Eco-Style Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

People have always aspired to nature. And the more elements of technological progress surround people, the greater the need for such ordinary, but such lively greenery. The fresh air and the unhurried atmosphere of nature attracts like a magnet. And in the conditions of concrete walls and the lifelessness of everyday life, the desire for nature increases more and more every day. Therefore, many have already appreciated all the advantages of an eco-friendly interior. How to realize your oasis of wildlife in your hallway, we will tell you in this article.

Hallway interior.

Advantages of eco-style for the hallway

  • The atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, which are antidepressants for urban residents.

Bright hallway.

Eco style in the hallway.

Spacious entrance hall.

The use of warm shades in the interior.

  • Natural materials in all elements of decoration, decor and furniture have a beneficial effect on human health.

Creative hallway interior design.

The use of natural materials in the interior.

Solid wood in the interior.

The design of the hallway in eco style.

  • Fantasy without borders. Here you can really open up. After all, there is only one rule – natural materials. Otherwise, your flight of imagination is not limited.

Decorative accents in the interior.

Interesting wall decoration.


Hallway design using natural materials.

Nuances of the design of the hallway in eco style

Since this is an eco-style, it is logical to assume that only natural, eco-friendly materials will be used in the interior of the hallway. In addition, there should be motifs of greenery, trees, flowers. Every detail is thought out and becomes an element of a harmonious natural environment. Eco style is also characterized by an abundance of light and space.

As a result, you get a bright, spacious hallway that will meet and accompany you. Let’s list a few points that should be taken into account in order to implement such an eco-interior.

  • Lighting is selected as close as possible to daylight.

Spot lighting.

Unusual hallway interior design.

  • The presence of a touch of minimalist. Compact and functional furniture that does not take up much space.

Compactness and functionality.

Minimum details in the interior.

  • The color scheme consists of shades that we meet in nature.

Cozy atmosphere.

Recreating the atmosphere of presence in nature.

Olive tone in the interior.

  • The walls and floors are decorated with wood, stone and ceramics.

Ceramic floor covering.

Granite and wood.

  • The ceiling is always light.

Universal white ceiling in the interior.

Interior decoration option.

  • The presence of fresh flowers and plants.

In the design of the eco-style hallway, it is not recommended to use artificial furniture substitutes, synthetic materials. They will never bring you closer to nature and the interior will not be even close to what is required for this direction. The magic of this design direction is not contained in making a similar picture. It’s about filling the room with the living energy of natural materials.

Following these recommendations, you can easily create a harmonious and natural interior for the hallway.

The use of plants in the interior.

Interesting wall decoration.

Stabilized moss in the interior.

Ecological design of the hallway.

Color palette

The eco-style color scheme for the hallway consists of shades of nature. All shades of green, sky, sand, the colors of wood and stones underfoot, as well as clay shades. With their help, it will not be difficult to create thousands of harmonious combinations. And nature will inspire you and tell you the right ratios.

It is worth mentioning about the bright colors that have nothing to do with nature. It is not recommended to use them. Even in accents. Of course, many have already experimented and received a beautiful harmonious interior, which has nothing to do with eco-friendly soft style. Therefore, if you really want bright shades in the interior, it is better to choose a different style for yourself.

Fancy decorative elements and drawings are also not recommended for use. Eco style is the simplicity and elegance of nature. No falsehoods and lies. Only the truth and a warm atmosphere of calm.

Warm shades in the interior.

Interior design option.

Finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling

You have already guessed that the finishing of all surfaces is carried out with natural materials. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Wall decoration

  • Paper wallpaper. Monophonic or with a floral ornament will do. Photo wallpapers depicting a tropical forest or any natural painting will also look amazing.

Entrance hall with accent wall.

Wallpaper with a pattern.

  • Natural stone. It will give off the cold energy of freshness and tranquility of centuries-old silence.

Wall decoration with natural stone.

  • Decorative wooden panels. The warmth and comfort of natural wood on the walls will not leave anyone indifferent.

Spacious entrance hall with decorative trim.

  • Textile wallpaper. The element of natural textiles in the hallway will look original and add a touch of special home warmth.
  • Paint. Simple and eco-friendly and very stylish.

Muted blue tone in the interior.

Gray shade in the interior.

Smoky shade in the interior.

  • A wall of living plants. This no longer applies to decoration, but to decoration, but still we will tell you about it. Live plants are planted on parts of the wall from the floor to the ceiling. This is done using a special technology. And it looks simply stunning.

A special atmosphere in the interior.

  • Plastic, non-woven and vinyl wallpaper are not recommended for use in the decoration of the hallway, no matter how natural they look. Remember? The main thing is the atmosphere and the living energy. And artificial materials will not be able to give you this.

Plants – as an integral attribute of the interior of the hallway in eco-style.

Floor finishing

  • Parquet flooring. The most common option, but no less stylish. It will never lose its relevance. It is practical and made of natural wood of different breeds. Therefore, you will easily be able to choose a suitable color and shape option for yourself.

Parquet in the hallway.

Parquet flooring.

  • Plank floor. In some variations it looks even more stylish than parquet.

Design of the hallway with a plank floor covering.

  • Porcelain stoneware. Another natural and practical option for the hallway. It cools the atmosphere, but does not diminish the comfort.

Finishing the floor with granite.

Ceiling finishing

This is an item that requires maximum simplicity in execution. There is no need for unnecessary difficulties. Light-colored paint will fit perfectly. If space allows and you have a spacious hallway with high ceilings, decorate wooden beams. That will be enough. The ceiling, like the sky in nature, loves freedom and light.

High ceilings with wooden beams.

Hallway design in bright colors.

Original, no frills.

Hallway lighting

Eco-style welcomes the abundance of natural light. And if sunlight enters the hallway through the windows, there is no need to put obstacles to it and darken the precious resource. If natural light does not get into the hallway and there is an opportunity to redevelop – do it. In other cases, you will have to make do with artificial lighting.

Electrical sources are selected with the most natural radiation. The light should be moderately bright and soft. To do this, install overhead lighting and complement it with decorative wall lamps. It is allowed to use the backlight.

Bright hallway.

Spacious and bright hallway.


LED lighting in the hallway.

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