Eco-Style Living Room Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Modern artificial materials look stylish and are on trend. But environmental friendliness and nature have always attracted people. The eco-style popular today is the direction of the interior – a natural oasis in an apartment or house. How to decorate a living room in this design direction, we will tell you in this article.

Eco-style living room.

Distinctive features of eco-style for the living room

  • Natural materials.

The interior is decorated with wooden, ceramic, clay, glass materials. As well as live plants and an abundance of natural light.

Maximum use of natural materials.

Clay pots fit perfectly into the interior.

The use of glass shelves in the interior.

  • Simplicity and grace.

There is no place for false decorations and small unnecessary details. Only the simplicity of forms and the elegance of nature.

Cozy and warm atmosphere.

Living room design option.

The interior in the eco-style living room is conducive to conversations.

Original interior design of the living room, no frills.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A cozy place in a city apartment.

  • Use of energy-saving and water-saving systems.

Taking care of nature lies in this point. After all, the one who tries to be closer to her will not abuse her resources.

Living room in white.

Panoramic windows allow you to save electricity.

  • Abundance of light.

A bright and spacious room is characteristic of eco-style. After all, in nature we are not limited in these components.

Natural light.

Combined lighting.

Panoramic windows – as an excellent source of natural light.

Light, cozy and beautiful.

Amazing play of light.

  • Abundance of living plants.

Cacti, moss, flowers, living walls of vegetation. All this should be in abundance to create a natural interior.

The eco-style living room has a special energy and comfort. It feels the unique energy of nature and freedom. The interior becomes a breath of fresh air or a breeze in the hot desert of gray.

Green color – has a positive effect on the psyche.

Using a large number of plants.

Warm summer mood.

Original design solution.

The presence of plants in the room lifts the mood.

Palette of shades

If we are talking about nature, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about color is green. All right. All shades of green from light to deep dark and swampy are welcome in this interior. All the natural colors that we observe when we go out for the weekend are encouraged. Brown – tree bark, yellow – wood cut, clay – pebbles underfoot, pink – sunset, blue – sky. All colors are soft muted tones, just like in nature.

Eco style in the living room.

Natural shades in interior design.

A successful combination of shades.

Pastel tone combined with an accent sofa.

Finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling

In the decoration of all surfaces in the living room, natural materials should be chosen.

Floor finishing

  • Cork tree. In addition to the fact that it looks stylish and will give off warm energy, this material has excellent sound insulation.

Cork flooring.

  • Parquet flooring. A versatile coating that will never lose its grace.

Use of parquet flooring.

  • Ceramic tiles. It is important to choose a natural shade and texture.

Interesting floor decoration in the living room with ceramic tiles.

  • Carpets with natural pile or fiber. They will create an amazingly cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living room.

Large and warm carpet.

Wall decoration

  • Decorative wooden or bamboo panels. This eco-friendly solution is suitable in the interior of the living room.

Wall decoration with bamboo panel.

Using a decorative wooden wall panel.

  • Wallpaper using natural algae fibers, jute, bamboo. Paper ones will also work, pick them up with the image of a textile fabric.

Photo wallpapers enliven the room.

Using 3D Wallpapers.

Bamboo wallpaper looks great.

  • Natural stone. It is not necessary to decorate all the walls in stone, it does not add comfort. But to highlight some fragment – please.

The use of natural stone in the interior.

Original design.

  • Paint. A classic of the genre that does not lose its relevance in this style. Choose a water-based paint, it is the most environmentally friendly of the entire range.

The eco-style living room is all playing with colors.

Olive tone of the walls.

  • Decorative stones. Such as river, pebble or sea with the addition of shells. But be careful with the latter. Shells in large quantities spoil the interior.

Decorative elements in interior design.

  • Rice paper with natural ornaments. It is widely used in Japanese styles, where they also like environmental friendliness and simplicity.

Ceiling finishing

  • Water-based paint. The ideal solution would be to opt for white. It will lighten all the dark areas and create the impression of more space and air.

The white color of the ceiling is the basis of the living room interior.

Bright decorative elements.

  • Wooden panels. It is better to use accentuated, and not on the entire ceiling. In this case, it will be a stylish solution.

Wooden beams in the interior.

The use of wooden panels in the interior.

It is worth abandoning multilevel drywall structures. Remember that eco style likes simple and understandable forms. There is no need to complicate where it is not required.


Furniture is selected from natural materials. Such as natural wood, bamboo, rattan. Modern technologies in the form of chipboard will not be able to fill the interior with warmth and comfort to the extent necessary for this direction in design. Stone and glass elements are also added.

Upholstered furniture also likes a natural approach. Linen and cotton textiles will fit perfectly. Sometimes natural leather is used, only dosed. Remember that eco style loves space, lots of light and the living energy of plants. Therefore, you should not focus on furniture, a touch of minimalism will never hurt.

Rattan chairs and a table look beautiful in the interior.

Cozy and homey.

Finishing of furniture and decorative items made of solid wood.

Cotton textiles.

Leather furniture.

Decorative elements

In this interior you can find really unique and original things. Because it uses handmade crafts, tree slices that remind us of nature in cozy circles. Lamps, woven from branches, ornaments in the shape of a bird’s nest, rattan baskets. Even moss and grass will find their use here and harmoniously fit into this oasis of freshness and comfort. Fresh flowers and cacti in large numbers also decorate and complement the interior.

Vertical gardening.

Decorative elements.

Wall decor in the form of circles from a cut of trees.

Curtains are not the last element of decoration. They are made of natural linen or cotton fabrics. Ideally, they gently remind of themselves with their warm energy. But not by color contrast. They are selected in the tone of the walls so that they simply complement, and do not take all the attention on themselves.

Light linen curtains.

Cotton Curtains.

Lighting for the living room

It will take a lot of lighting. In the daytime it is natural light, in the evening it is artificial. Therefore, it is desirable that the windows in the living room are large, and ideally panoramic. Wood decors are chosen as window frames. For the dark time of the day, think about the illumination system. The light should not be bright, soft unobtrusive sources are needed, which will fill the interior of the living room with comfort and warmth.

Chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps made of rattan, woven vines, jute fibers, algae, and rami fabrics will look great in the living room. Be sure to make several levels of lighting and provide dim relaxing lighting for cozy evenings.

Original lighting.

Cozy atmosphere due to warm lighting.

Incredibly magical atmosphere.

Interesting design of lamps.

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