How to choose curtains for the bedroom: design ideas and tips

By | January 4, 2023

Choosing curtains is a responsible and difficult matter. They should not get out of style, serve as a decor and reliably hide the room from the sun’s rays. The final appearance of the entire bedroom may depend on the correct selection.

Bedroom in a classic style.

Where to start choosing?

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account various nuances. For example, which side the windows of the room face. A bedroom with windows facing west or south will be filled with sunlight and curtains with blackout effect will be more suitable for it. And to the windows to the north or east, you can choose lighter fabrics.

It is important to remember about the area of the room. In narrow and elongated ones, it is better to choose drawings with horizontal stripes. They will help to visually adjust the layout of the room. And in a bedroom with a low ceiling, it is recommended to choose a pattern with vertical stripes to visually pull the room up.

When choosing, you should take into account the style of the bedroom and the furniture in it. Upholstery and curtains should be combined according to the density and texture of the material. The shade is selected based on the overall palette. Contrasting colors are appropriate, but in combination with other bright interior elements.

Combination of blue shades in textiles.


Perfect for a bedroom:

  • Silk is a luxurious appearance, but an inconvenience in care. Silk requires careful washing and fades in the sunlight.
  • Cotton – settles after washing, pleasant to the touch.
  • Flax is natural, environmentally friendly, easy to care for, but it crumples quickly.
  • Satin – looks great on windows and is combined with bedding made of the same material.
  • Tapestry is a dense fabric embroidered with images of landscapes, hunting scenes and others. Suitable for Gothic style and large area bedrooms.

Black and white.

What to combine curtains in the bedroom with?

Like any interior item, curtains are chosen carefully and taking into account the details already available: the shade of furniture, materials and colors of decoration, the style of the room.


Combination with wallpaper

In a bedroom with dark walls, light curtains close to them in shade and vice versa will be appropriate. Dark curtains combined with light walls will help balance the room. Achieve harmony and balance.

Curtains are chosen especially carefully for wallpaper with drawings. A large print will look especially good with monochrome curtains to match any element. A small and discreet one will allow you to choose curtains with a thematic pattern.

Mint color.

Combination with the interior palette

It is important to rely not only on the shade of the wallpaper, but also on the rest of the range of colors. After all, the atmosphere in the room is created by general harmony.

Classic interior.

If the bedroom is designed in a single palette, then you can combine curtains with other textiles – bedspreads, rugs, sofa pillows. With an abundance of light tones, curtains are chosen darker and vice versa. This will create a beautiful cozy interior.

A combination of white and shades of light blue.

Types of curtains

Modern salons offer the buyer a lot of options to choose from. The difference is not only in texture, fabrics or colors, but also in design.

Panoramic window.

Rolled curtains

Some of the most popular today. They consist of a canvas, a bracket and a lifting mechanism. An important advantage of such models is their versatility. They are equally good for a bedroom, kitchen, children’s room or living room. In addition, they are easy to care for – they do not require periodic washing, drying and ironing.

Roman curtains

Elegant and original thanks to the neat folds that form the canvas when lifting. In the bedroom, they look neat and add lightness to the room. They fit perfectly into most interior design styles.

Provence style.

French curtains

They are often used not only functionally, but also as decoration. Lush folds add lightness and volume. Usually they are sewn from thin fabrics: organza, taffeta or satin.

Designers do not recommend this design option for small spaces. Because of the abundant drapery on the curtains, the bedroom will look even smaller. They are best suited for rooms in luxurious styles, adding to their splendor.


This is the name of curtains made of dense fabric, which are located on top of a thin curtain. The dense fabric reliably protects the bedroom from sunlight, dust and noise. They look original in classic interiors.

Purple drapes.


They differ from the usual ones in that they are lifted and adjusted with a cord. Original lambrequins, weaving, braid, heavy brushes on hooks add luxury and elegance.

Cozy atmosphere.


Another name is most suitable for them – screens. According to their system, they are close to sectional blinds. This is not one canvas, but several, united on the basis.

Beige color.


In appearance, they resemble French, but are made of wool or fabrics with cotton in the composition. High-quality canvas is resistant to sunlight.


Tulle is the lightest fabric of varying degrees of transparency. Tulle are used in combination with dense curtains if the bedroom needs to be darkened as much as possible.


5 fashionable shades for bedroom curtains

Designers recommend repeating the fabrics and shades of curtains in the rest of the textiles: soft headboard, pillows, furniture. This way the room will look more harmonious.

Combination of brown shades.

The luxury of gold

Suitable for classics, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. You can replace gold with ochre. The rest of the bedroom palette should be designed in rich colors. It is important to fill the interior with other golden details. Figurines, picture frames, furniture elements.

Beige interior with gold elements.

Beige-brown shades.

Pale blue

Drapes of this shade will be perfectly combined with translucent white tulle. Blue and light gray look especially good in minimalistic, Scandinavian and neoclassical interiors. Upholstered furniture is chosen light – gray or white.

Blue color in a classic bedroom.

Cozy bedroom with beige and blue tones.

Cream shade and ivory shade

You can call this palette a French classic. It will perfectly complement a light gray, chocolate, beige or sand bedroom. Especially with parquet on the floor.

Ivory color in the interior.

Cream color.

Pink drapes with pickups

They are harmoniously combined with white tulle and will perfectly fit into elegant interior styles. Classical, neoclassical, rococo. And curtains with a small floral pattern will suit French Provence.

Modern classics with the addition of pink color.

Pink bedroom in Provence style.

Olive and gray-beige

Such a range will not attract all the attention, gracefully frame the bedroom windows and maintain a cozy atmosphere. Drapes with fringe or small pompoms look interesting.

Dark olive color in the bedroom design.

Different curtains for different bedrooms

The area of bedrooms and other rooms differs in different apartments, and even more so in country houses. The sides of the world that the windows overlook, the size of these windows and their number also differ. All this affects the choice of curtains, assuming a different approach to design.

Textiles in the bedroom.

Small bedroom

Choosing curtains for a spacious bedroom is much easier than for a small one. Dense or voluminous models will look bulky, visually reducing the room even more. Designers advise to pay attention to compact roll or Roman models.

In a medium-sized bedroom, plain straight curtains with neat pickups and curtains made of white tulle will look good. Of the shades, light, sandy, cream, pastel are suitable.

Small bedroom.

Bedroom with a small window

Narrow small windows are important to properly beat and emphasize, making the highlight of the interior. Simple curtains made of natural or mixed fabrics, rolled or Roman will help in this.

The secret of the visual expansion of the window: curtains should slightly extend beyond its edge on both sides. So the width of the window opening will visually increase.

A combination of three types.

Do not choose too dark or saturated shades. They will attract attention. It is better to stop at light canvases with a small pattern or stripes.

Pale blue.

A bedroom filled with light

A room with windows facing the sunny side requires careful selection of fabrics for curtains. The optimal solution will be dense, but “breathing” drapes. They will be able to protect the bedroom from the sun during the day and the light of lanterns at night.

Narrow panoramic windows.

For windows facing south or west, it is recommended to choose curtains with lining. An additional layer of fabric will reliably protect the main one from burnout.

Choosing curtains for the bedroom is a very important finishing stage of interior design. The right style and fabric will help to emphasize the advantages of the room and create the necessary atmosphere in it.

Bedroom interior design.

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