Eco-Style Nursery Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Eco style is gaining popularity every year. Hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens are decorated in this style. All in order to be closer to nature. This direction is ideal for the nursery. After all, parents are always worried about the health of the child. And it is difficult to imagine a more environmentally friendly and useful style for immunity. So, in this article we will look at the distinctive features of eco-design and ways to implement it in the children’s room.

Children’s room in eco style.

Features of eco-style in the design of a children’s room

The nursery is a special place where there is no place for danger and anxiety. Joy and cheerful laughter settle here. Therefore, there are special requirements for this room. Let’s consider the main features of eco-style.

  • Abundance of air, lighting and space. This style, as well as nature, does not like restrictions.

Spacious children’s room.

Bright and cozy children’s room.

  • Natural materials in the decoration of the floor, ceiling and walls. This is logical and encrypted in the very name of the style.

The original design of the children’s room.

Natural decoration of the interior of the children’s room.

  • Bright interior with a touch of minimalist. Light natural colors have a positive effect on the child’s psyche.

A minimum of details.

Compactness and functionality.

Everything that is in the room and with which your baby will interact is connected with ecology. A calm palette of shades, lively vegetation, warm energy of natural materials. This symbiosis will appeal to anyone, even the most fastidious parent.

Realistic design.

Bright and cozy children’s room.

Warm contrast of decoration elements.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Natural materials are used in the decoration of all surfaces of the children’s room. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Wall decoration

  • Photo wallpapers. The most common option for a children’s room. It can be a tree with forest heroes, an image of grass, bamboo, forest. Everything that is connected with nature and will be interesting to the child. Just choose paper wallpaper, they are the most environmentally friendly.

Photo wallpapers perfectly complement the interior of the nursery.

Atmospheric and tasteful.

  • Paint. The easiest and less expensive way to decorate the walls of the nursery. Choose a monochrome coloring or with the application of stylistic drawings and murals.

The gray tone of the walls in the children’s room.

  • Natural wallpaper with the texture of jute, ramie, flax. They will become a wonderful neutral background for the entire interior.

Beautiful interior design.

  • River pebbles. They are applied in an even layer on the wall that they want to make accent. Or even allocate a small strip and decorate in this way.

A variant of decorative wall decoration using natural stone.

  • Wooden panels. A great way to highlight a part of the wall or a functional area in the nursery. This is often how the place behind the bed is decorated, since it is the center of the entire interior composition.

Interior design of a children’s room on the attic floor.

  • Decorative plaster. It comes in different colors and it is easier to make decorative accents with it. In addition, the presence of different textures in the nursery is welcome. The child will study the walls and replenish the stock of tactile sensations.

Decorative plaster on the walls.

  • Fresh flowers. Other rooms, in eco style, require an abundance of plants. The nursery is no exception. But here you need to approach wisely. Place them so that the child could not get them. Unless, of course, you have a very little one. For older children, the rules are the same as in the basic concept of eco-style. There should be a lot of plants, flowers, cacti.

Landscaping of the children’s room.

Plants in the nursery create a special microclimate, soothe the child.

  • Cork tree. A wonderful eco-friendly option. It’s very warm. And it also has excellent sound insulation, which is very important for the nursery.

Cork wood wall decoration.

Floor finishing

  • We recommend using parquet flooring for finishing the floor. Laminate flooring won’t do here. This is an artificial substitute that does not fit into the style of eco at all.

Parquet flooring.

Children’s room.

  • You can also lay a marmoleum. This is the same linoleum, only made of natural materials.

Marmoleum in the interior.

Covering the floor with marmoleum.

  • Cork finish. Just like on the wall, it perfectly isolates all sounds. And the neighbors below will not complain about the noise.

Cork floor in the interior.

Cork wood floor finishing material.

Ceiling finishing

  • Paint. The most suitable material for the ceiling. Do not complicate the interior with unnecessary details. It is not necessary to build multi-level structures from drywall. As simple and fast as possible. The shade is usually chosen white or light warm. It will visually lighten the dark corners and due to this it will seem higher.

Universal white in ceiling decoration.

Interior design of the nursery on the attic floor.

A cozy and bright children’s room.

  • Wooden beams. This method should be used when the nursery space allows. The room should be spacious and the ceilings are high. Also, lighting in abundance is an important point. Only then can such a decor be placed on the ceiling. In other cases, just paint.

High ceilings with wooden beams.

Spacious children’s room with high ceilings.

  • Cork finish. The same rules as for wooden beams. And only accentuated if the concept of the developed design requires it.

An example of the design of a ceiling made of cork.

Decorative elements

All interior decorations in the children’s room should be fixed on the walls and not interfere with fun games.

  • Decorative lining made of plywood. You can make them in the form of trees, deer, birds and even a silhouette of a world map. They are left in their natural form or painted in natural shades.

Ergonomic design of the children’s room.

Wooden decor.

  • Round sections of the tree. A beautiful decoration. You can lay out a whole panel of such roundels. They are made of different diameters and shades. It looks spectacular.

Decorative wall decoration made of cut trees.

An example of the design of a panel made of a cut of trees.

  • Live plants. We have already talked about them above. They are placed on the wall so that the baby cannot reach them. Otherwise, nature will not stay in this room for long. But it is very useful to bring the baby to the flowers and allow him to touch them with his fingers.

Using plants enlivens the room.

  • Lampshades for lamps. They are made from tree branches or rattan plaits. They are also a decoration in the nursery.

Original design of ceiling lampshades.

Creative in everything.

Pieces of furniture in the interior of the nursery

Furniture is selected in simple shapes from natural materials. Wood, rattan weaving, natural textiles on upholstered chairs. Do not overload the interior with diverse sets. Start from the size of the room. If the room is spacious, then you can even make a hanging wooden house for the baby. It’s like he’s on a tree, which will confirm his image on the wallpaper.

If space is limited, use only the essentials. Bed, table, chair, bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase. Sometimes even such a set will be too voluminous. Remember, eco style loves a little minimalist. Cleanliness and order, space and freedom, the energy of heat and the sun. Here are the feelings that should remain from the final result.

Design of a children’s room in calm colors.

Natural materials in interior decoration.

Bright accents.

The original design of the children’s room.

An atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

Interior design functionality.

The idea of decorating a children’s room for two.

Textiles in the children’s room

Textiles in the nursery should not take all the attention. But if you have a wallpaper with a floral ornament, you can repeat it on the curtains. And it will look interesting. Is it worth mentioning that all textile elements are made of natural materials. Such as cotton, jute, ramie, flax. They have a natural palette of shades. The other one will not come out if the condition of naturalness is met.

We need to think over another nuance. In the daytime, curtains should not interfere with sunlight spreading golden rays around the room.

Cheerful design of the children’s room.

Practical interior design.

Interior design of a small children’s room.

Interior decoration made of natural materials.

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