large windows and plenty of daylight;
  • the basis of the style is the “right” white color with a light pinkish tone;
  • freedom and airiness of space;
  • abundance of textiles.

Living room with bright accents.

Probably due to the extensive history of French interior design, the French themselves inevitably choose antiquity instead of modern innovations. They appreciate vintage and antique pieces of furniture and decor. Houses and apartments are decorated accordingly.

Kitchen-living room.

Eclecticism of the French style

The combination of carved armchairs and a forged coffee table with a coffee maker of the last century and a modern chest of drawers allows you to travel through time without a special machine. The French style boldly combines shades, textures, materials and objects from different eras despite the contradictions.

Living room.

Carelessness in French

Sometimes, in order to create deliberate negligence, designers have to try. This is not about chaotically laid out books or things scattered on the floor. French negligence introduces an element of creative disorder and perfectly combines the incongruous. But there should not be too many objects, shapes and shades, otherwise it will be difficult to relax in such a room.


Finishing materials

The walls can be painted, covered with textured plaster or wallpapered with printed ornaments. All kinds of moldings at the junction with the ceiling are welcome. The latter are traditionally tall, painted or plastered. A stretch option is allowed, but if the ceiling is low, it is better not to reduce the height even more.

The floors are covered with natural wood, parquet or stone. Ceramic tiles imitating marble or mosaic are allowed in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. The same material is suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls, as well as for finishing a kitchen apron.

Living room.

Furniture and accessories

Antiquity, reverently loved by the French, is embodied in furniture. Antique armchair with carved curved legs, armrests and high back. A mirror decorated in a vintage wooden frame. A coffee table purchased at a flea market. A bird cage with a twisted ornament. It is important that each subject has its own story.

Living room.

The French try not to boast of well-being, but they choose high-quality items for the house. Antique and vintage accessories fill every room. Objects with traces of antiquity look great. It is not necessary that there are strong scuffs on the surface of the chest of drawers, and the paint on the door is cracked. The slightly faded upholstery of the chair is enough. Patina on bronze and forged parts.

Dining area in the living room.

For a classic setting, choose a wardrobe with glass doors, a low sofa and armchair, a coffee table with curved legs. A bed with a carved, forged, or textile headboard is installed in the bedroom. A canopy can be placed above it. Bathroom fixtures are left white or replaced with pastel options. A free-standing bathtub on gilded or copper lion paws looks elegant and luxurious.

Living room.

Upholstered furniture is also antique, but modern armchairs matching in color or style can be matched to an elegant sofa. The main thing is not to violate the integrity of the composition. So a built-in wardrobe or chest of drawers with clear straight lines, a heart-shaped pouf or an original steampunk chandelier will look superfluous in a French-style interior.

Living room.

The glossy sheen of surfaces and upholstery will also have to be abandoned. Things are stored in low wooden cabinets with carved doors, and lighting devices are chosen classic, with matte shades, lampshades or lamps stylized as candles.

Living room.


The French love natural daylight, so the windows in houses and apartments are mostly high and wide. Panoramic glazing with full or partial opening is appropriate. This option will visually make the room wider.

Artificial light is placed locally in the rooms. In addition to a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, floor lamps are placed on the floor, original antique sconces are hung on the walls, and a candelabra or lamp is placed on the bedside table.

Living room.


Fabrics are an important component of any direction of French style. Hand-made bedspreads, embroidered decorative pillows, carpets, curtains and tablecloths. Carpets with short pile are especially appreciated. Less often used with long or animal skins.

Silk, cotton and satin are popular among the French. In addition, there is a printed cotton Tual de Jouy. It is used for draperies, canopies, bed linen.

Living room.

Variations of the French style in interior design

The French interior is diverse. But still, the French style is usually divided into several directions. When decorating the interior, you should adhere to several important rules so that the room turns out to be neat, and the direction is traced.

Living room.


A distinctive feature of the style is warm shades and a cozy atmosphere. There are almost no saturated bright colors in it. The interior is built on white, light gray and wood.

As a decoration, paintings in wooden frames, luxurious chandeliers with crystal pendants, ornate Rococo furniture made of natural materials are suitable. The mirrors are enclosed in gold frames, and wrought-iron candlesticks are placed on the coffee table.

Classic French style.


Elements of antiquity, antiques and vintage coexist here with brighter shades, and modern objects. The furniture is minimal, leaving only the most necessary filling the space with air and lightness. Family photos in sepia or black and white are hung on the walls. Large framed paintings.

Modern French style.


A little rustic romance is transferred to a city apartment or house. Finishing is often done with textured materials in pastel colors. Decorative plaster, vinyl wallpaper with ornaments, untreated wood.

The furniture is simple from unpainted wood or in shades of turquoise, lavender, azure. In such an interior there are many live plants in pots, bouquets of flowers in vases or dried flowers. A few sprigs of lavender in a low jar or glass looks original.

French style Provence.

Any direction of the French style will allow you to create a beautiful, and most importantly comfortable interior. Minimalism in the decor, furniture and palette will remind you of your own feelings. Such an interior will definitely appeal to romantics, subtle sensual natures and those who are fond of philosophy. A nice feature of the style is that it can really be implemented in a room with any area and even with a minimal budget.


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